Pyaar pyaar pyaar twinj ss part 10 (Ending part)


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Come with me now :::

Recap : sid realise his feelings n confess to twi
The episode starts with jas smiling thinking
something she start packing her clothes n only
reminded about sid when he calls her
Hello said jas softly “stop missing me jas here I am having hiccups like hell said sid teasing
Huh what I can do now it’s new for me said jas
U r telling as if I have fallen in love many times said sid dramatically
I’ll kill u if u think about anyone else now said
jas angrily
Cool down baby u r the first n last of my life n that’s the other thing I have many gfs before u have came in my life said sid teasingly
Huh I don’t wanna talk to u now said jas
U’ll not talk to me then will miss me then I’ll get hiccups it’s better if we talk said sid smiling
They both continue talking n falls asleep there
only ……..

Next day :::
Everyone has done with their packings to leave for India when sid n other boys comes there n
takes their respective partners
Jas comes lets meet Mr wadala before going to India “yeah sid I am thinking that too said jas
We will directly reach airport said sid n left from

At office
I am so happy for u both always stay blessed says Mr wadala “thank you sir said jas
Now sid don’t tease jas always make her happy
ok sid said Mr wadala yes sir said sid n hugs him then they left for office
Sid so we have time let’s eat something said sid
What’s asked jas ?? UMm ice cream said sid n
they left from there
They take their flavors n eats n feeds each other bol do na Zara song plays in bg
SIDMIN SIDMIN murmurs sid what happen sid
asked jas
Nothing I am just telling sidmin said sid
What’s sidmin ??? Asked jas
They reach airport n boards their flight

At India
Sidmin along with others comws out of the
airport with their hands entwined
India here we come said sid “ok sid u left for ur home I’ll meet u in sometime said jas
Ok jaan said sid n hugs jas n left from there
Sid comes homes n everyone gets happy seeing him
Uff my sons have came see u both R looking so
weak said usha “maa say something else said
uv n kunj/sid together
U both have becamw so notify said babee pulling there ears ahh babee it’s paining they
shout n they all have a cute family moment

At taneja mansion
Jas along with mahi n chinki comes to taneja mansion”twinkle said leela n hugs jas saying I
missed u so much baby
I missed u too maa said twinkle /jasmin n Mets everyone in the house

Next day
Kunj n uv came to breakfast where usha tells
kunj that he has to meet twinkle today at gurudwara he nods n murmurs I will marry only jas
Twinkle along with others reach gurudwara n
says I have came here after so many years said twinkle smiling she was wearing a pink kurti with white patyala n duppata on her hand like a
sanskari girl

Note : sid has only seen jas in jeans
Kunj along with his family members comws there too n searches for taneja family
Usha spots leela n says here we r leela g but
where is our to be daughter in law
She is near Amrit sarovar lake says leela smiling
Leela meets kunj n says u r so handsome I
must say usha g they smile n teases kunj
Can I meet twinkle ask kunj ???
Yeah puttar go said leela n he went from there
Sid thinks first this jas is not taking my call I will
talk to twinkle n clear everything about me n jas
He goes towards twinkle n looks her from behind n thinks ops yaar she is looking like
sanskari ladki but must say she is so beautiful
wait sid jas will kill u if she gets to know about it n says “miss twinkle I am kunj sarna that with
whom ur alliance was fixed see I love someone
N I can’t marry u I wanted to say this hope u
I completely understand kunj says twinkle smirking but after seeing me U’ll forget about ur
love said twinkle
Oh madam she is my life n I can’t think of anyone else said sid
Ohh but first see me n then decide said jas n
turns kunj gets shocked n mesmerized seeing
her in Indian avatar
Jas u asked sid /kunj ??????
Nope twinkle taneja my sid aka kunj
What u mean ?? I am not getting anything ??
Oh baby I’ll explain u said jas/twinkle n says like sid was ur Nick name like that way jasmin was my Nick name my real name is twinkle taneja
said twinkle smiling
This is a big shock for me why u didn’t tell me before asked kunj “bcoz my lovely to be hubby I wanted to surprise u n I didn’t knew u love me
so much said twinkle giving pecks on kunj
cheeks he smiles n holds her by waist n says nice surprise my to be wife twinkle kunj sarna said sid kissing on twinkle forehead
Ahha ahha we r here said mahi n others from
behind n teases them
Then after that twinkle meets everyone of kunj family
All functions complete n finally our twinj aka
sidmin/twinj gets married successfully


A woman is seen watering to plants n says my life changes after meeting kunj he is so nice I
am so lucky to have him in my life the person who has not believe in love have fallen it’s a great feeling
U said it right Mrs twinkle kunj sarna said kunj
from behind I too doesn’t believe in this

::::::::::::::;PYAAR PYAAR PYAAR :::::::::::::::::

