Hai , sanairina here.Hope u havent forgot abt my FF ,PYAAR….
As u guys support other writers plzzzzzz do support me so tat i can continue my ff.
So here we gooooo …….. with the first episode.
I am going directly into the story …i mean no character analysis.
A well decorated hall is shown . Each and every corner is decorated with beautiful flowers and hangings.There is a cake shown in the middle of the hall.So many people r standing there and chit-chatting.People r still coming with gifts in their hands.
A women is shown.
Women:why r u late?Being shekar’s friend ,u should have come early.
Lady:Sorry sharmista.Its all bcoz of ur lalluuu…
(Yes the women is sharmista and shekar is her hubbyy…)
Mishti:wat he had done?after all u cant blame him bcoz..

Lady:bcoz he ia ur lalluuuu…
Mishti:Yes u got it annapurna ji.Even though he is little naughty he is very nice.So u guys take ur sit I will come back now….
AP:Ji tekhai.hum vahaa hogi .By the way wen u come back dont forget to take ur princess with u
Mishti:i will never coz she is going to see ur lallu 4 the first time right?
AP:ji u got that.ok namaste.
Mishti:ye ladki kaha gayi ?kub se doond rahi hai?uske kamre mai jaaker dekthi hoon.
At the room.
A well cleaned room is shown . Every thing ia kept neatly.At a corner there is dressing room ,a girl is sitting there . She is wearing earrings and all.She is wearing a blue and pink colour lehenga.
Mishti comes there.
Mishti : Swara tum ab tak ready nahi huyi?(with a fake angry face)

(And the girl is SWARA)
Swara:huyi mummie. Just final touch kar rahi hai.wase meri pappa ka BDAY hai na toh uske princess sunder lagna hai na?
Mishti:haan haan. Jaldi neeche aa ja.
Swara:OKK meri maaa……
Swara comes to the hall. Every one is looking at her lovingly. She goes to everyone and greets.
On the other hand Sharmishta gets a call.
Mis:wat ?why?Y r u telling this now ?At this moment?Ok Ok i will handle it.
She cuts the call and goes to Swara.
Swara:mummie wat happened? Y r u looking tensed?
Mishti:vooo beta …. mujhe ab ek call aaya da.i had organised a program .. singing… and they r telling tat they cant come.
Swara:OMG!now wat to do?
Mishti:i hav an idea☺Swara u r going to sing OK!
Swara: nahi maa i wont u know that i wont sing without Ragini .then y r u saying like this?
Mishti:beta!plzzz mere liye plzzzzzzz…….
Swara: nahi ma i wont sing without Ragini aur i know that she wont come today so i wont sing.
On the other side-in the hall
A handsome dashing boy comes and every girls r looking at him.He , without noticing anyone directly goes to AP.
AP:lallu tu aa gaya.

Lallu:haa the way where is aunty?
Ap:i think she talking with her child.(looking everywhere she says)haa there she is . Go and meet ur aunty.
Lallu goes nearmishti and swara.When he reaches there he hears their talking.But he couldnt see swaras face as she is turning back.And swsra goes frm there to her room .
Mishti:lallu tuu aga.
Lallu:ji aunty by the wat were u guys talking abt.wat happened?
Mishti narrates the whole incident and asks him to talk to swara.
He goes to swaras room.
(Swara knows lallu but not as AP’s son but as her very best friend thats because when lallu first met swara,he didnt tell that he is ap’s son)

Lallu goes to swara’s room and knocs the door…………
Tok tok tok tok…………………

Sorry guys i forgot to tell u that swara ragini and lallu r 15 yrs old and swara and ragini r like sisters and raginu stays in their house but she was not there bcoz she had to attend a seminar from school.Swara and ragini sings well but the problem is swara cant sing without ragini and viceversa.

Do guys i hope ur confusions r over and plzzzz sorrrry if it was boring if u guys dont like i am ready to stop and i will reveal wgo is lallu in the next episode.
Once agaib sorry if it was boring ,i will try to make it more thrilling and plzzz do comment how it was???

Credit to: Sanairina

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