Pyaar mein sab QUBOOL HAI……Episode 17 and 18

hey guyzz……i will be giving you all short updates…..plz bear

As ASAD arrives ZOYA feels a force of attraction…..nd says
ZOYA: I had this kind ov attraction when ASAD was around me…..

ASAD same feels the same attraction as he enters into the rest.
ASAD: where are you zoya…..plz come back to me……..I feel as if you are around me…..

the waiter comes near him and shows him the table reserved…..

as he comes near the table he sees noone there he asks the waiter…..he informs him tht the lady went to the rest room……

in the bathroom….

ZOYA: I dunno why am i feeling tht ASAD is around me…ALLAH miya wats wrng with me…??!!…..i dont wanna go outside but i have to meet him….

as zoya comes out of the washroom

there is encounter b/w ZOYA nd ASAD………..ASAD sees her gets mesmerized coz she was wearing black saree with matching accessories nd light makeup which suits her very much nd remebers their old days…..
AS zoya sees him she remembers their happpy moments nd the moment when her heart was broken into million pieces nd gets teary yet yet comes near asad…..nd says are you the boy whom i was supposed to meet…..i shouldn’t say “the boy” but the deciever nd a play boy who can play with anyone’s heart….

ASAD: zoya you had missunderstood me nd still you are doing the same thing…..i did not write any letter to you…..
ZOYA: M ready to marry you coz my AAPI nd JIJU have done many favours on me nd its tym to return them so M gonna marry you but dont keep any false hope tht M marrying you cz I LOVE YOU……no…..but I HATE YOU VERY MUCH……leaves frm the rest. being teary eyed….

ASAD becomes happy nd says: atleast i got to knw tht still you love me like I DO


THE END……tell me how was it…..

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  1. Kristen

    Nice but i have confusion that zoya asad was school students when they seperated than how can they recognized eo

    1. Nadia

      Hey kristen actually asya were in the last year of high school nd few years leap does nt make much diff in resemblance of face

  2. Kristen

    N one more thing if zuha,sunehari n sarah read this ff so listen to me carefully upload ur ff’s fast asap or i will come to u guys n beat u,scold u this is my dhamaki not warning i m really angry so upload fast

  3. Rafaya

    Nice good going keep it up…u are rocking! Keep it up!

  4. Sunehri

    Hey nadiya the epi is asusual good

    @priya – dear idk whether to update or not ? ? ? ? well my episodes got deleted tho -_- should I!!? Priya text me personally

    Keep going

    Sunehri mehta ♡

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