Pyaar (Ragsan) Part 3 by Aliya

Let’s begin….


Rag: avni chalo!
Avnisan: before tell me wat you will do?
Rag smiles: avni i guess you got a new friend! So i will leave

Rag moves from there


This was all seem by soniya

Soniya goes to swara… Who was already frustrated by the insult!


Sw:i don’t want to listen your….
Soniya: its abt Ragini
Sw looks at her: wat abt that behenji
Soniya: there’s a handsome guy with her!i guess he is the same guy who entered the college in yellow Lamborghini ?(she said the last line being excited)
Sw looks at her giving her Sarcastic look
Soniya:i mean…he looks rich!and that too he is behind the behenji..and wat if she teams up with him and plays something against you!

Sw: which batch??
Soniya:i guess he isn’t from this field.. That guy was asking for friendship with Ragini! She is denying him!!
Sw stands:let me see the guy!


Avni runs behind Ragini
Avni:yaar Ragini… You are leaving me!
Rag: i thought you got a new friend!
She turns her face
Avni smiles and hugs her from side by covering her hands in Ragini’s shoulder’s
Avni:so you r jealous!
Rag ignoring: no
Avni leaving her dramatically: sacchi
Rag smiles at her antics
Avni: let’s go home!
Rag: only u..i m going to hostel..if even i come today too definitely uncle aunty will think me as gold digger!
Avni:bt you know wat!they will never call you bcs they finds you as me!
Rag:i know avni i was joking…but roz roz kisike ghar jaana accha…
She sees avni glaring her
Rag; ok fine!
Avni smiles
Avni: why did the driver uncle didn’t come..
At the time she gets the call from driver that the car has broke.. Everyone in her house took the car with them for the party

Avni: let’s go in a taxi!
Rag: ok…

They were abt to go
A yellow Lamborghini stops their way
They see Sanskar!
Rag: head ache! Avni let’s go before he starts his puran!
San:arey..!i m not going to start puran and all…bt wn did i do puran!
Rag: avni chalo
Avni: ok
San: there is no value for good people now days!
Rag:look dude!leave us!
San: God take me! Before i listen this from this girl!
Rag and avni moves…
San: do you want lift?
Rag: no thanks
San: ok ok…will you both come if i ask you both to join my empty car!
Rag: oh God
Avni: let’s go with him na Ragoo!he is so nice!
San imitates avni:plz join me na Ragoo
Rag: wat did you call me!
Avni laughs
Avnisan hifies!
Rag: is one headache was less that you gave me the whole head disease in the form human..bhagwan kuch tho Rehem karo mujhpe
San: did you call me headache
Rag: i called you disease!
San smiles: one called me in such name’s…i m feeling great listening this! Thankyou Ragini for coming into my life
Rag: hey did you come from mental asylum
San smirks: you call me disease..i m not sticking.. But you yourself sticking to the disease..
Avni:i agree!
San: let’s go to coffee shop Ragoo…
Rag:i m not Ragoo to you
San:ok then wat should i call you..Ragi! Is is ok?
Rag in frustration bangs his car in her fist
San: my car!
Rag angrily kicks his car!
San:aeee…my car
Rag:bhaad mein jao is khatara ko bhi le jaana

San: khatara kisko bola? If you told me khatara too i would hv forgives you… You told to my car.. Now you hv to come with me for coffee shop
Avni: Ragoo…
Rag ✋:u just keep quiet…

San;avni will you come with me!
San:ae..Ragi will you sit or not
Rag: zabardasti hai(are u forcing me)
Avni:plzzz..plzz na Ragoo..plzz


Rag: go…both together go let me atleast live in peace!
Avni continuously begs
Avni:chalo na.. Ragooo…. Plz

Rag: how will we both sit!
Avi looks at the car:oh…sab bekaar

Rag: listen Mr thankyou… And no thankyou


Both goes

San:i hv to chng the car!

Next day
After the class
San thinks to meet Ragini
He moves while he dashes with someone
The person is revealed to be Swara
San smiles: sorry!
Sw: it’s ok

Avni who saw the scene was shocked..
Swara is forgiving! ???

Sw forwards her hand: hai!Swara
San shakes his hand: Sanskar!

Sw talks some stuffs with him

Rag comes and sees and ignores… She goes to avni and drags her to the library

Avni:u know..that witch asked sorry!i think she liked him
Rag:shh! Its library!

Rag takes the books

And then both leaves from there

San was waiting for them in Jaguar

Rag murmurs:he will die in my hands

Avni laughs

San: plz today atleast
Rag: u changed car for this
San: plz Ragii
Rag: at first place don’t call me Ragii and in second place we are not coming

San:ok ok..Ragini..plz come
Avni: let’s…
Rag: ok…
Avnisan smiles

Avrag sits in back!

San teasing: thanks Ragii
He drives
San laughs: sorry sorry!

After hvng sometime in coffee shop
He drops them to hostel!

San:bye avni
Av smiles:bye!
San:bye…RAAAAAGIIIII(he dragged the word just to irritate her)
Rag looks around… She don’t know how to take out her anger
Atlast she stamps her foot and goes!

Sanskar laughs

Few days passes while San used to irritate her… Swarag used to hv tashan…one thing is changed now Ragini is just acting irritated infront of Sanskar..for his antics…bt to the fact she liked it!


San:avni..Ragii… U both hv to come to support me on the football match!
Avni:yes we vl…
She looks at Rag
Rag: ok..
She goes

Avni smiles shocked
Avnisan hifies

While going she sees swara…who is giving her attitude look
Rag:not again!
But she smirks

Swara gets confused

Rag moves from there humming a song

Rag goes

Sw moves and she falls!
She sees the water


Rag sees water in the floor..
Rag knew that swara wouldn’t hv noticed the water..and would definitely move with attitude
Fb ends

Rag sees her and burst into laughter
Rag:offo….girl not only u should see up with attitude…u should also see diwn while walking…this attitude na…and water in the floor doesn’t see who is walking..even if its SWARA MALHOTRA

Rag goes
Sw sees some students controlling their laughter’s infront of her!
She gets up and was abt to fall again…
Someone holds her.. it’s Ragini…
Rag:i didnt want to help you bt if anyone in your place also na i would hv helped!

Avni sees and smiles proudly


Rag goes

Swara storms from there angrily!


To be continued……


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