Pyaar pyaar pyaar Twinj ss part 3


Hello guys back with next part
So I wanted to ask u all one thing aren’t u liking the story or not guys
I should continue this ss becoz I am getting just
6-7 comments I think the ss is boring it seems
So should I end it ?????
Plshh give me suggestions n now move forward to next epi
The episode starts with Sid flirts with the sales
girl n went from there
Rahul u don’t believe in love na Sid “nope yaar there is nothing like love people just time pass with each other n these girls they R totally mad
Nobody can say no to Sid bcoz I am the most
eligible bachelor said Sid

A pair of eyes watching is watching Sid n gets angry n faces him she is none other than jas
Oh hello Mr what u think of ur self ha u guys r fool not girls said jas angrils who the hell is shouting said Sid n turns n get Mesmerized seeing jasmin
What the hell u this of urself Mr how dare u say that girls r mad instead u guys r mad just use girl for ur purpose jasmin continues yelling
Chinki signs rahul n he leaves from there
leaving sidmin together
Jas continues yelling at Sid n he just looks at her n this yaar shit kitni beautiful hai I am feeling like eating her now only control Sid but why is she shouting at me
He immediately gives a peck in jas cheek n says
Hello miss whatever u are I am sorry if u hurt u but I says truth only n u too knows that girls r
mad but I must tell u u r damm beautiful plzz
stop I am going bye bye saying this Sid runs from there n leaves
While jas was shocked n thinks why he kissed
her she leaves from there angrily
At jas house

Jas comes there yelling how can he say that girls r mad n how dare he is to kiss me I’ll not
leave him “calm down and who kissed u said
mahi “that guy in mall n tells her while incident hahah laughs mahi n says so cute boy “what cuute ha asked jas “do rememberone things jas
all boys r not same said mahi
All boys r same n I don’t believe in love becoz people just use each other n give them name as love huh I’ll never believe in love after what
happened with Loren said jas angrily
Fb shows
Loren loved a boy named Peter they used to meet daily n Loren tells all of her gang members
about it one day Peter ditched Loren saying girls r my passion n I don’t love u Loren burst into tears from that day jas also doesn’t believe in love
Fb ends
It’s my mistake to love him but all boy r not same jas said Loren “I don’t wanna listen anything jas said n went to her room
At Sid house
Sid is in thoughts of jasmin n says wow yaar what a beauty how cute she was looking in her angry mode but wait why am I thinking about
her let’s leave he said n went to sleep
Next day :

Sid wakes up due to alarm n says uff new Boss is coming today I have to go now he gets
freshen up n leaves for office
Jas also gets ready in while shirt n black denim jeans with her hair open n prays that she gets successful n left for office
At office lift
Jas was waiting for lift n get inside Sid also comes n goes into same lift n both get shocked seeing each other
U said jas angrily”yeah u remember me wah
what a memory said Sid smiling how dare u kissed me “like this he said giving another peck on jas cheek “u said jas “u come on yaar u r
damm beautiful well u came here for
international job right said Sid while jas continues giving him death glare
“This company MD na Mr j dot wadala (Mr
j.wadala) buddha bhtt pakata hai wo taqlu na u
don’t pay attention to him said Sid “did I ask u something asked jas pressing her teeth “no but I am giving u free advice lifts stops n jas comes
out of lift n says disgusting”beat of luck shouts
Sid n moves from.there smiling

So hope u guys enjoy the epi if u didn’t liking so
I’ll end it in next 3 epi give suggestions
Do comment either positive or negative
Agar tomatoes aur eggs dena hai to b comment kardo but plshh comment kardo
Warna mein ro dungi
So bye bye

Take care
I have work so I’ll not be able to post next epi
If u missed previous epi

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  1. It’s good yaar..loved it..

  2. Romaisha

    Heyy loved today’s episode ?? there meeting was different 🙂 … N no worries yaar it happens to most of us…getting less comments but as ur episodes grow they will increase and some ppl maybe aren’t getting to comment because of TU problem nah? So don’t get down heartened…. 🙂

  3. Angita

    Its not boring yaar….but is amazing

  4. Sayeeda

    Soooooo cute episode Sam ….loved it ..
    Twinj meeting was the best …so different …amazing …loved it …

  5. Kritika14

    It was amazing ! don’t ever think this is boring okay? continue soon x

  6. its amazing
    you should continue it there are lot of problem with TU nowadays maybe that’s why there are less comments
    otherwise its totally different and superb ff

  7. dreamer...arundhati

    Sam dare u end it .., its wonderful

  8. Kruti

    Amazing Sam loved the twinj meet

  9. Shreya098

    Sweet epi….
    Awww those pecks.????
    Ur ff is awesome… Plz don’t think of ending it

  10. Baby

    nono sameera nt at all dont thnk to end it pls cntinue mere toh hste hste kt gye rste nhi nhi mmein toh hste hste pagal ho gyi yr amazing episode luvd it d way sid kisd jas 2 times omgggg osm yr d way sidmin met n all ws fab yr pls post nxt asap sameera luv u

  11. Nice plot story and a idea with different twist and turns luved itit to the core.and sorry for not commenting in previous one as I have read them now only.

  12. Purnima.agrawal30

    Nice epi…& srry for commenting late…

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