Pyaar (Ragsan) Pt 14 by Aliya

Let’s begin…

Sanskar follows Ragini:please, i will drop you!

Ragini looking at the climatic condition finally nods

And they sit in car

And he drives

They were silent for almost an hour

Sanskar gets a call

He sees it was Swara

He takes a deep breath and disconnects the call and switches it off

And Sanskar:when is your engagement?

Ragini:after 4 days!
She didn’t look at him

Sanskar:what he does?

Ragini:whatever he does but i know that he won’t be a back stabber!

It pricks his heart directly!
It made him silent!

After sometime

Sanskar:avni ki shaadi hogayi?

Ragini turns to him and smiles:why are you interested in all this? And what about you definitely you would have married Swara afterall you love her….

Sanskar interrupts:i didn’t

Ragini laughs:you want me to believe it!


Ragini nods her head in disgusting

Sanskar:may be you never tried to know my side story!

Ragini:say?! Let me listen what new story you have cooked up? Seriously you are a master in it. By the way what is your profession now? Before you were an actor. So still you are continuing it or over with it?

Sanskar:i know Ragini, i have pained you alot but it wasn’t intentional. Please once lis…

Ragini:stop the car.

Sanskar doesn’t listen to her

Ragini angrily:stop the car now, i said Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari!

Sanskar stops the car

Ragini gets down the car and starts to move

It was raining heavily

Sanskar held her wrist:Ragini you have to listen me today. Please

Ragini angrily pulls her wrist from him:listen what sanskar? Listen what? This is what my mistake was i just kept listening you… (her tone softened) i just believed you blindly that i just didn’t think twice when i submit myself to you. No matter how many times i have thought to forget all this and i even forgave you to forget you and i never wish to talk to you and i don’t want to see your face but why you came now? . And now what you need from me sanskar? (sarcastically) or this mean you want to again have s*x….

Sanskar at the top of his voice:RAGINI.

Ragini:what happened Sanskar? Whatever i went though is nothing in front of what my…….
She closes her eyes realising what she was going to blurt out

And then the bus comes

Ragini:hope.. We will never meet again.

She climbs the bus and cries sobbing

While sanskar falls on his knees all broken


A group of kids were playing together

Where a kid goes to join them while the other kids push him saying he is dumb and can’t call out them.

He cryingly turns and goes

When he sees a pair of shoes and looks front and sees a man
And he is revealed to be Sanskar.

Sanskar kneels to him:what happened?

Kid just was about to go

Sanskar:arey.. You look so upset why didn’t you fight for your rights

Kid turns and signs that he can’t speak.

Sanskar feels bad

Lil boy goes and sits on a bench sadly

Sanskar goes and sits next to him:sometime letting go such problems will definitely brings happiness
He looks at him

Sanskar forwards his hand:hai, i am sanskar!

Kid smiles a bit and shakes his hands with him and takes out his Id and shows him his name

Sanskar:so you are Abeer

Abeer smiles and nods

Sanskar:so you are from near by school

Abeer signs him something which sanskar didn’t understand

Abeer then lightly hits his head and takes the pen from sanskar’s pocket and pulls his palm and writes “boarding school”

Sanskar smiles

Sanskar:what are your mom dad doing?

Abeer looks around and then again takes pen from him and writes:mum wedding planner

Sanskar smiles:and dad?

Abeer smiles a bit and signs “he left us”

Sanskar:you mean he is no more?

Abeer lightly hits head through his palm

Abeer pulls his palm again:he left mom

Sanskar now understand him and himself:how can someone leave his wife and kid!

Sanskar:let’s have some donuts

Abeer signs him one by one:mum

Sanskar:you mean your mumma?



Abeer signs him something which he again doesn’t understand

Abeer again writes on his palm:stranger

Sanskar smiles:but we are not strangers

Abeer signs which thankfully sanskar understands:i promised mumma.

Sanskar smiles and cares his hair

Abeer signs him:i am going to home

Sanskar understood him:wow.. So your mumma is coming to pick you up?

Abeer nods

Sanskar:so you are having vacations in school ?

Abeer lightly hits his head and nods in no

He signs something which again sanskar doesn’t understand

Abeer pulls sanskar’s palm which is filled with his writing’s

Sanskar smiles

And shows him his another palm signs him to write

Abeer smiles

Abeer writes “my mumma’s marriage”

Sanskar smiles reading it

And then abeer stood and runs


Abeer stops and turns to him

Sanskar didn’t wanted to leave this kid don’t know why there some different attraction towards this!

Abeer signs :i need to go

Sanskar:hopefully we will meet again some day!

Abeer nods he was about to go but turns
He signs calling

Sanskar:you want to call?

Abeer nods in no he signs writing then call

Sanskar:you need my number?

Abeer smiles and nods

Sanskar smiles and now pulls his palm and writes down the number

Abeer smiles and kisses his cheeks and goes

Sanskar smiles

Here abeer was waiting sitting in his room


Abeer smiles widely and runs to his mum and hugs her waist

And his mum is revealed to be Ragini.

Ragini smiles widely

Here sanskar switches on his phone and sees many missed call from his mom and swara

He calls his mom

And there comes a shock for him!

To be continued…

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