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so guys here s the entry of aadi
the episode starts with ishita starts crying just then a call comes on landline and ishita picks it up . its babu bhai : ruhi theek hai aunty ji (ruhi is fine)
Ishita : kaun ruhi ke friend ho wo tumhare sath hai.(are you ruhi s friend is she with you)
Babu : nahi babu bhai,ruhi mere sath hai aur yahin rahegi bas batane ke liye call kiya ki theek hai aur mein kuch hone bhi nahin donga . (no , babu bhai, ruhi is with me and will stay here , i called to tell you this that she is fine and i will not let anything happen to her)he cuts the call .
ishita keeps speaking hello ! hello ! but the phone has cutted. Babu bhai opens the sim and says,” ab pata nahi kya kya pochti ki mujhe ye number kahan se mila , babu bhai ko sab kuch pata hai.(i know she would have asked so many question s as to how i got this number, i know everything)” He crushes the sim under his feet . ishita again cries .
raman :kya hua ishita(what happened) .

sarika, raman s brother s wife : bhabhi kahin ruhi kidnap to nahi ho gayi.(bhabhi is ruhi fine, is she kidnapped or something)
Romi, raman s brother: bhabhi kya hua batayi na.(tell bhabhi, what happened) Ishita tell s everything to them still crying profusely .
raman : ishita ro mat tumne hi kaha tha abhi aadi ane wala hai , use pata nahi chalna chahiye…. (ishita please don ‘t cry ,you only told aadi is coming , we should not tell this to him…)he is saying when ishita cuts in between wiping her tears: raman app sahi keh rahe hain , aadi ko nahi pata chalna chahiye shagun to tut hi jayegi agar use pata chalta aur aadi ko bhi nahi pata chalna chahiye(raman you are correct aadi should not know this, shagun should also not know and aadi should also not know). Kya nahi pata chalna chahiye mujhe ishi maa(what should i not know ishi maa) .

s voice comes from outside. Its a boy dressed in blue jeans , baby pink T Shirt and a black coat. Ishita turns to see and he further says,” ishima apne aadi ko pehchan to liya na (ishi maa ,you recognized your aadi na)“. ishita again wiping the tears which are falling down from her eyes continuously ,” aadi , wo tumhare liye jo surparise gift hai na vo ni dikhana .(aadi that surprise gift which is for you, you should not know that) “
aadi :kyun meri ruh ne mana kiya hai (why, had ruhi told not to tell me). he is a really very handsome boy and that s aadi.
Ishita: aur kisne banaya hoga(else who would have told) . she gives a fake smile still trying to control her crying. She hugs aadi overwelhemed because she met him after many years . then shagun and ashok enter and greet everyone.
Then shagun: ishan , tum jante ho ye kaun hai (ishan , do you know who is he)(pointing towards aadi)
ishan : main to ye bhi nahi janta ki aap kaun ho(i even don’t know who are you (he didn’t heard the conversation about ruhi being kidnapped as he also came now and as ruhi behaved badly with shagun that day so he spoke with her rudely as he loves his sister immensely).
Ishita : ishaaan aise bolte hain(ishan don’t speak like that)
Ishan : maa didi inhe pasand nahi karti naa.(maa, didi don’t like her naa)
Shagun: ishan tum mujhe bas apni maaa-si samjho. Aur wo tumhare aadi bhaiya. (ishan just think me as you maa-si samjho and he is you aadi bahiyaa
Ishan : aadiii bhaiya , didi unke bare mein hamesha baat karti hee (didi, always talk about aadi bahiyaa).
shagun : han to tum unse baat nahi karoge.(then, will you not talk to him)
Ishan comes to aadi and in a sweet voice says: aadi bhaiya.
And aadi in a teasing voice : han bhaiyyyaaa. Ap ka naam kya hai (what is your nme).
ishan:ishaan . aur ap ruhi didi ke aadi bhaiyaa(ishan, and you are aadi bhaiyaa of ruhi didi, and even mine). He na.(is it?)
Aadi: han , par ruhi kahan hai. (yes, but where is ruhi)

Credit to: Piya

  1. Yeah bhai ruhi ko kyu pakad kar rakha yaar

    1. hayathi, i want to give you a special thanks for reading daily and also thanks to the other readers
      hayathi you already know that is because he want s to marry her sohe has kidnapped her and thanks again for reading it

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