Hey guys , i know no one would even remember this story as no one ever read it , guys i was actually feeling bad that i left this story incomplete which i really don’t wanted to do with any of my stories so guys i will give a summary og my story , for hayathi , sorry guys if anyone else was reading it but as in my last 2-3 parts only hayathi commented so i guess only she was reading so i am giving it for her and if there were any silent readers which i really don’t think so , guys actually it was my first story so it got all over abrupt , it was my first story which i penned down , others were just in my mind thats why , sorry guys if i hurt anyone by stopping updating it , i really didn’t wanted to but i had my exams at that time and after that i thought to continue with my other ff and leave this as i was not well prepared at that time to update 2 ffs at a time , sorry here’s a summary for my story in three episodes and the links to updates are:

guys if any one wants to continue my story or write it in a different angle you are surely welcomed so let me start , i’ll write it from the very starting.
This is the story of ruhi , a total tomboy who loves to enjoy and only knows to love her life , thats out ruhi and about our hero ,arjun a ruthless man who had a a bitter childhood , which resulted in him becoming a goon , the reason was an accidentin which his parents died and the murderers were not punished but someone helped him to punish them , it was an underworld doon babu bhai who was 5 years elder than arjun but cared for arjun like an elder brother and then made arjun a ruthless goon as he is now. This storys starts when these two people crosss paths in a totally different angle.

Ruhi is in her best friends wedding and is a responsible girl but sometimes too childish too, arjun is there to catch a girl who cheated babu bhai and took his 5 lakh rupees.
Ruhi by mistake breaks a keys of her friend’s bhaiyaa’s bike which was actually a prank played by her friend .
Arjun mistaken ruhi for that girl while ruhi mistaken’s him to be her friends bhaiyaa without seeing each other.

They both run out of the hall and run on road while they enter the back stage of another hall. They both go on the stage while they both keep running on it , suddenly ruhi hits a tray of vermilion which falls on both of them and she is about to fall but arjun holds her in nick of time , they both see each other for the first time while it is followed by an eyelock and a sudden burst of laughter of the people present in the hall made them break the eyelock while they both fight over this misunderstanding. Arjun leaves angrily while ruhi in the party sees a few ladies taunting a lady , she sees the lady and says tensed : ishima…

Her mother ishita , the only lady in this world for whom she can do anything , her sweet angel was being taunted , she went angrily to those ladies and gets into a fight with them while her sweet natured mother ishita stops her from fighting while the fact that ishita is not ruhi’s actual mother is revealed in this conversation. ruhi sees her father raman bhalla a business tycoon coming with her cute little brother and sees them angrily while scolding them for coming late. Ishita again stops her due to which a cute friendly fight ensures between the brother sister duo and raman ishita stare them. After that a lady comes to , ruhi is shocked to see her and remembers her childhood with her father all alone without a mother and how ishita came to lite her life and the whole happiness that was taken from her and her family by this lady , shagun.
Ishita smiles seeing her and is Happy for her but ruhi remembers how she was separated from her brother by that lady and her husband ashok when they shifted to London to handle ashok’s family business. While shagun smiles seeing ruhi , ruhi fights with her and leaves the scene angrily. There’s a rain outside and she forgots her anger and starts enjoying in the rain dancing to it , someone is seeing her with his lustful eyes which she’s not aware of . she goes from there while the man is revealed to be babu bhai who tells arjun to abduct ruhi . arjun agrees to it while the next moring starts.

Guys i can;t write all in one episode so i’ll write it in three different parts , thanks a lot hayathi… and if any silent readers …..

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  1. Hey piya dr how are u yaar finally u r here we r waiting for ur update yaar

    1. hey hayathi , dear i guess you don’t know but i am the same piya writing junoon , swaragini(dil ki dor) and swara aure ragini-ek hi sikke ke do pehlu….. , so i am writing my other ffs but can’t continue with this one , sorry dear , already flooded with four ffs so can’t write this one , i’ll just give a summary of how my story proceeds and ends in next 2-3 updates , sorry dear can’t continue , sorry again….

  2. Hey who said there are no silent reader I am there so pls keep writting

    1. hey kaju , dear very cute username ….. i actually didn’t knew that you were reading my ff as a silent reader but i think i was actually not writing it nicely , sorry dear can’t continue already started other four ffs so i’ll give a summary of my ff in next 2-3 updates , sorry again dear , can’t proceed but if you wanna connect with me , you can visit my other ffs swaragini (dil ki dor) , junoon , fanaah tere ishq mein and swara aur ragini-ek hi sikke ke do pehlu….
      totally your wish and thanks a lot for supporting me in this part , thanks dear…..

  3. Nice..
    I was a silent reader..
    But ur words made me to comment so that u understand that I am reading ur ff…
    So I wish u to continue it…
    There r many silent readers like me..
    They would have not wished to comment..
    But ur ff is always in our mind..
    So don’t worry and continue it piya..

    1. hey varsha dear by reading your comments i am seriously feeling like ….. you still remember me….i am totally shocked ,you kaju and hayathi , thanks a lot but dear i can’t continue , there are many reasons dear sorry but i’ll give its summary in three episodes so don’t worry and why don’t someone of you continue it in your own style …. i will be the most happiest person in this world …. please dear don’t tell me to continue dear please…..its my request dear , please….

  4. guys if anyone wants to continue do tell me i’ll not upload my next episode and will tell you story somehow so that , that person can continue or else i’ll update the rest episodes of this summary on 18th guys i know … i was very rude above …. i really wished that no one commented but three people have commented and i really don’t want to break there hearts but what to do sorry can’t continue ….sorry…..if anyone wants to continue i’ll support him or her fully ,just tell me beforehand…..

  5. Please dnt stop piya. I luv ur ff very much.

    1. hey ude sorry dear can’t continue , already writing 4 other ffs so i can’t continue , a big sorry dear , thanks for your praising………………..

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