Pyaar Takkar Ki…..ishqbaaz ff (Part 4)

part 4
hey i am back lets go on with the update…
scene 1 its night in oberoi mansion
every one is decorating for ishana’s bday…yes its her bday all are doing preparation for her to wish at 12 midnight. priyanka goes toishana’s room and doesnt find her. she goes to everyone and says tht isha di is missing . she is not in the house. om asks did u check everywere. priyanka nods and says yes i checked everywere.
om: wer she would have gone at this time.
rudra: kahin di hamare saath hide nd seek tho nahi kel rahi hain…( is she playing hide and seek with us to irritate …..)
om : shut up rudra!! she is not a child…dont talk nonsense at this situation.
shivaay: i know where she will go and asks om to come with him.

scene 2 unknown location.
ishana crying …
ishana: di, dad where are you…? y are u testing my patience ? plzz come back. i need u…di u promised me u will never leave me and go. y did u broke the promise…u promised me u will give me a gift on every bday…i waited and waited for u …in these 17 years…u never came back…y? y?…
and cries loudly…she gets up to her leg strips and was abt to fall someone holds her….and asks
are u alright? (the girl was anika)
ishana looks up at the girl and asks her who are you?
anika :leave abt me….say abt yourself…wat r u doing here at this time? u were crying im i ryt.. miss?
ishana: wiping her tears) nothing…
anika: its ok …u can share ur sorrow with me…as a sister…
ishana: im missing my dad and sister..thts all..17 years passed they are not found anywere….
anika: dont cry…u know even my life is similar …to u even im missing someone….zindagi ajeeb hain…
and haan takes this keep with u safely..
ishana: wats this???
anika : its mini god statue ….if u are sad … or u remember ur sister or dad …just pray to god …
ishana: its a first and best gift for my bday
anika: oooh so its ur bday.. and ur sitting here and crying…well happy bday…may god fulfil all ur wishes…bye its too late…and goes
shivaay comes ther just then…he sees ishana and hugs her and asks ” are u ok” god!! damn i was scared..everyone wer worried..
ishana : sorry bhaiyya and hold her ears….om smiles seeing her cute puupy face…and asks lets go home..shivaay and ishana nods in yes.
shivaay sees the statue and asks who gave this ? ishana says a girl…i didnt feel she was a stranger…shivaay asks wat do u mean? ishana i mean i did nt feel she was a stranger…i felt as if i know her ….shivaay says when someone understands ur feeling and sorrows we feel like tht only.
and goes to oberoi mansion.

scene 3
oberoi mansion
they enters the house its dark. ishana asks y its so dark here. lights on and everyone shouts surprise!!!!!
rudra comes to ishana and hugs her . rudra: happy bday isha di
prinku comes and takes her near the cake and asks her to cut the cake. ishana cuts the cake and everyone wishes her….she feeds cake to everyone.
dadi: itni saalo bhaad humari choti kush hain… muskuraahat humesha uski chehre par jache…(after so many years ishana is happy…the smile on her face should never fade off.
shivaay comes to dadi..shivay:humari choti kitni kush hain nah dadi…
dadi: haan puttar!!
ishana comes to shivaay and asks her gift. shivaay says it is in her room.
ishana asks om : om mera gift??
om : gift? kaun sa gift? ( which gift) haan vo tho mai bhool hi gaya!!! shit yaar!!
ishana makes a sad face
om: hey i was joking here is ur gift…
ishana : thank u…. she unwraps it …she sees so many types of chocolates and candies….wow itni saari thanku sooo much om…
rudra comes and says…see my gift also di…how much difficult i have faced to search this…
she sees and gets teary eyed its a childhood pic of them with a family…
rudra asks wat happend di.. didnt u like my gift.
ishana : no rudy its not like tht its a beautiful gift . thank u and goes from ther.
rudra : wat happened to her.. om ?
om : nothing rudra…and goes
rudra: koi kuch bata tha hi nahin hain….kuch nahin kuch nahin kahkar chale jaathe hain…sooo mean!!!

precap: anika and shivaay meet and thier fight…….someone point gun at ishana…

sorry for the grammatical mistakes and yeah plzzz plzz comment yr plzzz

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    just amazing keep going

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    Thank u??✌

  5. Wow nice episode waiting for next episode

  6. Azizul

    Sorry guys I will no longer able to update this ff…I’m really sorry for making u all disappointed . my net is also down ….and however I will be busy . tomorrow my college starts…sorry guys…I’m really sorry

  7. Sat

    I am sorry for the late comment azizul. i am very sad to hear that you can’t upload the next episode.. and in this episode j love ishana and annika’s and ishana bond is truly emotional and lovely. And the way oberoi brothers treat ishana was heart touching. If you have time please update the next epi ASAP

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