Pyaar pyaar pyaar twinj ss part 9


Helooooo hiiii lovely people my chumzz how R U guys mujhe miss Kiya na ??kehdo ki kiya
I know mujhe miss Kiya hoga ?soo now back with next part
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Thanks to kruti purnima angita siddhanshi shreya098 sayeeda sonali mantasha sujina Monica n everyone for ur love n support……
Recap : jas realising her feelings n confess it to
sid but sid denies that he loves her too
The episode starts with Sid coming out of the
office n thinks what happening to me why her
absence makes me hurt why Babaji I don’t believe in love how to make her understood this
I have to meet her anyhow I haven’t seen her
from past 1 week why I am missing her this
feeling is killing me …….he thinks. Left for jas home
At jas house
Sid comes there n knocks on the door mahi
opens it “hey sid how R U ask mahi
I am fine mahi replied sid n says where is jas I have to meet her ……..ops sid she is not here

she went to new York last night only
What why she went to new York asked sid
Actually sid when she met u today n Came her mum called her n tells her about her alliance fix with someone said mahi
What replied sid ??? Yeah so she went to chill out for sometime said mahi n yeah she will be back in few days then we will move to India
Ok said sid n leaves from there ………
Uff marriage her maarrige too why happening it this any sale here huh …..or marraige season said sid n makes faces
Days passes

Sid was missing jas very badly he daily went to jas house n come back with sad face
One day
Sid was going somewhere when he sees jas n
stood there
Jasmin shouts Sid she turns n looks at Sid with a smile …..
Hey sid how R U asked jas Sid was numb as he
thought that she’ll not talk to him now
I am fine jas how R U asked sid I am fine too

Replied jas with a smile there were awkward
When jas says I am going India tomorrow for my marriage “yeah I heard it said sid with a sad face I am sorry jas said sid
For what sid ??asked jas
That day what happen between us for that said sid “ahh leave it sid it’s not ur mistake said jas smiling n thinks I don’t want to force u to love me but if it is in our destiny to get separated them I accept it

Sid gets a call from usha who informs him that she sent girl pic n biodata sid just reads the bio data n girl name twinkle taneja n deletes pic in hurry without seeing it
I am going said jas n left from there while sid stays there only
Sid comes home n thinks what happen to me why it’s matters to me if she gets married to anyone ….why he cries n says I love u jasmin unknowingly
Wait I said I love her asked sid himself YES DUDE I AM IN LOVE I AM IN LOVE shouts Sid n thinks I am a big idiot yes I love her I have never feel for anyone I love u jas I just love u said sid n runs from there
He buys flowers m left for jas house …..

Jas jas shouts Sid standing outside jas house
What happen sid said jas from her window
Just come down I need to talk to u said sid
Jas comes down n says what happen sid
He sit on knees n said I don’t know jas how did this happen n when how this idiot who doesn’t believe in love has fallen in love with u I LOVE U
Jas I just loved u I wanted to spend each n every second of my life with u while jas who was listening to this was having tears in her eyes
U said it right jasmin love exist n I had feeled it also I am so sorry for that day I want idiot beat me if u want but don’t marry anyone else said sid
U really loved me na asked jas u were not telling it in guilt na Sid
No jas I really love u replied sid smiling

I love u too sid replies jas n they have a tight hug sid takes ring from his pocket n ask may I miss jasmin
Jas forwards her hand n says yes my sid he makes her wear ring n they smiles
After some time
Sidmin is seen in jas room n endlessly talking with each other
Ohh I forgot to tell u about biggest problem said sid what sid asked jas
U know jas my parents in India has fixed my alliance with some twinkle taneja said sid
What twinkle taneja ur marriage sid ???I am not getting anything
Jas u know my real name was KUNJ SARNA

N sid was my Nick name n I am the son of leading businessman of India I came here just to enjoy my life said sid
Ohh I see u say yes for marriage said jas smiling what asked sid
Yeah u say yes for marriage replies jas n smirks
(I know u all have understood why jas is smirking )

Have u gone mad I love u n I can’t marry anyone else said sid
Arah my buddhu just say yes for marriage i will see everything said jas
Ok if I said start ur packing we r leaving for India tomorrow said sid n leaves from there giving pecks on jas cheeks
Now it will be fun my cute sid u will be shocked meeting twinkle taneja said jas n smirks
Screen freezes

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  1. It was amazing!surely sid will get a shock when he comes to know that jasmin is twinkle taneja. Looking forward for it. Continue soon x

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    Amazing….mind blowing….fabulous…..

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    omggggggggggggggg sameera di kya kahun u lft me speechless so cute cute epsiode jst lyk u amazing di kya khun soooo sweet ab aayaga maza jas twinkle sid kunj now toh jas noo ki uska sid hi uska kunj hai wow so mch excited di post asap luv u n cnt w8 srsly cnt w8 phele i was tensed bt now i m nt at all tensed n feeling soo mch happy di luv u

  4. Hey sam oh i hope i can call you sam anyways loved it

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  6. Romaisha

    Ohhh god!! ??? now i seriously can’t wait for u to post!!! Can’t wait to read further .. Post soon…

  7. Sayeeda

    Wooooowwwwww yrr what a amazing post…
    Waiting to see Sid’s reaction when he comes to know that Jas is only Twinkle….
    Lovely episode… Too good..
    Love u

  8. Shatakshi

    Wow Sam it was Amazing
    Really loved it to the core❤❤?????

  9. Mantasha

    Yupppp…d epi was damn amazing… do cont soon…. love u sam…

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    it is just awesome
    do cont asap

  11. Kruti

    Wowwww sam it was just fab
    Just can’t wait to see Sid’s reaction

  12. Shreya098

    Amazing epi….
    Waiting to see his reaction when he comes to know about the truth…

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    Will be waiting
    Loved it to the core Sam❤❤❤

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