sorry it just got submitted before completing . so further :Ruhi says “tum aise has kasie sakti ho. You know guys mein trouble mein ho.mujhe gussa chad raha hai aur mein kuch bhi ni kar sakti.” There are many motorcycles and cars in the area . ruhi and her friends are standing near one motorcycle. Priya ruhi s friend whose weeding is there comes . she greets them . the other girls go to check arrangements . ruhi tells her everything . she also laughs . ruhi in anger breaks the keys of one of the motorcycle in which the key was there . her friends gets shocked and says”yeh tune kya kiya . pagal , mere Haryana wale bhaiya ki bike hai aur tune keys tod di . “ruhi checks and says “sorry galti se…” she runs away seeing a storng man come towards her direction. Priya laughs and says,”acha budhu banaya .

bhaiya itne bevcoof thodi hain jo keys chood ke jayenge . yeh to duplicate thi jo khelne ke liye hoti hai par ruhi ko chidhana to asli hoga.” She also goes . ruhi enters the hall and thinks “kya karti hai ruhi ,ab phassi.” All friends call her for dancing and she goes and dances freely and forgets what just happened, but suddenly a person while she s dancing keeps hand on her shoulder . she gets scared and remembers the incident. She runs without seeing the boys face. The boy follows her and says ,”tum mujse bhaag nahi sakti”. She again gets afraid and runs . they run on road without seeing each other’s face . the boy follows her . she enter s in another palace which is decorated through backside and he follows her.they run around in the backstage again without seeing each other s face. She while running says

“maaf kar digiye galti se ho gaya “ and he says “iss duniya mein galti se kuch nahi hota.” She pleads him to forgive her and he keeps denieying . unknown to both of them it was a krishan play in which rasleela was about to start and before the person dress as krishta and radha they go to stage and he tries to catch her . she keep running . on stage other dancer come without Krishna and radha as she diddn ‘d saw then and tara collides with her and the plate of sindoor in her hand falls on both of them and tara turns. They have an eyelock.

Credit to: Piya


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