Pyaar Kuch Iss Tarah


Hii guys… this is my first One Shot of Tashan E Ishq….. Hope u all like it.
Pyaar kuch Iss Tarah
Before 2 months….
It was Christmas party In the town. A guy wearing white shirt, black blazer on it and black jeans ( sorry guys I m not soo good in defining the customs.. just imagine) He was laying with kids which were present there as he love kids then his friend called him….
F: Hey Kunj!! (yes guys he is our Handsome, dashing, cute Kunj)
Kunj: ya rohit just coming.. .
He then waved bye to kids and said merry Christmas to them and went to his friends…
After sometime the kids started shouting loudly that they drew everybody’s attention towards them… They saw that the kids were gathered around 2 girls. 1 girl was wearing pink long gaun and looking very beautiful and the other girl was wearing white color shirt and black color jeans she was soo simple but the gorgeous all among the party…(only for Kunj)
Kunj was mesmerized seeing her beauty. The 2 girls were distributing balloons to the kids in the occasion of the festival.. the kids requested them to play and they saw at each other and said yes to the kids. Kids were jumping with excitement. They just smile seeing kids happy, even kunj smiled….

After the party they all wt home (kunj, rohit, dhruv were staying in same room) after all of them freshen up they were sitting on their respective beds. Kunj was lost in that girl and his face had a big smile… rohit noticed it & said;- wasn’t she beautiful?? Do u like her kunj??
Kunj:- (was not in his senses) no she wasn’t beautiful, she was gorgeous and is gorgeous… I love her…..
Dhruv:- ohhhhh……
He came out to the real world and realized what he just said just now
Kunj:- n…no…no nothing like that.. I didn’t mean that..
Rohit:- so…. What did u mean MR. KUNG SARNA??
Kunj:- nothing just stop it..
Rohit:- ha ha love at first site ha??
Kunj:- something what….
Dhruv: not something it is real…. U love her
Kunj now blushes
Rohit:- ohhh someone’s blushing here…
Dhruv:- btw guys those to girls r in our college..
Kunj:- what!!! R u serious???
Dhruv:- s, I m 100% sure..
Kunj:- means I can see my Twinki everyday??
Rohit:- Twinki!!! Now whose that??
Kunj:- Twinki, is my love, love of my life…
Dhruv:- but how do u know that her name is twinki??
Kunj:- I don’t know her name but I gave it… u didn’t see her how much she was cute which leads to cutie and the place where I lost my heart is her eyes her twinkling eyes… but this name just struck my mind when I saw her…
Rohit:- abbe oh romio now sleep as tomorrow we have college so lets sleep now..
Dhruv:- ya ok.. kunj r u sleeping….
Rohit:- he will but In dreams also he will see his twinki only… I m right kunj??
Kunj:- s u r ….. Smiling.

