Pyaar pyaar pyaar twinj ss part 8


Hey guys I am back sho sorry for posting late
Plz forgive me my wifi work not working likr talli tu so I didn’t posted from 2 days plshh forgive me so yeah lets is begin
Thanks to all of u for commenting on previous epi
Love u all guys

Recap : sidmin friends n nrw feeling of love for sidmin

The epi starts with jas waking up n smiles looking at her n Sid pic she thinks what’s happening to her she gets freshen up n left for office
In the mid way jas sees a man n imagines himself as sid n smiles she sees a old lady unable to cross the road so helps m takes her to park
May God bless u beta says the lady “thanks aunty said jas smiling “u look somewhat worried what happen asked the lady “nothing replied jas n gets up from there “I can see in ur eyes I have feelings for someone said the lady smiling “what no aunty it’s nothing said jas
Don’t lie yourself beta ….u know when a person is in love she looks more beautiful her eyes shows the love n I can see it in your eyes said the lady
But I don’t believe in love how can someone identify that she is in love said jas worriedly
If a person is in love he or she sees everywhere the person he leaves u miss him in his absence
U wanna spend each n every second with him said the lady and if u wanna identify ur love just close ur eyes n see the person “ohh said jas n closes her eyes n smiles seeing sid she reminces all the moments spent with Sid n smiles ” u said right aunty I AM IN LOVE yes yes I am in love said jas n hugs the lady thanking her n left from there
On the other side
There is nothing like love ye pyaar pyaar pyaar kuch nahi hota hai I’ll show these uv that love doesn’t exist said sid roaming from here n there
He calls someone n says I want to meet u right now saying this he cuts call n smirks
Sid comes to a place a girl comes there n back hugs sid n says “finally u called me baby said the girl yes tara said sid n they went inside the restaurant
Jas comes to office n ask for sid n get to know that he didn’t camw today ‘yeh sid k bacha jab nahi dekhna chahti thi jab yahi milta tha aur ab deka uff jas tu to pagal hojaye gi (see this Sid when I don’t want to see him he is front of me n see now ohh i will become mad )
Jas calls sid “hello sid where r u said jas “I am at xyz restaurant said sid “ok ok said jas n cuts the call

At restaurant
Jas comes there finding sid n sees him with Tara “sid who is she ask jas how can u come with someone else to hotel says jas “what jas she is friends Tara n Tara she is my boss said sid oh I am not his friend but girl friends said Tara moving her finger on sid face “but sid how can she be ur gf asked jas angrily “what happen to u why R U behaving so possible asked sid
Becoz I LOVE U DAMMIT said jas angrily having tears in her eyes
What asked sid “yes I love u n I thought that u love me too that’s y I came here said jas crying
But I didn’t love u I just thought u as a friend’s n jas there is nothing like love love doesn’t exist jas said sid wiping off jas tears “I used to believe it too that love doesn’t exist but it’s not true sid I had feeled the feeling of love sid said jas ” baby what’s is she talking about said Tara
It’s a big misunderstanding jas I’ll explain u see I don’t love u n I will never love someone said sid
“It’s ok sid if u didn’t love me I am so sorry to spoil it date I thought u love me too the bond we share was so special n if u didn’t believe in it its ok said jas n left from there leaving sid behind
Huh let’s enjoy our dinner said Tara while sid also left from there ignoring her
Sajna ve sad song plays in the back ground
1 week passes mahi Loren chinki everyone consoles jas n ask her to go to new York n get freshed she too says yes n left for new York
Herw sid daily comes to office but doesn’t find her there he goes towards Mr wadala cabin but in mid way he gets a call

Hella maa how R U said sid “I am beta how R U
U haven’t talk to me from so many days kunj I missed u says usha “I am fine maa I says what happening there in India said sid “u sounds so low sid what happen asked usha “nothing maa
Kunj I have a good news for u said usha smiling
What maa asked sid “u remember tanejas we have fixes ur alliance with their daughter said usha “what maa how can u do this with me said sid “but kunj girl is soo good n we r your parents so it’s our responsibility to make u settle said usha but maa said sid no maa u need to come to India after 1 week ok sid
She cuts call n Sid thinks first this cactus is not meeting me now anither siyappa huh my life became hell
He goes into wadala cabin
“Sir why is my boss not coming to office asked sid “u don’t know sod she has 3 months contract she left from here giving resignation
This makes sid shocked
Screen freezes
So guys did u like the epi
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  1. Kruti

    Amazing sam……waiting for d nxt one

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    awesome amazing…..eagerly waiting for next part ……

  3. Angita


  4. Too good.

  5. Sonali05

    Awesome epi…
    Im too happy that jas realise her feeling for sid…
    & i think after being away from jas, sid will soon realise his feeling for jas….
    Eagerly waiting for nxt epi…
    do cont asap….

  6. Mantasha

    Awesome sam… maybe wen sid will see jas n dey will know der identities.. possibly dey wld accept eo.. bt jst guessed.. coz u can put fire any time.. anyways cont soon..

  7. Shreya098

    . Hope sid also realise his love

    Eagerly waiting for the next epi

  8. epi was awesome…jas imagining sid lovely…hope sid will realise his love…
    so sad 4 jas…n post nxt asap…

  9. Sayeeda

    Yrrr tu kitna accha likhti hai.. Woowww yrr I just love each nd every episodes u posted till date..

    Episode is too good nd cute as well.. Loved it…

  10. Kritika14

    It was amazing!

  11. SidMin

    Loved it Sameera waiting for the next episode 🙂

  12. Shatakshi

    Amazing sam❤❤

  13. Baby

    sameera amazing yrr osm luvd d episode bt was quite emotional n i thnk no no i dont thnk anything post nxt asap dear misd u alot w8ing fr nxt episode post asap

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