Pyaar pyaar pyaar Twinj ss part 5


Hello guys back with next epi of pyaar pyaar pyaar twinj ss ??? I know u a must be thinking is it necessary to say haha ?
So yeah I am glad that u r looking the slots an a very special thanks to all for comment n support
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Recap : Sid new boss is jas some nok jhok between Sid
So now back to next part
The episode starts with Sid gets mesmerized seeing jas hairs flowing
Sid pov
Oh my god what is happening to me she is so cute yaar why I am thinking about her only
As my rule is I never met same girl for two times but this jas why I am feeling for her
Pov ends

Mr Sid please come out of your dream world said jas “oh I am sorry jas I mean boss I m really sorry said sid smiling “ok. Now. My work is done u can go now said jas “ok mam says Sid n moves from there
He is cute thinks jas oh no all boys r same thinks jas n leaves from there as well
At jas house
Jas comes to her house n shouts mahi chinki Loren Maya where r u all ” we r here said mahi n chinki but where is Maya n Loren oh yeah went for some work said mahi “ohh said twinkle n says I wanted to give u all treat ” u can give to me n chinki said mahi “yeah it’s good idea let’s us di dinner tonight said jas n leaves from.there
They get ready n leaves for restaurant
At Sid house
“What dinner is not prepared today shouts Sid “why R U shouting asked yuvraj “bhai wht we will eat now said sid making a pout “what’s the big deal we will do dinner at some restaurant said rahul smiling “yeah let’s go as that jasmin oh no cactus has eaten my half brain today yells Sid “who cactus asked yuvraj “ahh leave it lets go for dinner tbey get ready too
Twi mahi n chinki went to restaurant n chinks eyes were finding someone “whT happen chinki u r waiting for someone ??asked Twi “no no said chinki n they head inside n Sid with rahul n uv comes there too n heads inside

Mahi : what to order now one noodles n Manchuria
Jas : I want noodles too with soup
Chinki : n I want noodles only
They waits for the dinner n chinki eye fell on rahul who signals her to come outside she gets up with a jerk n soft drink which was placed on table falls on mahi
I am so sorry said chinki ” its ok I’ll clean said mahi n heads towards washroom I’ll accompany her said chinki n leaves from there
Mahi was going towards washroom when she bumps m falls in yuvraj arms they both get into a deep eye lock
Rahul was withing for chinki she comes n hugs him “I was very happy to see h baby doll said rahul ” I am too happy said chinki n they continues talking
Sid was waiting for uv n rahul when his eyes Fall on a hot girl n starts flirting with her then he turns n looks at jasmin n thinks to tease her
“Oh this cactus is here I’ll show what kunj sarna I mean sid…is saying this he went from the n sit at jas table
” Boss u r here asked sid “y u r seeing my soul here no na asked jas “I feel ur soul is better than u boss said sid ” just leave from here said jas giving death glare to sid
Wow yaar boss ur employee is in front of u n u r asking to leave so bad boss said sid in a flirting mode
Ohh u I said just leave from here said jas angrily
I know u r scared if me said sid n gives a peck on jas cheek she she gets shocked n says why will get scared of u ” becoz I hot he said smirking huh my foot said jas ” lets do a competition of drinking shots we will see who will drink more

They starts taking shots n Sid smiles seeing jas n thinks my cactus u r so beautiful
They comes out of the restaurant to a quiet road no one was there except sidmin
” U know miss cactus boss I am so rich even I can buy u also he said laughing huh u think u r so hot so let me tell u that u r not hot said jas smiling
What I am not hot he said n breaks wine bottle some police man was there n shouts from far
Who is there ” hey u fat Buffalo police man just shut up I am not scared of anyone said sid
Police man was slowly approaching towards sidmin ” we got independent in 1947 said sid n laughs badly ” idiot ww r not in India we r in london said jas ” so what I have full rights to be independent said sid n pulls Twi cheeks
Police man comes forwards n Sid looks at his body n thinks he is so big what we will do now
Said sid worriedly ” oh kr dramebaaz let’s run from here said jas n Sid holds jasmin hands n they run from there showing tongue to police man
Screen freezes

So guys did u like the epi ??
Share ur views wither positive or negative
Bye bye
Love u all

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    Cho funny and amayzn
    No words

  2. Loved it… waiting for the next part..

  3. Kruti

    Nice epi sam

  4. Baby

    sameera it was really very cute episode luvd it 2 d core yr dis sid is very cute always giving cute pecks to jas haha lud it cntinue asap dear

  5. Kritika14

    It was so cute .. twinj scene ? continue soon x

  6. yaar nice one 🙂

  7. Shreya098

    Cute and funny epi…..loved it

  8. Cut and funny epi…amazing

  9. Cute and funny epi…amazing

  10. Sayeeda

    So funny episode …amazing …
    The way Sidmin shown their tongue to police officer …hhaahha …too cute yrr …
    Loved it

  11. dreamer..arundhati

    Sam yaar fab

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