Is Pyaar ko nei thood saktha hai (introduction and Episode 1): Suhani si ek ladki (Yuvani)

Hi everybody, its Afanficwriter.

I am going to start a new suhani si ek ladki ff. I have been reading nearly all the YuvAni ffs on here for quite a long time and been silently supporting all you writers. I just never got a chance to comment or anything for myself. I have been seeing such a lovely sweet YuvAni ff author family through the comments and i too hope i can be included in to this family and tha you all enjoy my fanfic too. My story has Bhavana and Sharad going to marry and YuvAni slowly developing their relationship. They have not even met till the first chapter of my ff. Babu is Rags and Saurabh’s real child in this ff and Gauri is alive but staying with her husband’s family because she is married. I am very upset about the current track Suhani is following but really missing the beautiful Yuvani couple which is why i am writing this ff. I have written many episodes in advance and already have many ideas in mind so its already very sorted out and planned and new episodes will be uploded quickly. I have been writing ffs for a long time now but never had the courage to share them but your lovely support and friendship i can see has convinced me to do it. So please express your honest opinions in the comments to encourage me on.

Thank you

Bhavana, Suhani and soumya climb up the steps to the Birla house, they reach the grand door and bhavna knocks on it twice.

Suhani- Bhavna di, where is this handsome boy you are going to marry soon huh?

Sharad (Bhavana’s fiancé) opens the door and blushes when he finds Bhavana at the door.

Suhani- Ooooooh, so he is the one you are texting all the time?

Sharad and Bhavna both blush profusely; Soumya strides though the door and looks around in awe.

Soumya- This is such a big house. Its got everything…

Sharad- come in, come in

Suhani slings her arm around bhavana and makes her go inside as well, sharad closes the door behind them. They all sit on the plushy sofa in the middle of the large lounge. Pratima comes in with a large tray of snacks and cold drinks.

Pratima- I see my beautiful daughter-in-law has come to see me, or was it to see someone else huh? (suhani and soumya laugh, while shravana blush) Who are these two friends of yours, Bhavana?

Bhavana- This is suhani and soumya, suhani is my sister and soumya is our childhood friend but she is also like a sister to us.

Suhani and Soumya- hello auntie ji (suhani seeks pratima’s blessings by touching her feet)

Suhani- Aunti ji you sit down, i will handle any work you have in the kitchen, you look very tired and we can’t let my di’s saas become tired before the wedding!

Pratima- no need beta, you sit and relax. I wont let anyone of my dear bahu’s family to lift any load of my work. You have very good values Suhani, you are very sweet. (she smies very widely)

Suhani pulls pratima into a hug hastily lifting her off her feet and suprising her, and they all laugh loudly.

Suhani- i am already very fond of you Auntie ji, you are very very cute. (she says pinching her cheeks)

Pratima- No need to call me auntie, all three of you, okay. You can all treat me like your own mother. Are you always this childish Suhani?

Bhavana- All the time…

Suhani- Oiii, Bhavana di! (suhani nudges Bhavana’s shoulder) I’m just going to the washroom, one minute.

Suhani leaves and the room is in silence as pratima and soumya notice shravana exchanging sneaky glances at each other. Yuvraj enters the house. Soumya springs out of her seat.


Yuvraj smiles as he usually does when he is recognised.

Yuvraj- yes it’s me.

Soumya sits, idle with shock.

Soumya- Okay…

Yuvraj puts his briefcase on the table and the sits on the sofa, sitting next to his mother.

Yuvraj- Maaaaa…. (he hugs her tight) have you eaten all your medicines today?

(Pratima nods, with a gentle smile on her face)

Yuvraj- Ramesh!

(Ramesh runs over)

Yuvraj- Did ma have all her medicines?

Ramesh- Yes, Yuvraj bhaiyaa.

Pratima- I told you na beta, you worry too much dear.

Yuvraj-Fine, fine. I see you’re here bhavana di, one minute, i have something for you in my room.

Yuvraj turns and walks out the room but just as he reaches the doorway…

suhani comes from the opposite direction and they clash. Suhani loses her footing and almost slips to the floor… but Yuvraj catches her just before she hits the ground. One of his arms is cradling her neck and the other gripped tightly at her waist. They both feel a spark as their bodies touch. They search each others eyes and have an intense eyelock, they stay in that position for long minutes that pass while Bhavana, Sharad adorn a cheeky grin, pratima a look of humorous suspicion but Soumya looks on with confusion and a feeling she doesn’t quite understand. But it may have been jealousy, as to see her dream guy hold another woman, but its Suhani, who was basically her sister, so that couldn’t be true.

Suhani and Yuvraj suddenly realise what they are doing and quickly stand back upright. Yuvraj is mesmerised by Suhani’s beauty, she was wearing a plain midnight blue suit that flows down her figure, she had long silky hair framing her face which had no makeup but was naturally pretty with a charming wide smile.

Sharad- Guru! Where is Bhavana’s thing?

Yuvraj- Bhavana’s thing?

Pratima- You know? The thing you were going to get from your bedroom beta?

Yuvraj-Oh yeah. Yeah. Just a minute.