Kunj is listening songs Nd he is totally in dreams thinking about that girl … His friends who are watching him laughing in himself… Stares at him… And suddenly shouts.. “Kunj ,Kunj..ur twinki, ur love has come” come out from ur dreams man!!!
Kunj suddenly gets alert,….
Kunj: where is she?? Where is she?? (He gets excited) and looks towards the gate..
2 girls comes inside wearing a simple churidhar.. As soon as she comes inside she started greeting her friends by laughing… And smiling
Kunj watches her from a distance and stares at her lovingly..
Kunj: ohh god!! Look at my love, Her smile, she’s making me crazy..
Frnd: Kunj.. This is too much.. If u love her soo much, why don’t you confess your love? Since 2 months ur back of her, but she even don’t know ur name.. And still 1 week left for our colz to get over, if you don’t confess now.. You can never get her man!!
Kunj: ? what should I do.. She’s soo sweet, these 2 months.. she never gave that chance to anyone though she has lots of frnds…if I propose her do U think she will accept me.. Noo yar.. I can’t see her hating me.. That kills me a lot!!
Frnd: ooff!! If u neglect, some guy will propose her and she will accept him.. Then you can become a Devdas thinking about her!
Kunj: ?plzz don’t scare me guys!
Frnd: (excited) Kunj, I had a plan..
Kunj: what’s that??
Frnd: why can’t u use her sister.. They both love each other na, may be her sis can help u.. U make frndship with her..
Kunj: Noo that’s not correct!! I want to tell her directly…
Frnd: just think.. Nd decide!!
Kunj thinks…
Kunj: I will talk to her directly…
Frnd: all the best.. But listen first go and impress her, make frndship with her, later you can propose her..
Kunj: okay!! I will do it.. Today I will do something and il become her friend..
(He smiles and follows her, and finds that she’s in computer lab, he goes to the lab and sits beside her, he tries many ways to speak with her, but she just doesn’t look at him, she is very busy in her work.. After the lab
When she was about to go, her dupatta gets struck in Kunj bracelet…
Kunj smiles and just follows her..
Suddenly she feels that someone is pulling her dupatta and looks back.. She gets shock seeing Kunj…
Kunj shows his hand signalling him that her dupatta his struck…
She started smiling…(Kunj smiles at her )she release her dupatta from his bracelet..
Kunj: hello!! Actually I need talk…
(When he was about to speak, someone shouts… “Mahi..ur sister is waiting for you”!!
(Yes the girl was Mahi)
Mahi: Yaa I’m coming.. She leaves without talking to him..
Kunj gets sad, thinking he missed even this chance!! He goes to his friends..
Kunj: guys I can’t yar.. I’m not able to confess.. I think ur plan is good..
(At that time they hear a girl laughing loudly… All college looks at her shockingly..Seeing her laugh!!
She started jumping with excitement…
“Happy birthday Mahi, here is my small gift”
A guy comes and speaks with her,
“Hey cutie.. R u a fresher??”
Girl: Yess!!
Boy: good.. So our college Freshers are so beautiful ?
Girl: (shouts) Thankyou!!! Nd I loved this college soo much…
(She is so naughty, Nd made many friends in these 2 months…)
Mahi looks at her and smiles..
Mahi: “Twinkle, This gift for me?? Woww Thankyou soo much darling”
(It was Twinkle, Mahi’s sister)
Twinkle: Yess mahi.. This is for u.. Do u like it??
(She hugs her tightly and kisses her cheeks)
All started laughing seeing their bond..
(Kunj and his frnds too admire them)
Kunj: (lovingly)ohh god look at them, soo sweet sisters!!
Frnd: soo Kunj, follow my plan..(he whispers something)
Kunj smiles..
Kunj: okay.. My plan started now!!

Twinkle is sitting in the lawn.. Nd writing her record.. Kunj looks at her and went towards her..
Kunj gets bit tensed to start the conversation..
Kunj: hello!!
(Twinkle looks at him..)
Twinkle: (smiles) hello…
Kunj: (flirts) woww you look so pretty!
Twinkle: (smiles) Thankyou soo much!!
(She again writes her record)
Kunj: can I sit here??
Twinkle: sure!!
Kunj: Twinkle, so you love ur sister ryt??
Twinkle: Yaaa I love her soo much!! But why r u asking about my sister??
Kunj: (tensed) wo actually, (he takes a long breathe) ooff, Twinkle I’m telling you the truth, actually I’m in love with ur sister, I love her soo much.. I want ur help Twinkle..
Twinkle is shocked…
Twinkle: ? what??
Kunj: yeah… I know she don’t like these love and all..Plz can u help me??
Twinkle: achaa.. How can you ask me to help you?? What if I don’t help..
Kunj: (smiles Nd teases) I know u will help me, because don’t you want ur sister to get a handsome husband like me?
Twinkle gets impressed with his answer..
Twinkle: I like your sincerity, don’t worry.. will help you.. But is she doesn’t like u.. I can’t force her okay?
Kunj: (happy) woww Twinkle, ur soo sweet.. Thankyou soo much.. Ur made my day soo happy.. You know I was really tensed to talk to u.. But ur awesome yar!!
Twinkle: (excited) am I really soo good?? I know I’m good.. You know all tells me that.. (She started praising her) By d way tell me what help do u want me to do??
Kunj thinks oh god she’s soo crazy!! Nd he takes a gift..
Kunj: Twinkle can u plz give this gift to Mahi.. Today is her bday na!!
Twinkle: sure.. I will give it!!
Kunj : Thankyou Twinkle..
(Kunj gets happy and he leaves)
Twinkle leaves and goes to her house with her frnds..
Twinkles room:
Twinkle friend watches her with the gift..
Frnd: Twinkle, what is this gift??
Twinkle: this is for my sister.. (She tells them everything)
Frnd: (excited) woww Twinkle, let’s open it!!
Twinkle: Noo that’s not good, that’s for Mahi, how can we open..
Frnd: Twinkle, come on yar.. Nothing will happen..
Twinkle thinks Nd finally opens it
It was a greeting card, a small gift item and A small letter..
Twinkle: woww this is very nice na,
(She opens the letter and reads it)

