Pyaar Takkar Ki…..ishqbaaz ff (Part 1)

sorry guys for the late update…and yeah shama we are frnds ….and thank u all for ur precious comments

17 years back (sathra saal pehle)

Avni and ayush had a big house as oberoi’s .they had a cute little child named named anika .she was just 2 years old they lived happily together .ayush had to go out of country so they went to oberoi mansion
avni and ayush were welcomed. ayush goes to dadi and asks her to take care of his wife and daughter as he is leaving. dadi says tht avni is my daugter..u dont need worry abt it u finish ur work and come fast .ayush bid bye to them and goes ……anika was hiding behind her mom….as she as come here for the first time….
dadi: arey!!!! avni teri beti kahan hain? kahin dikayi nahi de rahi hain ?
avni: anika beta chalo bahar aaun ….dekho yaha par kaun kaun hai?…..
anika comes out ….she sees everyone and meets them one by one… anika is everyones fav….she mingle well with them …..she also goes to shivaay and om and shakes hand with them… they are best frnds…shivay was 4 years old …om 3 years old…
it was some function or festival in oberoi mansion….suddenly avni looses her consious and falls down…every rush to her and was shocked ……they calls doctor. doctor gives the good news to them……every one is happy. anika comes and asks them wat happened to mom
dadi: naya member aane waala hain oberoi mansion main …..
anika: understands it and jumps in happiness. ….gudiya aaane waali hain…..yipppe!!!! and dances.
shivaay: chutki gudiyaan kyun ? agar gudda aagaya tho?
anika : chupkar billu!!! dekna gudiyan hi aayegi…..aur mujhe chutki math bulaavo ….
shivaaay: tu bhi mujhe billu math bullavo samjhi!!! aur vaise bhi mujhe bhi gudiyaan hi chaahiye bilkul chutki jaisi
anika :accha!! main tume apna gudiyaan nahin doongi
shivaay make funny face and goes from there….

anika calls ayush and says the good news …he asks her to take care of her mother and baby . anuika says sure…..
anika and shivaay takes care of avni and even all the family…months passes…..suddenly avni shouts in pain…anika sees this and shouts and admit her in hospital….a girl baby was born..shivaay and anika hugged eachother in happiness…anika named her little sister as ishana ….
a year passed it was bday of ishana she was one year old…. anika gifted her a chain …shivaay and om chocolates….

years passed….anika and shivaays bond grew more and more……it was the 4th bday of ishana . ayush comes to oberoi mansion and talks with avni abt leaving the country and shifting to new york…avni gets sad for leaving the family but she had to go..anika was shocked hearing this…
anika :mom hum jaa rahe hain?
avni: haan beta..
anika : mom mujhe nahi jaana kahin ….main billu, omi, aur ru , ko chodkar kahin nahi jaaungi…mujhe yahan accha lagtha hai dadi, bade paapas and bade moms sab hain yahan par…plzz plzz mom
avni : beta , paapa ko bahuth kaam hain,aur hume bhi jaana padega..hum thodi na humesha ke liye ya rahsakthe….aur hum yaha aathe rahenge…
anika gets sad and goes to shivaay…..:billu main jaa rahihoon apana kayal rakna ….
shivaay:chutki plzz math jaon…
anika: mujhe jaana padega …par tum chintha math karo hum yaha aathe rahenge…aur main tume rozz phone karoonghi….
shivaay: anika waali pinky promise….
anika : pinky promise and laughs…
shivaay asks her to close her eyes and places something on her hand asks her to open …..she opens it and sees heart shaped pendent which opens and written A for anika and S for shivaay….she thanks him for the beautiful gift…she also gives something….it is a bracelet….he thanks her for the lovely bracelet….and together says
“isse sambalkar rakna” tears roll from eachothrs eyes as they are getting away from eachother….avni calls anika and she runs fro ther bidding bye to shivay. shivaay goes behind her…..she bids bye to everyone and sits in car…..
anika ishana avni and ayush in car…..anika gifts ishana a music ball on her 4 th bday which opens and we can hear music and two dolls are dancing as if sisters are dancing…and asks her to keep it safe….ishana smiles seeing it and thanks for the wonderful gift…anika promise her tht she would never leave her and go …and also promises tht she would gift her on every bday…..
a truck is speeding toward the car…..truck hits the car…..ishana and avni fall from the car ….and roll down avni protects ishana from getting hurt….car falls from the cliff…..avni shouts and is in shock……

so guys wat will happen will anika be safe? or she will die …..
so guys plzz comment…..and yeah next part will be updated soon ….sorry for the grammatical mistakes.

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