Tepiosde starts with babu bhai shows ruhi going to arjun and says ,”mujhe ye kal k kal chahiye.(i want her tomorrow itself)” He sees her and recognizes her and asks,” kya hua bhai kiya kya isne .(what happened what she had done)” bhai : tu bas mere order man (you should just follow my order). arjun: ji (ok)bhai. Ruhi goes to the weeding and the marriage takes place very nicely and they all return to their respective homes. The next day ruhi happily gets ready and coming to the dining room says ,” app sab ko pata hai kal kitna maza aaya priya ki shadi mein , bohooot.(you all know how much I enjoyed yesterday at priya s weading . very much)”” Aur meri beti ko pata hai mujhe kitni daant padi.( and do my daughter know how much scolding I got)” Says ishita . ruhi laughs and says ,”sooryyyyyyy!”

everyone knows what happened yesterday and say ruhi ais nahi karte (ruhi we should not do like this). Ruhi says ,”app sab to has liye mera golu mujpe nahi hasega. Auuuu.(you all laughed but my fatty didn’t laughed at me)” Ishan : didi kya kahu ab app ka koi affair hota to maza aata (didi if it would be something like affair then i would have laughed). ishita slaps him playfully and says ,” kaun sikhata hai ise aise bate .(who teaches him these things) “ ruhi in a little angry tone says ,”maa! Thapad mein kanjoosi mat karo.(don’t slap him less)” Ishan laughs and runs to catch his school bus. Ruhi after a few talks leaves for her college on her scooty because she loves going on scooty. She reached college and when she was in the parking alone arjun comes from back and ties her mouth ,then she tries to hit him without seeing him and he also ties her hands and pulls her in his car at the backseat and starts driving his car . before sitting he also ties her legs. While he s driving she keeps trying to free herself and successfully opens her mouth.

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      1. She said “What happened to ruhi?”

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