Hello twinki,
Wish you happy birthday…
I’m ur crazy fan.. I like ur smile so I named u as twinki.. I hope you don’t have any problem..
Well, we don’t know each other, but the day I saw you.. I was totally flat, specially with ur smile..
I’ve been noticing you since 2 months, your the sweetest, most loving heart I have ever known, ur the best thing that ever happened in my life.. I love you soo much!! Nd I want to marry u… Il speak with ur parents..
And Plz accept these gifts..
With love
Twinkle closes the letter.
Twinkle: woww he is a true lover, Mahi is soo lucky!!
(Twinkle and her friends talks for sometime and they leave… Twinkle thinks about Kunj and his letter and thinks to help him.. She gives the gift and letter to Mahi…saying that it’s a gift from ur secret admirer, but Mahi doesn’t look at it…
Next day:
Twinkle: … Mahid u see the gift from ur secret admirer??
Mahi: oops I’m sorry Twinkle, I mahint check it.. Actually I have exam, il check that later
(Saying this she started reamahing for her exams)
Twinkle gets sad,
Twinkle: poor Kunj, he will be waiting for her reply, but Mahi is not looking at it.. What should I do.. She gets an idea, and she started writing the letter like Mahi, to make him happy!!
Twinkle’s letter:
Dear Kunj,
Thankyou for admiring me.. I liked ur gifts soo much.. Nd I need some time to think for ur proposal.. I will let you know soon.. But before that lets be friends.. Nd plz don’t tell anyone about our friendship.. Let’s communicate by this letters.. Nd send ur letters through Twinkle..
Your Frnd,
Twinkle thinks.. Kunj I’m making you happy, and plz don’t go and talk to mahi mahirectly.. She will kill you..she smiles and goes to college
Kunj waits for her, and gets happy seeing her..Twinkle looks at him and smiles.. She goes near him and gives him the letter..
Twinkle: Kunj, mahi told you to give this letter..
Kunj: (excited) really?? Woww Thankyou soo much Twinkle!!
Twinkle looks at his happy face
Twinkle: Kunj ur soo happy??
Kunj: Yess.. This means a lot to me!! I just loved it!!
Twinkle: (smiles) you look soo cute while smiling.. Keep smiling all the time..
(Saying this she leaves)
Kunj gets soo excited and reads the letter thinking that Mahi had given him..he again writes the letter and after the colz he gives it to Twinkle..
Twinkle smiles and takes the letter happily, after reaching home.. She goes to her room and reads the letter… She don’t know why but she gets attracted to him..
(For some days they keep on changing the letters.. Kunj doesn’t look at her in colz because she already told that she doesn’t want all her friends to know it”)

One day:
Mahi and Twinkle goes for a gift shop, Kunj too follows them.. Kunj stares her lovingly.. Nd thinks about her letters and gets happy..
Twinkle looks at a teddy..
Twinkle: ?Mahi This teddy is sooo nice na!!
Mahi: Haaa Twinkle, this is very nice.. I just loved it..
Twinkle: ?will you buy it for me plz??
Mahi: hahaa Twinkle, this teddy should be given by our love.. I can’t buy it for u.. That should be given only by them.. You know I just love guys who gifts teddy to their beloved once..
Twinkle: (excited) woww Mahi.. I want a BF now, who can buy this teddy for me?
Mahi: ahahhaa then love someone…by the way lets wait for our bf to give?it’s should be special,
Kunj listens to them and smiles..
At that time Twinkle looks at him, Nd follows him..Kunj doesn’t notice her..
he looks at the photoframe.. Nd tells his friend that when my smikey accepts me, il buy this frame and il keep our photos in this!!
Twinkle smiles and thinks he is soo mental!

