Pyaar pyaar pyaar twinj ss part 6


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Recap : sidmin meeting at restaurant sid teases jas n they have a shot taking competition

The episode starts with sidmin holds hands n runs from there showing tongue to police man
They stop at a decorated place “uff amazing decorations said jas smiling ” u like it asked sid
Yep I liked it said jas n spins round “wow cactus likes roses thinks Sid n laughs
They see a boy proposing a girl n says what the hell do u believe in love asked sid nah I don’t believe in love said jas “yeah it’s just waste to time said sid n they both leave from there saying stupids
They reach jas house n Sid says bye cactus n leaves from there jas comes inside the hall n sleeps there only
At restaurant
Mahi n uv gets friendly n exchange their no while chinki n rohan talks about their relationship
Mahi n chinki decides to go back home

They come home worring about jas n sees her sleeping peacefully
Lo yeh madam Hame dinner par le jaakar khud yaha so rahi hai said mahi ” ha dekho to sahi said chinki n they leave for their rooms
Next morning
Jas wakes up n sees herself sleeping in hall
Why am I here what happen last night uff I don’t remember anything she gets flashes of her n Sid n says was sid with me last night no I don’t thinks so saying this she goes to freshen up
At Sid home
Sid wakes up n says uff my head is banging like temple ring tung tung I went for dinner last night n met that cactus he get flash of last night saying bye cactus he gets scared n thinks I called her cactus infront of her now she will kill me Sid beta tu to gaya ???
At office
Jas comes in office n greets everyone sid also comes there n flirts with the girls then left for jas cabin
“Sid tensed may I come in boss ” yeah come Sid said jas sweetly “where did the sun rise from she is not shouting ” hello Mr come out of your dream world said jas n ask was u with me last night asked jas “oh it means she doesn’t remember anything else I lost my job today he thinks n smiles “again In dream world said jas
Oh I am so sorry boss no I don’t remember anything about last night said sid n went for work
Days passes by sid daily teases jas n she too gets habitual to it n doesn’t get angry on him
Try both became some what friendly but tashan between them is still on
Jas comes to hee home n sees Maya n Loren there n hugs them “when u two came asked jas “today only said Loren ” jas I have to give us treat u remember na “yeah I remember said jas n try went to get dress up
At Sid house
Sid comes in says did so much work today
Here is your coffee said uv “oh thanks bhai said sid “let’s go out today what say guys asked Peter they all make a plan n go out
At pub
All the girls come to pub n started dancing
Boys comes there too mahi sees uv n smiles chinki n rahul have a talk Maya m cherry became new friends only sidmin n Loren n Peter left
They were dancing n Sid flirts with the girls
Loren was going outside when she sees Peter with another girl n cries jas notices this n understand that was Peter she goes towards him slaps him hard chatakk
Music off have u gone mad ask Peter angrily

U deserve this only said jas Sid comes there n ask what happen Peter “oh so Mr Sid he is ur friend said jas angrily ” u dumb woman what wrong with u asked Peter “what’s wrong with me she shows Loren n ask remember something ……
What’s is happening can anyone tell me said sid
I’ll tell u Mr Sid this Peter ur so called friends uses girls n them throws away like tissue she tells how Peter said that he loves Loren then ditched her ” so what’s wrong in this yaar
Said Peter when another slaps chatakk he said sid my bro (yeah sid slapped him )
How can I be so shameless Peter how can u destroy girls life we don’t have right to play with their feelings see this girl Loren becoz of u she suffered said sid while jas sees him lovingly
So what’s sid u also do flirting with girls right said Peter when he gets another slap from yuvraj “flirting ks kne thing n playing with girls emotions n feelings is a sin u idiot said sid angrily
U mad Loren bcoz of u my friends r against me said Peter when he gets another slap from rahul
If u wanna keep friendship with us then apologize to Loren sitting on knees said sid uv n rahul while the girls only eyeing them lovingly
Sorry Loren plzz forgive me said Peter
Loren turns n looks at jas who nods hwr to forgive him “ok I forgive u said Loren
I realised my mistake Loren plzz forgive me n thanks sid uv rahul n jas u too for making me realise mh mistake said Peter apologising to everyone
Sid hugs him says dont do it again Peter nods n they from the pub happily

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