sorry guys for a late update and also sorry as today also no ruhi scene but i just also want to tell you the truth of ishan that why so here it goes,

Aadi: han , par ruh kahan hai.( yes but where s ruh)
Ishita interrupts there conversation and : aadi pehle khan a phir bate.(aadi first eat and then talk)
Aadi: par ishi maa ruhi (but ishi maa ruhi).
ishita was about to cry but raman comes : sorry aadi tum use mil nahi sakte woe k camp ke liye gayi hai . par tum to yahin ho jab marzi mil sakte ho . abhi hum se baat kar lo.(soory aadi you can’t meet her today as she has gone for a camp, but you are here only, you can meet her anytime, talk to us today)
Shagun: but kal to vo yahi thi aur tumne kaha to tha vo gahr pe ishita (but yesterday she was here and ishita you also told that she ‘s home). ishita ( now controlling her tears) vo sudden plan tha shagun soory. (it was a sudden plan shagun, soory)Shagun; koi baat nahi ishita . mein phir kabhi dekh loongi (no problem ishita i’ll see her some other time). adi (sweatly) maa dekh nahi loge bat bhi karoge, tension mat lo.(maa you’ll not only see but also talk, don’t take tension)
Shagun: han aadi pakka .(yes aadi for sure)they then go to have food and aadi praises ishita s food , after that aadi goes out with ishan , guari( romi and sarika s daughter) , ananya( simmi’s daughter, simmi usually remains out of town as has has joined an NGO after param’s betrayel. )
and enjoys with them while shagun raman , ishita and ashok: ishita I am soory agar tumhe bura lage but ishan , wo bohut chota hai and tum to maa bhi nahi.(ishita ,i am soory but ishan is very smaal and you can also not become mother…)
Shagun: aaaashok , wo ishita…
ishita: shagun tumne ashok ko bataya nahi .(shagun didn’t you tell ashok)
shagun : nahi wo ashok aur aadi pehle hi buhut dukhi the ki ruhi ne hume maaf nahi kiya hai aur phir mihika mihir..(no, but ashok and aadi were already very sad as ruhi has not forgiven us them mihika mihir…)( in my FF ashok never did all that with mihika )
ishita: i know , par tumhe ab bata dena chahiye , chodo mein hi batati hun , ashok as you know mihika aur mihir ne shadi late ki as they both wanted to persue their couriour (so you din’t tell, leave it let me tell ashok as you know mihika and mihri married late as they both wanted to persue their carier). (flashback shows that when mihika and mihir were marrying after 6 years when ashok and shagun left shagun came there without ashok and aadi as ishita called her but mihir behaved very rudely and told her that he doesn’t have a sister and told her that she did really wrong to take aadi away to London even after everything was sorted and ruhi and all also forgave her and she went) uske ek saal bad they got a baby ishan , mihir ne hume yeh chiz shagun ko batane se mana kar diya aur humse wada bhi le liya but uske ek saal bad hi wo accident aur mihika , mihir ki death, shagun aayi thi na un last time dekhne and use ye sab kuch pata chala aur phir humne ishan ko adopt kar liya(after one yer year of that mihika and mihir got a baby ishanmihir refused us to tell this to shagun and also took a promise from us but after one year of that that accident and mihika , mihir s death, shagun came to see them last time and she got to know all this but till that we had adopted ishan).
Ashok: shagun, tumne mujhe yeh sab kuch bataya kyun nahi ? (shagun, why didn’t you tell me this?)shagun: ashok , meine tumhe abhi bataya na meine tumhe yeh sab kuch kyun nahi bataya , please chodo ise , mujhe yeh sab kuch nahi sochna please .(ashok, i just told you the reason i don’t want to talk about it please)

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