PYAAR THODA HATKE (Episode 13) (the kidnapping )


Hey guys , i am really sorry but i can’t continue as i am writng 4 ffs and along with them this one will be hectic , i am really sorry guys but i’ll write my summary in three more parts i means till episode 15 of this ff .

Guys i was really shocked that you all(varsha , hayathi, ude and kaju ) still remember me even after the fact that i posted it after 3 months , really guys thanks a lot but please spare me as i can’t continue , sorry again, but if you want to connect with me you can read my ffs:
FANAAH –tere ishq mein
Sorry again guys
So lets begin with todays part:

The episode starts with new sunrise , a new day in the lifes of the members of bhalla house.
All the members meet at dinning where after some random talks they talk about last night and ishan starts teasing ruhi which results in another cute fight between the brother –sister duo which is interrupted by ishita who makes ishan remember that he has his schools .
Ishan lefts the scene as usual while others too gets busy in their work while ruhi leaves towards her collage , ishita towards her clinic and raman to his office, they think it to be a normal day but aare unaware of the storm waiting for them.

As soon as ruhi reaches collage , arjun who was already waiting there for her arrival kidnaps her by making her unconscious and then takes her in his car.
Ruhi suddenly gets conscious and finds out that she has been kidnapped as her hands , eyes , mouth and legs were tied.

She gets angry and tries her best to open herself while arjun who was driving the car sitting in the front seat sees this and while driving only opens the cloth tied to her mouth.
As soon as the cloth is opened , ruhi starts cursing arjun for kidnapping her while he gets angry with this and ties her again.
Ruhi is silent all the way due to the cloth while arjun has a smile on his face seeing ruhi silent.

They then reach somewhere in the middle of jungle but ruhi couldn’t see the place due to the cloth tied on her eyes.
Arjun then opens the cloth on her eys and mouth and takes her inside a big mansion by lifting her. All the way ruhi keeps beating him while he doesn’t pay heed .
They reach inside while arjun drops her in the middle of a hall where a man is sitting and so many people standing.
The man is revealed to be babu bhai who tells ruhi that he loves her and wants to marry her while ruhi thinks him as a mentally ill person due to his liking towards HER.
She doesn’t agree while arjun is told to take her in a room on second floor and he does that and locks the room from outside.

When arjun comes with a plate of food for ruhi, she again fights with him which is followed by an unintensional eyelock.

Arjun them leaves the plate there and goes out while ruhi gets worried for her family.
Ishita is shown in bhalla house as she returned earlier for she had no work left and she sees mrs bhalla and mrs iyer fighting as to whose made dosa will ruhi eat and ishita resolves their fight and informs them that she has called shagun, ashok and adi for a dinner.
Everyone is happy as they’ll meet adi after a long time and they keep waiting for ruhi and ishan, while ishan returns from school ruhi doesn’t which makes everyone to worry for her. Raman too returns but ruhi isn’t yet there. Ishita starts crying for her daughter while she gets a call on her number. Picking it up she finds it to be babu bhai’s call who informs her that he kidnapped ruhi and will marry her soon. He cuts the call before ishita could reply while ishita breaks down and tells everyone that their sweet princess has been kidnapped by a undersworld don.
All the members are shocked but they couldn’t even cry for ruhi being missing when shagun arrives and they all decide to hide the truth as well as their emotions from the khanna family as that will make them too worried.

All try there level best to divert shagun and ashok’s attention with some random talks while aadi too arrives and ishan (doesn’t know about ruhi’s kidnapping) too comes out of his room.
The whole family is overwhelmed to meet aadi but this happiness is mixed with the sadness and tension for ruhi.
Ishan is not happy meeting shagun due to ruhi who hates shagun while he’s too happy to meet his elder brother aadi.

Aadi , ishan , ananya and all other kids and elders go from their to the dinning table while shagun, ishita, ashok and raman sit there and discuss about ishan about whom ashok didn’t knew that he was the son of mihir and mihika who died in a fatal accident leaving there last sign with ishita –raman . mihir hated shagun and thats why he disowned her due to which he didn’t told her about his son but ishita told her everything and she and raman adopted ishan.
Ashok is really sad with everything while aadi comes there and wants to know about ruhi but ishita and all lie to him about her collage trip and cover the matter.
The khanna family leave with a hope of meeting ruhi soon while all the members of the bhalla family break down after they are gone.

Ishita and raman who themselves are broken from inside give strength to everybody while ruhi tries to escape but isn’t able to due to some goons stationed outside 24/7.
Ruhi is in her room when she hears a strange guitar sound from somewhere while she thinks that who’s singing in the middle of jungle at this time…….
He guys again sorry , just 2 days to go…..

Credit to: Piyali

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