the episode starts with everyone is shocked including all goons there and ruhi and arjun. Arjun: bhai app isse shadi karne ki soch rahe ho, isse(bahi ,are you really thinking to marry her,her?). ruhi : mujse, ek minute app to ek ho kaun jo ruhi ko kidnap karake use shadi karna chahte ho . (me, really who you are who kidnapped ruhi and wants to marry her) arjun: tu janti nahi ki kaun hai dilli ke badshah aur ye tujhse shadi karna chahte hain. Tujhe to khushi ke mare pagal ho jana chahaiye .(you don’t know who he is delhis king, he wants to marry you ,you should get mad by happiness ) ruhi : underworld don han, police gise pacadne ke liye kise case ki khoj mein hai , haina yahe ho na app aur apko lagta hai mein apse shadi karon gi . app ke upar to kidnapping ka case hoga mr . jo bhi app hain.

Aur tum tumhare upar to double case lagaungi .( you are underworld don , to catch whom police is searching for a case , you are this only . do you really think i’ll marry you,I’ll put kidnapping case on you whosever you are and i’ll put double case on you) arjun : chup kar(shut up)! Babu: bas arjun isse andar leke jau ajj se ek hafate baad hamari shadi hogi yeh manie ya na mane ,isska ache se diayan rakhna (keep quite arjun take her inside,1 week after today will be our marriage she agrees or not, take care of her). arjun holds ruhi and tries to take her but she resists and he again picks her up and throws her on a bed in a room on the topmost third floor and goes to door and locks her . she composes herself and tries to run but till that time he had locked the door. She pats the door but in vain.

she sees that window is open and thinks to run away but when she goes near window she sees 5-6 goons standing at the basement looking towards her room to keep a check that she doesn’t run away including arjun. She is frustrated and closes the window . she thinks: yeh to chalte –chalte problem aaa gaye ishi maa kya soch rahin honge dopher to ho gaye par mein lauti kyun nahi.(the problem itself came my way ,w hat will be ishimaa thinking. Its afternoon and i have not returned)

Credit to: Piya

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