Next day:
As usual they both changes the letters, when they reach home, Twinkle goes to her room and again reads the letter…
It is written..
Twinki, I saw u yesterday.. U were soo cute..U liked a gift a lot.. So I thought to present [email protected] check near ur gate..
Twinkle thinks what did Mahi liked?? She gets excited and goes down.. She finds a parcel and immediately gets that to her room and opens it.. It was teddy..
Twinkle eyes are filled with tears to see that teddy..she thinks, why do u love her soo much Kunj? Mahi is soo lucky, I want you both to be happy forever!!
But How can I give this gift to her, hmm il do onething, il keep all this gifts in one place.. When her exams gets over il tell her everything…
She feels soo happy in her heart… She thinks to present him something.. And goes to the shop at That time, Nd she buys that photoframe to him..
Nd writes a letter that,
Kunj, I know that u liked this.. So I bought for u.. I hope you will accept this…
Next day again they exchange their letters and gifts..
Kunj gets happy seeing the letter and photoframe.. His love for her was increasing day by day…
Twinkle is waiting for her driver to come…Kunj watches her..
Kunj: Twinkle, what r u waiting for??
Twinkle: Hii Kunj, Actaully I’m waiting for my driver..
Kunj: ohh where is ur Mahi?
Twinkle: wo, she has exam na so she didn’t come..
Kunj: okay come I will drop you..
Twinkle: (excited) really??
Kunj: Yaa ur doing soo much for us can’t I do this one for my Mahi sister??
Twinkle gets impressed with his answer and goes with him..

On the way..
Twinkle stares at him and thinks why am I feeling to talk to him??
She feels strange… There was silence, Twinkle started a conversation..
Twinkle: Kunj, your bracelet is very nice..
Kunj: ohh Thankyou…
(He was again silent)
Twinkle gets sad seeing his silence..
Kunj: by d way Twinkle Thankyou soo much, for helping us.. I will give u a treat.. Tell me what u want, il do anything for u!!
Twinkle: (excited) will u do anything for me??
Kunj: Yaa sure!!
Twinkle: (excited) actually I have a tiny wishes will u fulfill it..
Kunj: (smiles) Yaa sure.. Whats that??
Twinkle: I want to bunk my college, Atleast for once..but I’m scared.. What if principle calls my dad…
Kunj: (laughs loudly) Hahahhaaha Twinkle, ur soo childish.. Don’t worry.. Tomorrow get ready..will go out.. Just trust me you will enjoy!!
Twinkle: woww Thankyou soo much!!
Kunj drops her in her home..
Twinkle: bye Kunj,
Kunj: min.. Give this gift to Mahi…
Twinkle: ?always for Mahi… Won’t you give me anything??
Kunj: (smiles,He thinks and takes out his bracelet) Twinkle a small gift from my side..
Twinkle feels soo happy in Heart seeing him giving that gift…
She goes to her room and stares at that gift.. Nd keeps it to her hand and sleeps
Next day:
Kunj takes her outside…
Kunj: Twinkle tell me where shall we go now?
Twinkle: hmm movie..
Kunj : done??
He takes her to movie, Nd later to games zone.. Twinkle unknowingly enjoys his fun soo much..
At that time, some guys come and started teasing her..
Twinkle: (tensed and calls Kunj..)
Kunj watches them and started beating them.. Showing his full anger
Kunj: how dare u touch her?? (He gives a tight slap)
All gets tensed seeing his anger and those guys leaves..
Kunj : (rush to her) Twinkle r u fine??
Twinkle gets happy to see his care for her and hugs him…
Kunj is shocked… Nd hugs her back, consoling her!!
Twinkle finds some peace in his arms, and feels very secured around him… Nd cries..
Kunj: Twinkle..don’t worry.. Everything is fine! He cups her face and wipes her tears…
Twinkle: (seeing his care..she cries) Kunj plz drop me home!!
Kunj: sure come…
(He takes her and drops in her house)
Twinkle goes to her room and thinks about the time she spent with Kunj..
She looks at all the gifts he gave to Mahi and stares at them lovingly..
She was about to sleep suddenly she get scared thinking about those guys.. She gets scared and takes the teddy out
And sleeps hugging it…
Now she dreams Kunj in her sleep.. Nd sleeps peacefully…
Next day:
She feels Kunj everywhere, she don’t know what’s this called..
She looks herself in the mirror, and gets ready..
First time she blushes looking at herself!!

