Pyaar (Ragsan) Part 5 by Aliya

Let’s begin….

Next day…

Avni didn’t come colg as she isn’t well..
Rag was alone… And obviously she is alone too…

After the class… Ragini has felt sick..bcs of 2 reasons…one is avni is absent and the second one is Sanskar didn’t came to her for whole day..she was missing his stupid talks and stupid behaviours…no matter wat avni and Sanskar hv become a lifeline for Ragini other than her family…

“Family”she smiles widely

She moves out of the colg…
And sees there’s no bus..she thinks to walk for sometime and shr may get the bus…

And there was a roadside drunk romeo…
Guy:hey…he was walking stumbling..

Rag get scared..she turns immediately…and starts to walk fast..

But the drunkard held her hand…rag gets angry and tries to free herself..but that guy was trying to kiss her..
Rag tries hard to pull him…but he aas strobger than her… She gets something in her and… Smirks…

She kicks him on his center point ??
He winces in pain…

Rag starts to run..

Soon his gang joins and follows her..

Rag sees the increasing number of members…

By running fast her stomach aches..but she still runs…at the time a car comes…

Rag stops..

Sanskar gets down from the car..he sees rag

San:wr were you running like PT USHA

Rag was breathing heavily

Soon his eyes falks on the goons behind her:oh tho yeh baat hai…

He goes to her and pulls behind him…

Goons sees him

San immediately:Stop?
Goons stops…

San:looks like something hpnd…forget it..coming to the point…she is a close friend of mine…so before going to her you should cross me ..

Goon:oh.. so u vl stop us…

San:who m i stop you…

They were abt to raise

San: stop??

Goon:wat now?
San:can you see how handsome i m…?

Rag takes water from his car and drinks..she was looking wat hpng

San:if anything hpns to me i will not spare you

Rag ????

San folds his sleeve from his shirt

Rag:so u r gonna hv fight with them…

He smiles…

He takes out his goggle and wears it..
Rag: why is this for….!
San smiles


San immediately held Ragini’s hand and starts to run…

Rag was shocked…: why r u running?
San: kyunki i don’t know fighting


Rag: then why were you creating buildup?

San: i m sanskar..and sanskar should be like a hero always..and Ragini didn’t u find that i would fight with them like well trained fighter

Rag: ahh mad..we could hv gone in car na?

San:bt it wont hv thrill..and speed up your running.. Before we get caught..


And they hides behind a tree and finally they r free from the goons

Both were breathing heavily…
Rag don’t know wat she should do to his stupidity should she laugh or should she scold him….

Rag breathing heavily: i thought your screw… is loose bt now i got to ..know that u dont hv the one so how it would be loose..huh…

San LAUGHS: finally you got to know…

Both laughs…
Rag:u r so stupid… She again laughs

San:see the logic is..if we would hv gone in car.. We would be safe before itself… And you would hv not laugh with me.. And due to this i got a opportunity to laugh with you…

Rag who was laughing nods her head in disbelief and smiles: you are impossible…

Rag: let’s go now its already late…

San:can we celebrate…for our first laugh together.. Can we go for a coffee atleast? ?
She smiles ☺☺:bt on one condition..

Rag forwards her hand: friends?bcs i don’t go with strangers

San?????:AM.I.DREAMING? someone please pinch me…

Rag pinches him hard

Rag:u r not dreaming

San smiles dreamily and acts like falling..rag being worried held bim immediately
Rag: sanskar r u ok?

San with a teasing smile: something something?
Rag: huh…nothing…

They then goes to the car and sits…

San:aaj kabab mein haddi nai hai?
Rag confused ??:haddi kabab?wat u r talking abt?
San smikes sheepishly:i mean i was talking abt avni isn’t she with you?
Rag: called avni a haddi?
San:sorry..slip of toungue
She seethim with disbelief

San:tell na.. where’s avni?
Rag: actually she is hvng fever
San:oh…so avni was absent
San:looks like u missed avni…
San:and obviously you would be alone
San:so did you miss me..
Rag:yes..very much…she bites her toungue immediately
Rag :i mean no

San:oh was been missed by my close friend… was just a slip of you didnt miss me?

San chuckles:a great oerson hv said that..if a girl says no then it means double yes…
San:haye u missed me…
San:oh so u double missed me ..oh how sweet?
Rag: ahhh…forget it…

She looks other side and smiles…

And after the coffee..sanskar drops her to the hostel…

Rag calls avni and asks abt her..

Next day..

RagNi were coming to the colg

San comes from behind: bhooo
Both get scared
San laughs…

Rag:Sanskar u scared us!
Rag hits him playfully
Avni looks at them shocked???:wn did this hpn?
San dramatically:so Ragini didnt tell you?

San interrupts: Actually i proposed Ragini.. And she accepted
Avni:waaaattttt??????u ppl didn’t tell me..Ragini tu tho meri jaan hai na…u also didn’t tell.. So bad of you..and sanskar tum mere bhaai jaise the agar ragini jaan hai tho tum jahan…
Wn did you wished to say..shaadi ke baad ya bacche hone ke baad???
Ek din kya colg nai aai..yahan tho pahad hi gir gaya ha……..

Rag????:avniiiiii…… There’s nothing like that we are just friends

San laughs…

Avni: thank God…i thought u forgot me
San:oh god avniii..u and ur thoughts

Rag giving a teasing smile to sanskar:avni did you know wat sanskar referred you?



Avni???? looks at sanskar: me and haddi

San:i..i was just…. it’s time for my class..

Sanskar runs ftom there immediately

Avni:me and haddi..eeewwww

Rag laughs

Swara was seeing this..she smirks..

To be continued….

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