guys someone requested me to write in english so I ‘ll try my best to write in both languages.

the episode starts with She recognizes the voice. She looks backward an gets shocked. The lady says to ishita “ bohut dino bad mile na kaisi ho aur baki sab(we met after so many days how are you and others)” ishita says “hello…” ruhi interrupts “aaappp meri ishi maa se dur rahiye.(you please stay away from my ishi maa)” Meine tumhe abhi samjhaya na aise baat nahi karte .(i just told you not to talk like that)” ishita says and says further,”sorry shagun mein tumse mafi mangti hun.(i really apologise to you on her behalf)” ruhi says,” haan shagun auntyyy i am also so sorry.” Ishita gets angry and in a low tone says to ruhi ,”ruhi apni maa ko aauunty mat bolo.(don t call your own mother as aunty)” Ishima app ho kya abhi aap gusa hui mere unko bolne se ki mei apki beti nahi hun aura bb inki side le rahi ho main inhe aunty bol rahi hun infact inse bat kar rahi hun bohot badi baat hai.(ishimaa ,you just got angry as I was telly that aunty that you are not my mother and now you are taking her side)” Ishita ,”shagun sorry please meri parvarish ko galat mat samaghna(shagun sorry please don t misunderstand my upbringing).” Shagun: kya bol rahi ho ishita mein janti hun tumne meri beti nahi nahi tumhari apni beti ko itne ache sanskar diye hain jo mein kabhi nahi de pati . yee mere hi karmo ki sazza hai jo meri apni beti mujse naffrat karti hai.(ishita what are you saying you love my no sorry your daughter so much , this iss the punishment of my earlier sins that my daughter hates me)” She says this with teary eyes but it has no impact on ruhi and she says ,” ek dum sahi kaha shagun aunty (correct ,shagun aunty)“ and leaves .

ishita and shagun talk and ishita consoles her . ruhi on her way meets a man who is raman , her dad and says,”sahi hai itni jaldi aa gaye app agli bar hone wale Krishna –radha play ke liye papa.(papa you came earlier for next year play. )” Oh god tum bhi tumhari maa to chodegi nahi tum to chod do(your mother will scold me please atleast you spare me).” Raman says . ruhi says ,”main late ho rahi hun bad mein baat karungi (i’ll talk to you later)“ and goes out . the two venues have a little distance which is connected by two roads . suddenly it starts to rain on the way. Ruhi is visibly alone on the way but there are actually a few people who are talking in hiding . ruhi starts to enjoy the rain and dances freely and this time she is really happy to think that shagun has come so she can surely meet her aadi bhayia now . while dancing she memorizes a girl running and a boy little older then that girl running behind her. One of the men in hiding sees her and keeps looking at her . suddenly she remembers she s on road and smiles at her own madness and says,” pagal ruhi pehele priya ki dant khayio aur phir ishi maa ki . harkate dekh to apni.(ruhi are you mad , if you get cold then first priya and then ishima will scold you)” She leaves but that man keeps looking at her. On the other hand the boy ruhi met is the person to whom that man who kept looking at ruhi was talking. He says,”kya hua bhai udhar kya dekh rahe ho.(what happened bahi why are you looking there)” That man is an underworld don babu bhai and the boy is arjun , his right hand and a girl ran stealing babu bhai s 5 00000 RS so he thought her to be that girl because she was looking same as that girl through backside . They say they don t need to worry for 5 lakh RS . babu bhai shows ruhi going to arjun and says ,”mujhe ye kal k kal chahiye.(i want her tomorrow itself)( oh god)”

Credit to: Piya

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