Twinkle goes to college very happily, she watches Kunj and stares at him lovingly,
Kunj watches her and gives her the letter.. Saying to give it to Mahi…
Twinkle: oops I’m sorry Kunj, I forgot the letter..
Kunj: ?what?? U forgot?? How can u do like that Twinkle.. You know it’s soo important to me?? How can u be soo careless..
Twinkle is shocked to see his anger.. Her eyes are filled with tears..
Kunj notices her tears..
Kunj: Twinkle I’m sorry.. I shouldn’t react like that..
Twinkle: that’s Kk.. (She takes the letter and leaves)
She goes to washroom and started crying..
I’m sorry Kunj, how could I do this.. What if you get to know that it was not Mahi who was writing the letters, I’m soo sorry.. I’m cheating you.. I don’t know why I started loving you… I love ur caring soo much..I love u Kunj,
She cries thinking about his gifts and all..
Twinkle frnd notices this..
Frnd: Twinkle Kya hua??
Twinkle: (tells her everything) I cheated him!! I hurted him soo much.. He loves Mahi soo much.. How could I do this to him..
Frnd: Twinkle.. Tell him the truth..
Twinkle: Noo I can’t tell..
Frnd: write a letter.. May be he will understand u.. By d way, u didn’t cheat him Twinkle, ur soo loving girl.. You did this because you want to see his happiness..
So I feel there’s nothing wrong in u..
Write a letter and give it to him..
Twinkle: (happy Nd wipes her tears) haa okay!!
She goes to her house and started writing her letter,
She explains him everything….Nd confesses her love to him!!
Mahi attends a party… Same party Kunj too attends..
Kunj friends looks at her and started teasing Kunj,
Frnds: Kunj, I guess ur plan has worked.. Go and talk to Mahi na!!
Kunj: now?? Noo
Frnd: Noo problem.. One day you should face her na, now go and talk to her…Nd introduce her yar!!
Kunj: (thinks and smile) okay il talk..
He goes towards Mahi.. Nd calls her..
Kunj: Hii Mahi..
Mahi: (confused) hello..
Kunj: actually I’m waiting for ur answer, how many days will we keep writing letters and all..
Mahi: what letters?? By d way who r u??
Kunj is shocked..
Kunj: ?what don’t u know me??? Mahi… I’m Kunj, did u forgot.. Ohh Kk I can understand, you told me not to Speak in front of everyone na..
I’m sorry..
Mahi: ?what?? When did I say?? Who r u?? Just go out of here!!
Kunj: ?don’t u know me?? I’m ur secret admirer.. I used to send u letters, gifts, and all..
Mahi: what gifts?? Just get lost..
Kunj: don’t try to cover Mahi.. Ask Twinkle, she will tell you.. You used to send letters and gifts through Twinkle.. He throws those letters on her face)
Mahi is more shocked…she reads the letters and gets shocked…
Mahi: Twinkle??
(She thinks about the gift, Twinkle telling him about the secret admirer.. She gets angry on Twinkle… Nd she tells Kunj )
Mahi: ?Kunj I’m sorry.. Yaa Twinkle gave me that gift, but I didn’t open it yet.. Nd I don’t know what’s there inside it..
I’m so ashamed of my sister, how can she write letters on my name… I didnt expect This from her.. I’m sorry.. She cheated me!!
Kunj is shocked…
Kunj: what??? Twinkle wrote letters?
Mahi: (cries falling in her knees) yes.. It was her writing..
Kunj is shocked… Nd shouts Twinkleeee!!!
How can she do that??? I won’t leave her!! How dare she play with my feelings!!
Mahi : I know what to do..
(She angrily goes to her house,she watches Twinkle looking at those teddys lovingly, and kisses it)
Mahi gets more angry, and shouts Twinkleeee !!

