PYAAR THODA HATKE (Episode 15) (what will happen to arjun???)


The episode starts with ruhi eyeing arjun going down and she is lost in his thoughts when suddenly he shouts :now you want to be free or not???
She gets out of the thoughts and says : sorry , i am coming…
She too climbs the rope and was about to fall while going down when arjun holds her , now ruhi is in arjun’s arms.
Arjun eyes her innocent face closely , for the first time he saw how beautiful she was while she was eyeing deep inside his eyes falling in love with him every time she saw his eyes…
Suddenly they both come out of the trance and arjun drops her down , he guides her to the way of road in the jungle and it is morning now when they are still walking silently.

In the babu bhai’s home:
He goes to ruhi’s room and finds it empty , he suddenly eyes a bracelet of arjun and thinks ;arjun??
He runs to his men and says : run fast , catch arjun and ruhi as soon as possible ………i knew someday he would betray me…..after all he was not from our origin, i gave him shelter but he..he betrayed me….
Some of his men leave who were his loyals but some stay back and argue (arjun’s friends)
Arjun and ruhi are walking when suddenly babu bhai’s men spot them and run to them.
Arjun is shocked to see them and says : listen , please let her go….
1man : oh please, you betrayed babu bhai and now suppressing us , don’t even think , we’ll even fight with you for babu bhai…..
Arjun eyes ruhi eyeing them scared , her face shows her nervousness, her fear , the fear of babu bhai who….who can do anything to her…
He comes in front of her and shields her from them.
Arjun : ok , so then you have to fight with me…..
All of them start fighting , they were around five while arjun was alone , ruhi was eyeing it all in utter shock , she didn’t knew what to do…..she was blank…..her fear overpowered her senses and she was standing there like a statue, arjun was fighting with them , he was able to overpower them but still at last five people are much more than a single person so he at last was defeated, ruhi came to her senses seeing him getting beaten by those mens , badly…….he was fighting them just to save her.
She screamed : arjuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…………….
She ran to him , trying her best to protect him from their beatings but no use , he was half unconscious , he tried to speak and at last spoke the words : run away……….for your life run……
Ruhi hugged him while herself getting the beatings and says : no…..your life is much important than my freedom…….
They atlast tried to take her , dragging her while she cried , she was eyeing arjun totally in blood , suddenly she got the strength , the strength to fight back, she freed herself with much struggle , she ran to a fallen tree trunk nearby and held it and gave a big blow to one of the men, he was on ground , others were shocked , one of them pushed her and she fell down in a muddy puddle nearby. Her face and clother were fully covered in mud and so was her fear………………….she got up and again hit them all , now all of them were down, she ran near arjun and sat crying near an unconscious arjun : please stand up….
The voice came like a thunder from her mouth but he didn’t , she ran from there in search of help, she ran like a mad , crying badly , her speed seemed like that of a jet , she doesn’t know for how much time she ran but she just ran to find a single person in that deserted forest and at last she saw a mansion , a big mansion , she had a smile , a hope in all the sorrows , she ran to the mansion ans ringed the door bell continuously , the name plate outside mansion was : khanna mansion….

Adi opened the door , he was shocked to see her , he couldn’t recognize her , her face was covered with mud and so were her clothes.
Ruhi : please help me….please….
Adi : who are you , i told papa not to take house in forests but he liked adventures….now thieves are coming….
He was about to shut the door when ruhi spoke : i am not a thief….i am not….i need your help please….
Shagun who was passing by hears their conversation and comes to the gate and says ;beta , who are you???
Ruhi recognizes shagun and hugs her in despair.
She cries : shagun mumma….
Shagun understands thats she’s ruhi.
Shagun emotionally : ruhi….
Ruhi breaks the hug and drags her towards the forest in hurry.
Shagun calms ruhi and takes her to the place where arjun is lying unconscious with other men.
Ruhi while crying narrates her the whole incident and addi hugs her saying : why ishima didn’t told me?? My ruhi….
Shagun calls the inspector and they take all to hospital.
Then she takes her to bhalla house while all hug her, ruhi is all the time thinking about arjun.
Arjun in hospital is in critical condition.
Guys , i know this was supposed to be my last episode but the fact is that i have to write my other ffs too so can’t give such a long update , probably the next or the next one to it will be last….i hope you don’t mind.

