Pyaar pyaar pyaar Twinj ss part 4

Hello guys how R U all ??? Uff ye talli tu ?
So so thanks go all of u ok I’ll not end it soon
Yep guys becoz of this talli tu I understand why I am getting Less comments so who R reafinv daily thank u guys thank u shoo much
Special thanks to romaisha angita siddhanshi sayeeda arundati kruti shreya baby Monica and
Shikha I am glad that u r looking it
So now lets move on to next part
Recap : sidmin first meeting and Sid teasing jas at office n revelation y jas doesn’t believe in love

The episode starts with jas coming out of the lift n Sid shouts best of luck from behind she gets angry n leaves from there while sid smiles
Suddenly he gets a call from unknown number
Hello said Sid “u forgot me baby said the other person on call “who the hell is she n y is she calling me baby thinks Sid n ask who is she
“Aww u forgot me how can u said the girl
” Arah meri maa apna naam to bata pehle meri itni gfs hai ab ye konsi wali hai thinks Sid n said aww baby how can I forget u no never
Aww that’s my sid said the other girl n says come n meet me “my foot n from where she got my real number thinks Sid n said no baby I have work I can’t come right now
Ok then come when u r free said the other girl n cuts the call “huh Sid never meet same girl for second time he puts number in block list n smiles
Raghav (employee) comes there n says ur new boss has came today n Mr wadala is calling u Sid
Sid says ok n heads towards Mr wadala cabin
May I come in sir asked Sid ‘yeah yeah Mr Sid it’s not office ….said Mr wadala it’s Sid thinks yeah yeah it’s pub how many times U’ll say the same dialouge n says sorry sir
Ok leave it so here is your new boss n u have to prove ur best to her Sid turns n looks at new boss she turns n Sid gets shocked knowing it’s
Margaye yaar uiee maaa she is my new boss thinks Sid n looks at jasmin
Mr wadala miss jasmin he is siddhant late commer office n Sid this is miss jasmin
Now it will be fun now I’ll show Sid his right place thinks jas n says hi siddhant

Sid u can call me Sid said sid smiling
I met Sid before also sir n he is praising u so.much Mr wadala
What asked Mr wadala “yeah yeah sir he is saying Sid please her not to say anything
First apologise to me asked jas “what he is telling about me asked me wadala “sir he is saying that said jas Sid interrupts n whispers sorry in jas ears she smiles n says he is saying that u r a very good boss right Sid asked jas
Yeah mam u r right he is great boss Sid said pressing her teeth
Ohh my sid said Mr wadala n pulls Sid cheeks while he make faces
Jas was laughing slowly seeing state n thinks I have taken my revenge
Mr wadala Asked sid to do hard work n lightens his name while sid says ok n Mr wadala says now u can go
Sidmin comes out of cabin n looks at each other
Come with me to my cabin I need to discuss about the presentation Mr siddhant said jas
I said na u can call me Sid jasmin said sid
Respect Mr siddhant or Sid whatever u have to call me mam as in your boss said Jasmin n left for her cabin
Mam my foot no girl has ever ignored me like this this jasmin she is not jasmin she is cactus huh saying this he also went to jas cabin
Knock knock may I come in mam Sid asked pressing his teeths yeah come Sid
They start discussing about the project while jasmin hairs was flying due to Windows open n Sid once again get Mesmerized seeing her
Screen freezes

Hope u a like the epi
Do comment
How was the tashan between sidmin
Share ur views
So bye bye take care
Love you all

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  1. Shreya098

    Cute epi….
    Loved the Jasmine and cactus dialogue????

  2. Awesomeee…loved it…did u saw sid in jhalak.. Oh god he got 23, the highest in three of them.. I’m super happy & exited for sid…

  3. Angita

    Awesome….did pressing his teeth scene was so cute and funny.
    When will love bloom???

  4. Kruti

    Cutieeeee…….the epi
    Loved d tashan and that cactus dialogue

  5. So cute episode lovely one too.the way kunj I mean did is behaving I love it.

    1. Waiting for next one do post soon.

  6. cute epi

  7. Sayeeda

    Amazing update Sam….
    Twinkle’s nd cactus scenes ….hhaahha….superb ….loved it ..
    I really loved the tashan between Sidmin ….awesome….
    Post next one soon…

  8. Kritika14

    it was so so good! continue soon x

  9. amazing

  10. Baby

    amazing episode sameera luvd it 2 d core post nxt asap dear

  11. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi

  12. now jas is cactus n sooner she’ll b rose 2 sid haha…so nice epi n will b fun c in der tashan…so swt

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