Suhani- Who is this guy, mummy ji?

Yuvraj- MUMMY JI!?! (He yells in suprise, turning toward Suhani)

Pratima- I told her to treat me like her ma, beta… (she laughs)

Bhavana- He’s your jija, suhani, sharad ji’s brother.

Suhani- Oh ho! Ji..Ja..Ji…! (she puts her hand on his shoulder, yuvraj looks at her in shock. Soumya’s body tenses up in unexplainable rage. ) Look where you are going next time…

She makes it obvious that she is taunting him, then she runs to Bhavana.

Suhani- Di… You said you’d get me samosa, where is it??? (she whined like a little child)

Yuvraj- Your sister likes samosa, bhavana di? Chiiii…. disgusting. (he sniggers while he says this.)

Soumya: Hah Suhani, you’ve always been in to eating disgusting street food.

She hopes Yuvraj will look round at her. Suhani goes over to Yuvraj, raising her head to look in to his eyes with determination.

Suhani- Oh and who are you to make a decision that samosas are ‘disgusting’…

Yuvraj- I am Yuvraj Birla, face of the best cosmetics company and i always end up being right.

Suhani- i have never heard of you in my life. And even if i had… no one… not even Amitabh Bacchan (she prods him in the chest as she says this)… has the right to say anything bad about samosas.

Yuvraj- Amitabh Bacchan?

She turns away from him, leaving Yuvraj spellbound, she links arms wih Soumya and takes her with her while soumya kept on turning back to gain Yuvraj’s attention, but he just stared at Suhani leaving ,in silence.

Suhani- Somwu come get samosas with me na, let bhavana di and lover-bhayia romance and that sadu jija ji be, come now na.

Yuvraj walked towards Suhani…

Yuvraj- What did you call me? Sadu?? (he pretends to look angry but you could see his smile showing)

Suhani burst in to laughter.

Suhani- Run na Somwu!

She lets Soumya’s hand go and starts running through the door, yuvraj sprints after her laughing but yelling…

Yuvraj- Never ever call me that again!

Soumya goes and sits on the sofa, quietly with her thoughts. Shravana and Pratima smie widely and happily.

Sharad- Its been a long time since Yuvraj has been happy like this, right mausi ji?

Pratima- Hah Sharad, and she is such a sweet girl as well. Maybe she is for Yuvraj…

Soumya can feel anger boiling up inside her, but she tries to stop it as she knows its wrong but its uncontrollable. Yuvraj walks back in sighing, with a smile on his face.

Sharad- Guru?

Yuvraj stares in to air.

Sharad- Guru??

He breaks out of his trance and looks at sharad blankly. (shravana and Pratima laugh)

Yuvraj- Hah?

Sharad- Where is Suhani?

Yuvraj- I dont know. Why would I care?… ( he smiles at the thought of her and walks in to his room)

Precap: Everyone is playing truth or dare around a campire and Yuvraj is dared to dance romantically with Soumya.

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  1. good start and nice episode i like it… very much


      Aww thank you very much for your support Sri xx

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      Thank you for all the luck Anju and I glad you like my fanfic ? xxx

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      Aww Thank you so much Ayushi!!! Thank you for reading and i hope that you carry on reading and supporting as the story goes on ☺ xx

  4. Aqsxxh

    I was hooked into this ff with a huge smile, the words are soo astonishing, they blew me off my feet! I was reading this awestruck, picturing each word carefully in my mind… I am in love… Is there anything I can call you for short like sis or bro? Bcos I feel we will end up being amazing friends as you are now part of the SSEL ff writing Family 🙂 My name is Aqsaah x And You are astounding 🙂 I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! 😀


      Wow thank you so much Aqsaah!!!! All your praises made my day!! I have read many of your stories as well and they way you write completely takes me to another world where all the stories a real, your writing is magic! I LOVE ALL YOUR FANFICS!!!!!! You can call me whatever you want… ? My name is Shreya and thank you for the love and support xxxxxxxxx

      1. Aqsxxh

        I will call you Rey bcos I will consider u as my sibling now 😀 And I am glad you read my writing, but they are nothing compared to this masterpiece, I literally held my breathe from the first sentence, I was awe-struck!

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    Its just mind blowing i smiled all the way reading ua ff…dr ..its awsm im nithu


      Im glad i could make you smile Nithu, Im Shreya and thanks for all the love

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  6. superb yaar… keep doing.. again v got a chance of yuvani love nd charming…. keep updating..

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  10. It’s very nice
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  11. Its fabulous!!….plz update soon…i just loved it

  12. amazing start.1st episode itself was too good.i lile it when sowmya feels jealous of suhani.suhami is very bubbly.keep going like this.


      Aww thank you Radha!! I too thought Soumya’s jealousy would be entertaining… but it could go further than just silent jealousy… thank you and i hope to continue the ff while maintaining the readers mistakes. ?


        Not mistakes… i meant interest ☺

  13. NAPSHa J

    Welcome to our family dear.. Ur f is awesome.. Plzz update soon!!


      Thank you for making me feel so welcome and im so happy you like my ff!! I already have many episodes written and will update maybe even daily. Thanks ? xxx

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