Twinkle: (shocked) Mahi!!!
Mahi goes to her and started beating her..
Mahi: (scolds ) how dare you do This to me Twinkle?? Y did u played with his feelings?? How can u?? How could u write letters on my name??
Twinkle: (cries) Mahi listen..plzz!!
crying..) Mahi… I’m sorry.. I thought to tell u.. I just did this to make him happy.. I’m really sorry!! I didnt think that he will take it serious..
Mahi: I hate you Twinkle.. Don’t talk to me ever… I won’t forgive u!!
She goes to her room with crying..
Twinkle keeps crying, thinking about Mahi and Kunj..
Next day:
Twinkle goes to Mahi room and watches her, sleeping on bed.. Nd weeps silently for hurting her..
Twinkle goes towards her and hugs her…
Twinkle: Mahi I’m sorry… (She tells her what all happened)
Mahi: (shocked) Twinkle, you did this for his happiness.. But this is wrong Twinkle.. U hurted him a lot..
Twinkle: Mahi.. Kunj is very good.. He loves u soo much.. He is so caring… Looks at these letters, he loves u Mahi.. If u accept him.. He will be very happy..
Mahi: but Twinkle, how can I love him.. I don’t know about him anything..
Twinkle: Mahi.. U always used to say that arranged marriages are best.. How can u marry a Person whom u don’t know??
But Mahi Kunj is very good.. His love is soo true.. Plz accept him!!
Mahi thinks and reads those letters…
Twinkle: plzz Mahi.. Plz accept his love!!
Mahi: what about u Twinkle… U told that u love him??
Twinkle: Mahi leave all that.. I’m saying, I will be happy if u both marry!! Plzz!!
Mahi thinks and says okay…
Mahi: il talk with him… But Twinkle even u come with me..
Twinkle: ?Noo… I’m scared of him!! I can’t face him… Plzzz!!
Mahi: okay.. Il talk to him first… But u come with me to college.. U don’t talk to him..
Twinkle: okay Mahi..
(She hugs her and cries)
Twinkle goes to her room and cries seeing those letters,..
She looked at the gifts and thinks..
These are not mine, these belongs to Mahi.. Only this bracelet is mine..
She hugs it and cries…
Mahi and Twinkle goes to college… Twinkle watches Kunj sitting angrily..
Twinkle: Mahi.. Plz go and talk to him… He is soo sad,.. Only u can make him happy.. Plz mahi go…
She gets down and goes near Kunj… Kunj looks at her angrily…
Twinkle listens to their conversation!!
Mahi: Kunj we r very sorry.. Twinkle told me everything, she thought to make u Happy so she wrote letters on my name.. Plz forgive her…
Kunj: nooo I can never forgive her.. She played with my feelings…
Mahi: okay don’t forgive her.. Actually I came here to talk about another matter..
Kunj: what was that??

