The scene starts both Maya and Twinkle looking at each other. Twinkle who is fully shocked and before she can say something Kunj comes and calls Ms Maya

Twinkle and Maya both speaks up together- Yes

Kunj looks at them confused and after pausing for a second twinkle speaks- V share a same name

Kunj to twinkle- y u r still here ?

Both Maya and twinkle- coz I just arrived

Kunj to Maya- I am not asking u

Twinkle to Maya- he is talking to me

Kunj- U better receive your friends after office hours

Twinkle nods in yes but Maya asks Kunj- and why that so

Kunj- Please don’t take in personally

Maya- But you are talking about me

Kunj- I am talking to my employee.

Maya- But that should be me.

Twinkle looks at Maya in shock as she will reveal the truth.

Kunj is surprised and smirks- You friend is as defiant as you are.

Maya- We are not friends.

Twinkle again looks at Maya in shock and tries to handle it by saying- she means to say that, it wouldn’t be fair to say that we’re friends because that would not be enough to express our affinity. Maya and I are like sisters, actually more than sisters.

She keeps her hands on her shoulders and smiles.

Maya just giving a confused look to Twinkle. Twinkle is trying her best to handle the situation, also she is very nervous.

Twinkle slightly tells Maya that she will explain her each and everything in a minute but Kunj interferes and taunts her that her personal ad private life both are extraordinary. She again tries to handle the situation with her pleading eyes to Maya again and again and Kunj is continuously mocking her.

Till that time Manohar and Anita enters the office due to which the conversation is interrupted but Twinkle gets more nervous thinking that what of Maya speaks in front of Manohar then definitely the truth will be revealed. Manohar introduces Twinkle to Anita as his friend’s daughter on which Maya smirks and questions her through her eyes. Kunj Manohar and Anita leave for Manohar’s cabin whereas Twinkle drags Maya to another place to explain her situation and why she was in need of the job.

Maya- What the hell are you trying to do? You know if Manohar uncle calls my dad and tells him how he is content with me. However, I didn’t have the interview also. Just he introduced you as me to his wife. Could you please tell me what is going on here?

Twinkle- Well, you see…. you see. How you threw ur five-page CV on my page and decided that you will not give interview also…. I picked up your CV other thought I will chuck it in the bin…. then I got of the elevator…. went to Kunj Sir’s assistant…. she saw your CV in my hand and thought that I was you.

Maya- Means?

Twinkle with a nervous face- Means, I also didn’t say anything. I couldn’t say anything you know because I was going through hard time. And am still, please I beg you, I seriously beg you to please let me work as you for few more days.

Maya starts thinking whether she should believe Twinkle or not but at the end she disagrees saying it wrong and Twinkle should stop her drama the very next day and walks off from the office.

The other side we see that Khushi is making Anita make wear one of her designer dresses taking it as advantage Anita tries to get some secret information about a deal which Kunj has not mentioned to anyone but Khushi herself is unaware about the details, and mostly of Khushi’s mind is praising herself for making such beautiful dress. Anita leaves from there thinking she might not get any relevant information from her.

Next Scene

Twinkle is busy doing some work also talking with Mahi and Chinki about Maya’s issue.

Twinkle- Maya has told me finish this thing by tomorrow or she will tell everything to Kunj

Mahi- What are you saying, I can’t understand anything.

Chinki- Mahi dear if you can’t understand anything let me translate for you- Maya ne kaha ki Twinkle kal se sab kuch khatam kar de nahi to wo Kunj ko bata degi.

Twinkle fully irritated- It’s just been few days why she can’t wait till mom goes, but no she wants tomorrow only tomorrow.

Mahi- Calm down Twinkle, Just calm down, Where are you right now.

Twinkle – In archive room

Chinki- Why

Twinkle- Because Kunj sir wants me to enter the data related to old documents in the system

Chinki- I mean to say why are you there in the office, you are already being fired.

Twinkle- Chinki dear I cannot be fired because I have never been hired.

Mahi- Chinki, you please stop it if she wants to work let her work.

Chinki- No, she should not, she should actually leave the office right now and go out and enjoy her last days in the city.

Mahi- Chinki, let her work, if she wants to

Chinki- You mean to say she should work for that mean guy, no absolutely no

Mahi shouts- I said let her work

Twinkle- Enough both of you!! Do you actually think I know what I am doing? I don’t even know what I want to do. The only thing I now is that I don’t want to go back with Mom. But I don’t even have a job that could prevent me from going back. She says being very disappointed.

Other Side- Alisha asks Kunj’s secretary about Kunj’s whereabout, on which she gets to know that he has gone towards archive room. She thanks him and walks towards archive room.

In archive room

Mahi- Twinkle, why don’t you tell your boss each and everything and he might show mercy on you and give you the job.

Twinkle is climbing the table to reach top shelf and listening to what Chinki and Mahi are suggesting them.

Chinki- Twinkle I have a better suggestion, you please do what Mahi has asked you to do and then Kunj will take you to the police station and get you arrested for identity theft rather than recruiting you. You please do what Mahi is telling you to do Twinkle. She smirks while saying all these things.

Twinkle- I have a better idea.

Mahi- What is it?

Twinkle- However I go and tell whatever is in mind to that Sadu. I won’t have a job anyhow but I will feel better.

Twinkle- Kunj speaks standing at the back of Twinkle.

Twinkle totally shocked- Kunj Sir. As Twinkle is in shock and surprised, she turns and by mistake put the call on speaker

Chinki- Are you still calling that maniac “SIR”.

Mahi- I wish you didn’t say that to his face but talked behind his back. At least you won’t get it trouble.

Kunj is listening everything and is watches Twinkle. Twinkle also is not able to stop both of them and stares Kunj. Her mouth is fully open out of shock and she drop the file and misbalances herself, about to fall but Kunj catches her. They have a romantic eye lock. Twinkle bows down her head but starts leaning towards her and at that time only Alisha enters the archive room and watches them in that position.

The screen freezes at Alisha’s angry face and Kunj and Twinkle who are lost in each other embrace.

I am so Sorry to each and every one for being this late to post the episodes. I actually have to go through the episodes all over again and the last word where episodes were written, have encrypted through password which I have forgotten so I have to re write this FF again.

I hope you all like it. Please hit like button and comment.

Please ignore any grammatical errors. 🙂

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