guyss please comment me, I know my FF is not so good but please do comment, you can crisize me but please tell me my mistakes as less comments are really demotivating me . please its a humble requesttt. the episode starts with she reached college and when she was in the parking alone arjun comes from back and ties her mouth ,then she tries to hit him without seeing him and he also ties her hands and pulls her in his car at the backseat and starts driving his car . before sitting he also ties her legs. While he s driving she keeps trying to free herself and successfully opens her mouth. She says,” gunde , befcoof kar kya rahe ho kal to bada time ki kami thi , mujhe kidnap karne planning mein busy the. Tumne mujhe kidnap kiya kyu hain . kholo , kholooooo.(gunde ,idiot, yesterday you were busy, were you busy in planning my kidnapping ? and why have you kidnapped me ,open me, open.” She starts screaming and arjun says,” chup kar mein sirf bhai ke order maan raha hun . tera muu meine halka bandha tha taki saas aa sake hath aur per to tu khol hi nahi sakti.(shut up , i am only following bhai s order, I tied you mouth loosly so that you cam breath but you will not be able to open you hands or legs)” She is almost about to cry but controls . he reaches a road in middle of jungle and stops the car in front of a mansion in jungle. The mansion is not too high but very wide.

He comes out of the car and opens the door and again ties her mouth and this time also her eyes and then picks her up from the car and takes inside the mansion. She tries to scream but is not able to. She continuously moves but he has no effect. He puts her in a place inside the mansion and someone sitting on a big chair in mansion tells him to open her hands. He opens her hand and she opens the tie on her hands , eyes, legs and says to him,”tumhari himmat kaise hui han hui kaise , mujhe ruhi bhalla ko uski marzi ke bina yahan lane ki, infact kidnap karne ki.(how dare you bring me here without my consent, infact kidnap me)” While saying so she is pointing a finger at him. A voice comes, “maine tumhe yahan bulaya hai, par mujhe samaj nahi aata sundar ladkiyan inti gusse wali kyun hoti hain.

(I called you here but I don t understand why beautiful girls are full of anger)” ruhi in mind thinks yeh sundar kise bol raha hai, yahan koi aur ladki toh dikh nahi rahi to main…..(who is he saying beautiful, here there is no other girl so me…) she further thinks isse mujhe kidnap karne ke liye police station nahi pagal khane jana chaihiye , mujhe sundar bolne ke liye.(he should not go jail for kidnapping me but to mental hospital for thinking me beautiful) She starts laughing and says,” apko mein sundar lag rahi hun zara gaur se dekhiye mein aur sundar.(do you think me beautiful , please see nicely me and beautiful?)” Babu bhai ,” mein tumse shadi karna chahta hun.(I want to marry you)” Everyone is shocked including all goons there and ruhi and arjun.

Credit to: Piya

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  1. Seriously your story justifies the title….”hatke”…

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  3. What the hell no this cant be happen

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