Mahi: will u marry me??
Kunj: (shocked) what??
Mahi: Yaa Kunj, Twinkle told me how much u loved me.. I’m soo lucky to get u She convinced me to accept..
Kunj: what?? Ohh is this a new drama??
Mahi: Noo Kunj, Im serious.. Don’t u love me???
Kunj doesn’t speak anything…
Mahi: I know that u love me, I may not write letters to u, but I read all those.. I understood ur love..
Kunj: but before that I should speak with Twinkle alone.. I know she came with u, send her to the terrace.. I won’t spare her today..
Mahi: (worried) okay..!!!
Kunj goes to terrace…
Twinkle gets tensed to face him now..
Mahi: Twinkle u need to go, or else he won’t accept me..
Twinkle: okay Mahi.. Plz even u Come with me..
Mahi; okay..
They go to the terrace with tensed face..
She watches Kunj, and gets scared.. Nd thinks to escape When she was about to go…
Kunj: Twinklee!! I saw u!!
Twinkle shocked and stood there..
Kunj turns towards her…
Kunj: how dare you write letter on Mahi name??
Twinkle: (cries) I’m sorry Kunj, I did this to..
Kunj shouts shutup!!!!!
Twinkle is shocked… Her eyes are filled with tears…
Mahi is also shocked
Kunj: ?stop crying!!
Twinkle becomes silent…immediately
Kunj: how can u do like this?? How can u write letters to make me happy?? How can you buy gifts for my happiness, how can u Twinkle??
When you got to know about all my likes and dislikes, when you got to know about me completely, then why don’t u still understand that ur my twinki, whom I’m in love with… Why don’t u still understand that only u have the place in my heart.. Answer me??
Twinkle: Kunj I’m sorry.. (She suddenly realises what he said) what???? I’m ur twinki..
Kunj looks at Mahi… and they started laughing…
Twinkle is confused…
Kunj: Hahahaha Twinkle… Look at her face…
Twinkle looks at them shockingly..
Kunj goes towards her and hugs her from back..
Twinkle is shocked ?
Mahi: Hahahaha Twinkle… Do u think He loves me??
Twinkle: nodes yes..
Mahi: Noo Twinkle.. He loves you…
Twinkle: ?what???
Kunj: my dear twinki… My first crush and my first love is you.. Those letters and those gifts are everything for u..
It was all my plan to get u… I know you won’t give that gift to Mahi, because ur friend is my friend too.. She made u too read that letter, because it was my plan???
Twinkle is shocked…
Twinkle: what??
Kunj: how was it?? ?
Twinkle : ? Kunj… ?? How could u do that????
She runs after him…
Kunj: (laughs) what should I do?? The first time when I saw u.. I was totally flat.. I started loving u… I thought to tell u my feelings, but ur soo childish.. I thought to take Mahi help, but she’s very strict… Soo I thought this way…but I should thanks Mahi.. At last she made my work soo easy..
Mahi: hahaha I did this for Twinkle Kunj, anyways.. U guys have a nice time.. I’m leaving bye..
(She leaves)

Twinkle: ? (runs after him angrily.) Kunj.. Stop!! I will kill u today… U know how much u teased me.. Daily I used to think about u.. U disturbed me a lot..
Kunj: (running) achaa. What will u do?? (He stares at her) you know what..I love u Twinkle..!!
Twinkle started crying hearing his confession..
Twinkle: : (cries) but I hate u!!!
(She started beating him) Nd how can u do this?? I will kill u if u repeat this.. You know how much I cried, thinking that I am the reason for hurting u..
Kunj looks at her crying.. He goes towards her and hugs her tightly.. While she keeps on beating me..
Kunj: I love u Twinkle.. I love u soo much.. I’m soo crazy about u… Ur smile, makes me insane… Ur my twinki..
(He looks at her and kisses her forehead)
Twinkle gets emotional and hugs him soo tightly…
Twinkle: I love u too Kunj…(she cries with happiness)
Kunj: Hahahaha, by d way Twinkle, how can u be soo cute always.. U know when I saw u first time… 25th night, at the party… Ur were looking distributing balloons among the kids??
Hahaha lol… That day I got to know, that u have mental… So I thought to deal u very carefully..
Twinkle: ? achaaa am I mental to u???
(She started beating him again)
Snaksar: ahh Yaa.. Nd in that shop, u know how cutely u asked Mahi to buy that teddy?? I felt like eating u at that time..
Twinkle: (laugh) achaaa.. So u will eat me??
(She started beating him)
Kunj: ahhh.. Ur hurting me..
Twinkle: (shocked) I’m sorry!! (She started creasing him)
Kunj: (stares at her lovingly) Nd hugs her more tightly…
Kunj: Twinkle, why do u have such a loving heart.. U thought about my happiness.. U even thought to sacrifice ur love?? Why do u love me???
I love u twinki…
Twinkle: Kunj, why do u have such a caring heart.. I love u Kunj..
They both look at each other,
Kunj: and Yess.. I feel like eating you..
(He looks at her lips lovingly and kisses it…)
Twinkle gets shy and looks down.. Kunj lifts her chin..
Kunj: (smiles) show me how much u love me Twinkle? Or shall I show u how much I love u…
He Again kisses her, Twinkle smiles and kisses him.. They share a passionate kiss..

***** THE END ***

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Credit to: Soni

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