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Credit to: Piyali

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  1. Omg it was awesome dr

    1. thanks a lot hayathi………………this commet means a lot……………be happy dear…………

  2. jasmine Rahul

    while all write ffs on Ishra’s luv u wrote on Ruhi’s luv story,thats what attracted me.Read it from d beginning.Arjun Ruhi meeting…sindoor scene..eye lock…wow…Ashok n Shagun r living with adi n they all changed 4 good.Shocking that Ishaan who Ishra brought up is not their son,but MiMi’s son,they passed sad that MiMi r no more.Ashok,Shagun n Adi came to bhalla house 4 dinner.There Ishita suppressing emotions was beautifully described.Ruhi kidnapped by the goon Arjun 4 his Boss the Don babu.He hurt Ruhi n Arjun felt so sad.The way he gave her 1st aid n finding her beautiful n helping her to escape was so romantic.Babu’s goons attacked Arjun 4 betrayal n rui saying that is life is more imp than her freedom shows that she too has fallen 4 him unknowingly.Its her strength of unknown luv that made her fight against all goons 2 save Arjun.surprise is that the mansion she found 2 hide was Shagun’s.Shagun Adi Ruhi’s emotions were well described.Arjun in hospital.His condition is critical.Hope he recovers n Babu gets arrested.Also Ruhi Arjun shud confess their luv.Sad that this ff is getting over soon

    1. first of all a question for you jasmine rahul , are you connected to arshi (a treat to ishra and arshi fans) because i have sometimes seen her giving credit for images to you……thats why asking and if you are i must say , your images look like real one and coming to my ff , thanks a ton for such a lovely comment dear , though i know my ff was never too good actually after updating i read my parts as a reader and then see , i couldn;t find any part good , though todays part was better than other parts but still i don’t think my ff was that good but thanks a lot for praising coming to mimi dyeing , actually i am a die hard fan of mihika verma so didn’t wanted to give her a side role in my ff thats why i made them dye ,and shagun ‘s mansion , actually i had to describe it all but as i had to end soon thats why i made it soon…………………………….i am sorry for ending this but you know writing 5 ffs , impossible…..and coming to the characters , actually i thought a lot of things about this ff but couldn’t acccomplish them all due to some reason….will tell in my last part in author’s note…………………… the way i imagined then to be :
      ruhi-umang jain
      adi-shiving narang
      arjun -kanwar dhillon…
      be happy dear…………….

  3. jasmine Rahul

    Though Ruhi is an adult here u have not mentioned which actress plays grown up Ruhi.Also u have no mentioned who plays Arjun.It wud have been easier to imagine if u mention the actors too

  4. jasmine Rahul

    thanks a lot 4 replying.Loved ur star cast esp Umang.plz update the next part soon.
    Yes I am the one who makes edit 4 a treat.Thx 4 liking my edits

    1. i am happy you liked the cast…………………………..and yaa i am the one…………..was totally shocked with last episode and thought about it whole night and reached the conclusion to write it down………………..i am glad you liked it……………..thanks a lot for the praises dear…………will upload as soon as possible…..just recovered from an illness….thats why, sorry…………… happy dear…………………

  5. jasmine Rahul

    are u the one who wrote an alternative ending 4 Pyar ko ho jaane do?If so thx a lot.It was really good that both of them git saved from d bomb blast n the family accepted rizwan.Rizwan n Sana were not punished as they sacrificed their lives 4 the country.after 10 yrs Kavya wrote d book on Rizwan preet’s love sweet.and all r married now

  6. jasmine Rahul

    Rizwan preet named their son ishreet was the cutest

    1. coming to the name , actually it was an error , after posting i realized that ishan’s real name was rizwan but i am happy that you liked it………… happy dear…………….

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