Pyaar (Ragsan) Part 6 by Aliya

Let’s begin….

Slowly days passed and the first sem fineshes…

And now…

Avni:so holidays!bt i m sad r going!
Rag: avni…
Avni:u didn’t tell me abt your family
Rag: mine is a big family u can’t understand! So don’t ask
Avni: why so?now i m interested too and i only know you are from Bangalore and your dad is in military
Rag smiles: now he isn’t!
Avni:so he retired?

Rag: Actually he is no more!
Avni feels sad:i m sor….
Rag smiles: no.. don’t!
Avni smiles

At that time Sanskar comes

San:so you both r hvng holiday’s r wrong Actually whole engineering college is having holiday

San?:oh thankyou for telling!

San:so r going
Rag:ha..i m!
Rag: tommorrow early morning…
Avni:even i m looks like nobody is worried for me!
San?:oh you are here!


Avni:ab kya woh likh ke de!

San:why you always talk like a tedi medi with me ..why u r hvng old Ragini’s aatma
Rag glares him

Avni???:kya kare jeeeeeeejaji jo tehre

Avni runs

Rag chases her!
Avni laughs…

Soniya and swara were seeing this…

Soniya fastly goes and slowly forwards her leg so that avni falls..

Bt avni is avni…she hv saw her
Avni slow downs suddenly and she smartly jumps on her legs and stands on her leg…conyrolling herself

Soniya:ahhhhh….motiiii….she pushes her…

Soniya jumps on her one leg..????

Rag:avni…wat you did?
Rag isn’t unaware of the soniya’s trick’s


San who was seeing this…goes to avni and hifies and he too laughs????

Rag gets confused

Soniya:cant you see..ahhh..mumma…avni ho ya bulldozer

Avni:mujhe mat koso..ha..prblm is not and may not yours too..prblm is of your legs..that comes in my ways always…

Rag goes to soniya and bends to her leg!

Rag: it has swollen..sanskar can you plz bring balm ..
San:me..m i spot boy…and also for this girl no ways
Rag:m your friend na..then plzzz..bring
San:ok ok..

Avni ????:wat ? it’s just swollen..i thought the bones hv been broken…
San laughs????

Soniya:mera bhi time ayega

Avni?????????:your time? everytime you make your time bt time gives me time

Rag and son??


Rag nods her head in disbelief:sanskar!

San:m going..he goes

Sw comes there…

And holds soniya’s hands…and pulls her

Soniya winces

Rag:swara…araam se

Sw:soniya..u got this bad time that you vl do your treatment with this behen ji

She drags her..
Soniya winces..

Rag tries to stop her

Avni:let it be Ragoo..

They goes!

San comes:take here your balm

Rag:khud hi laga lena..
She goes

San:meine kya kiya

Avni:leave her! bhoothni kaali billi ke wajah se…

San:oh i see…

Next day

Early morning

Rag and avni were in railway station..

Avni hugs her:miss you buddy!
Rag smiles and she sees avni had tears

Rag: your are crying?
Avni:no..she turns

Rag:m not going permanently..after a month i will be back

Avni:a has 30 days…how can i stay without you

Rag:i will call you na

Avni:hmm..teek teek hai ab jaa..
Rag:hmm..come to Bangalore..this holidays there you can meet my family

Avni:hmm..i will come with jeejaji

Rag:kya avni..

Avni:sacchi sacchi..bol..dont you hv a little feelings for Sanskar???

Rag was abt to say no bt she couldnt bcs her heart didn’t let her to do it

San from behind:i m feeling like.. Someone remembered me

Avni:lo jeejaji aa gaye

San: why you call me jeejaji?are you planning to marry your sister to me?

Avni:i don’t hv sister


Avni gives a teasing smile to Ragini

Rag glares her

Avni:woh sanskar…will you hv prblm… Actually if i had a sister like Ragini na i would hv married her to you??

San: why will i hv saali sahiba?


Rag picks her bag and was abt to go

San:tussi jaa rahe ho?????

Rag turns to him ??

San??:tussi na jao

Rag:filmy shilmy…huh

She goes..
He held her hand…

Rag tries to free it!

San:now tell


San:wohi the one avni is asking?

Avni was looking at them being excited ????


San:now don’t create scene here…pakka i won’t let you go if you don’t tell me!

Rag??:sanskar leave my hand

San:first reply me!

Rag:m..m getting late

At the time train gets started

Rag:sanskar chodo mujhe

San:ahaan..first tell me wat you feel for me?

Rag’s heartbeat gets faster..

Avni understands Ragini’s nervousness

She sees the train

Avni comes in middle and coughs

San leaves her hand immediately

Avni:wah jeejaji ab tho badi jaldi chod di…and Ragoo..train..

Rag runs to train and climbs it

Sanskar and avni comes there

Avni:after reaxhing call me!(sanskar was trying to talk to hrr)and eat food on time and be in touch(sans again tries)and don’t forget me in one month

San shouts:haddi haddi haddi..stop!???

Avni looks at him wierdly???????..they were running with the train moving

San:ahh..leave..Rags rememer me too me too..if you dont call this haddi then also ok…call me!

Avni:kyun …

Train moves forward..rag was seeing them with a smile

San:kyunki she is my friend

Avni:before you she is my friend

San:bt i m her best friend

Avni:i m her close friend..???you r behaving like she is your wife.. aaya bada…my not to be jeeeeeejaaaaaji???

She goes

San:dekh na she will call me first!

Avni: she will call me first

San: challenge

Avni:haha..woh tho mein hi jeethungi

San:dekhte hai!if you lose you hv to send Ragini with me after she comes back

Avni:if you lose.. You hv to stay away from her for one week


Avni:i know i m gonna win

San:no ways.. And deal!

Avni goes out

Here Rag remembers San asking her to say the feelings

Rag was confused… She then brushes of her thoughts!

To be continued…

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