But as everyone life changed our life changed
too we have fallen for each other n this is our
journey said kunj
Twinkle turns n hugs him tightly saying I love u kunj he replies I love u too n they see a boy
saying huh I don’t believe in love it’s just a
waste of time n a girl infront of boy says I too don’t believe in love saying girl n they left from there
Twinj smiles n remisces their moments
But kunj our name suits as twinj only says Twi
Nope yaar sidmin said kunj looks cool they both fight over twinj n sidmin n then smiles

:::::::::::::::::::::::::: THE END::::::::::::::::::::::

So so thanks you so much guys for liking the story n giving ur support
My journey was beautiful of pyaar pyaar pyaar twinj ss
Love u all so much
One req : plzz silent readers comment today plshh plshh
Bye bye take care

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  1. Romaisha

    Sameera diii I’ll miss you yaar .. Your story was different and i enjoyed it alot!! I really hope you come back soon with a new ff!!! Pleashh do… Bye ❤❤ and your ending was really cute too

    1. Sameera

      THANKS yaar yeah I’ll surely come back with next ?

  2. Angita

    Such an amazing ending
    Happy friendship day

    1. Sameera

      Thank you angita ??

  3. Shreya098

    Such a cute ending….??
    Loved it???….
    Gonna miss ur ff..

    1. Sameera

      Thanks shreya ??


    1. Sameera

      Thank you glad to know my silent reader commented

  5. Kruti

    Awwwwwww……..sam this was just sooooooo cute……loved d ending

    1. Sameera

      Thank you kruti

  6. Kritika14

    It was such a cute part ?? and I am gonna miss you so much ? please consider writing more slots or os or ff .. Whatever you are convenient with. The ending was just so good. Bye x and belated happy friendship day ?

    1. Sameera

      Thanks n ok Monica I’ll surely write u can read my ff twinj Rab miliya too ?

  7. Sayeeda

    Yrrr Sam thus was one of the best ff I read….
    It’s too good…. Amazing yrrr….
    Sooooooooo cute…. Awesome…
    Ending part was the next..
    Loved it..
    Love u ???

    1. Sameera

      Thank you sayu I am glad u liked it ???

  8. Amazing yaar…loved it

    1. Sameera

      Thanks yaar

  9. Nice ending.. Keep writting

    1. Sameera

      Thank you

  10. Mantasha

    Ohhhh my dear sam… u r sooo amazingggg….. it was awesome.. n happy ending… n belated happy frndship day… n do cme up wid another blockbuster.. soonnn… anyways it was fantabuloussssss….

    1. Sameera

      Thanks mantasha yeah I’ll surely try to come

  11. dreamer..arundhati

    Sam speechless…osum. .muah

    1. Sameera

      Thanks aruu ??

  12. Aamu

    it was FLOP!!!!!
    .JUST JOKING YEH ekdum jhakkas tha….

    it was amazing my dear sammu(new name as many of ppl tll u sam so ….dis is new 1)
    yaaar kya epi tha ekdum speechlesss
    so no words……………..
    it was unique piece
    love u 2 dear

    1. Sameera

      Uff aamu dara diya ??
      Thanks for new name n commenting too yaar
      Love u infinity????

      1. Aamu

        M glad ki tum daru 😛 😛

  13. twinjfan (tamanna)

    it was so cute epi…will miss u yaar..come up with another great u…take care…bye…

  14. Chiku

    Sammmmm …. ??????????????????????????????????✋?????✌?️???????????????????????????????? ….. Loved it
    Actually I changed my name frm Chehak ro chiku in tu … I like dis nd ur other ff also… I have commented many time son that one… Muahhhh !!!!!!!! Loved it

  15. Heyy.. am a silent reader of ur ff.. in fact both of ur ff.. I’ve loved both of them.. and they are too good and fabulous.. will miss u n ur ff.. and one more thing.. have u ended ur ff “twinj rab mileya”?.. if not then do continue soon ☺

  16. SidMin

    Loved it Sameera Loved the end and Kunj confusion was too good and Just loved it 🙂

  17. Baby

    sameera dear amazing yr it was amazing yr luvd it 2 d core it was so cute story osm speechless fabulous marvalleous beautiful adorable stry osm yr

  18. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing……hope you start a new ff. ….soom

  19. So meri pyaari di ko mera comment chahiye but kyu kahi aapko commentphilia to nahi ho gaya mere comments se? Ya phir aapko yakeen nhi ki mei aapka sweet sa cute sa ss padhti hu?do tell….

    You ss was just mind blowing and awesome like always love you dii love you so much from core and one more thing please come with another one twinj tab miliya ko chod kar bol rahi hu.I mean if you can manage then please come with new one and continue twinj ran miliya as it is one of my favorite its journey is just mind blowing ok and sorry for being late but test tha physics ka and aab chalti hu..bye

    1. Sameera

      Hahahaha nai mein chahti thi ki meri cute si sissy k comment mere last epi par ho
      N love u too yaar ok ill try to come with another story???

  20. Shatakshi

    Omg Sam
    The ending was too good
    Really loved it to the core

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