Is Pyaar ko nei thood saktha hai (Episode 9): Suhani si ek ladki (Yuvani)


Soumya, Suhani and Rags all sat on the sofa fussing over babu while he drooled as he teethed on his colourful rubber toy. Soumya stood up and faked a kind smile.

Soumya- You two sit here, let me get us some drinks…

Suhani- no,no let me… (Suhani said while standing up to go in to the kitchen)

Soumya- Suhani! You have to just sit down and stop working for while at least…

All three of them laughed and Suhani let Soumya go in to the kitchen. Suhani fussed over babu while rags smiled and praised her kind hearted nature.

Inside the kitchen soumya made the 3 cups of orange juice, pouring the food coloured powder and stirring it with the water with a smug lost smile on her face. Soumya takes a spoon of a white powder and drops it in to one of the orange juices. She has a evil smile on her face as she mixes it in.

Soumya- I hope your thirsty Suhani…

Soumya places the cups on top of a black tray designed with a marble effect. She carries it in to the room putting her mask of a perfect friend back on. When she reaches the living room again, Rags and Suhani smiled up at her and she returned a superficial grin. She placed a normal cup of juice in front of herself and Rags and the contaminated one in front of suhani. Soumya gestured towards the cup and picks her one up and tilts it towards the others’.

Soumya- Cheers…

Suhani and rags pick up their own cups and tilt their cups toward soumya as well.

Suhani and Rags- Cheers.

Soumya smiles at the sight of Suhani take a slight sip of the drink which contained a surprise… her smile was sickly sweet, too good to be true. She was the serpent under the rose, She was extremely different to what she appeared to be, the way camphor appears to be a sugar cube at the first glance. Suhani places her empty glass on the table appearing to be unaffected. But soumya knew the drug was slow progessing and would ony show sucessful results soon, one pawn had been moved to the correct space of her chess board, now it was time for her next step.

Soumya- Rags di… Babu must be keeping you up all night, right?… Shethan! (She pulls babu’s cheeks and Rags nods with a smile)

Rags- haah. You got that correct… (she smirks)

Soumya- So come with me… lets have a relaxing spa day…

Rags- But babu?…

Suhani- Dont worry about him, im here, right di?

Rags- But dont you want to-

Suhani- Don’t worry about anything Rags di, you just go and relax and enjoy!

She smiled gratefully and hugged suhani with her free arm, feeling true sistery love for the lovable naive girl infront of her. Suhani took babu from Rags grip with a huge smile, Babu also gurgled with simple happiness. Suhani rocked him with love as she walked toward the guest bedroom. Soumya looked on with an unbreakable smile, now the game had gotten interesting.

Soumya- Come di… (The pair walked out and soumya shut the door behind them, Soumya eager to return)

In the guest bedroom, Suhani placed babu on the bed, lightly tickling his stomach making him giggle. Suhani squeezed the temples of her head in pain, suddenly hit with light headedness and a severe headache. But she dismissed it as the remains of her fever.

Suhani- Shethan! (She pinched his little cheeks) What do you want to do babu beta?

Suhani passed him his little bright vibrant toys and he gargled with delight as he expirimented with each different one, placing them one by one in his mouth, chewing and toying with it. Babu then started crying with hunger.

Suhani: Babu… your hungry?

Suhani stood up to get the bottle and suddenly felt the earth shift beneath her and felt the floor give way for her to fall. But she grabbed the bed before she could fall. She was extremely confused, this hadn’t ever happened before. She thought to go get some pain killers but she could leave babu by himself. So she stumbles toward babu again but this time she knocks over the shawl the hung on the headrest over Babu’s face and quickly removed it with a fright. The shawl hadn’t harmed babu but her dizziness was a high risk to him, and she realised she must go and have some painkillers.

Suhani- Babu beta… ek minute okay?

She stands up and slowly leaves the room grabbing on to the walls and items to not fall over. Babu was silent for a while, in peace, but then he started up his hungry tears again. Yuvraj who passed in the room jumped with suprise and fatherly concern. Back in the kitchen Suhani pops a pill and swallows it with water, all the noise blocked out by the pain swirling through her head. Yuvraj rushes in to the guest bedroom to find babu is unattended and crying loudly. He runs over and picks him up, cradling him in his arms gently. He stomps out of the room, furious to see babu so poorly tken care of. Soumya ad rags enter the house, just in time to witness the rageful thunder in Yuvraj’s steps. Soumya’s smile widened by a mile but rags stare on in puzzlement.

Yuvraj- WHO!? WHO DID THIS!?!

His loud yells grabbed everyones attention and made everyone rush to the room in a sort of fear. Babu cried in his grasp, shocked by the sudden noise. Rags quickly took babu from Yuvraj, turning away from him and shushing babu. Suhani eyes squinted with strain at the noise and she quickly made her way to the living room. Yuvraj’s rage blinded him from Suhani’s struggle. Pratima walked over to Yuvraj in confusion.

Pratima- Who has done what Yuvraj?

She tried to comfort him by rubbing his back slowly, but Yuvraj shrugged her hand away in anger.


Soumya- Suhani… Kyu?

Yuvraj- Suhani? Tu?

Suhani- Mein kya Yuvraj?

Yuvraj stepped toward Suhani with intimidating steps, pointing a harsh finger toward her, making her back away with fear.


Suhani- But Yuvraj, I was just…

Rags opened her mouth to also complain but saurabh whispered in her ear, and ushered her in to their room. Yuvraj grabbed on to Suhani’s arm with a brutal grip, almost shaking her already weakened body.


Suhani kept on walking away from Yuvraj’s dominating steps toward her. A slow tear left her eye but Yuvraj couldnt see it because of the ruthless anger blurring his vision. But Pratima saw it and couldn’t tolerate it.

Pratima- Yuvraj! Stop this bakwaas… You knew Suhani could never…


Suhani couldnt handle the insult anymore, she turns on her foot and starts to storm out tears brimming in her eyes. Soumya watched over the entire fiasco with a hidden grin. But when Suhani swivveled on her foot, she was again hit with a bout of intense nausea and light headedness, she stumbled on her footing with dizziness, trying to regain her balance. Yuvraj also turned away from her in frustration. Suddenly the world started lacking out in suhani’s eyes, the drugs taking their full effect . Her feet bend and she collapses on to them with a bang, her head slamming against the tiled floor, causing her to completely pass out.After hearing the crash of her body hitting the ground, Yuvraj turns around, and the sight freezes his eyes and pierces his lungs with pain and fear.

Yuvraj- SUHANI!

Soumya curls her hands in to fists seeing Yuvraj’s care for Suhani coming in the way of his anger. He runs and kneels beside her, lifting her hand in his and rubbing her knuckles trying to wake her. The rest on the family rush to her as well, bhavana gripping on to sharad for support, and saurabh on the phon with a doctor.

Yuvraj- Maa!??! (his voice was breaking with quiet cries) Suhani…. Mein… mein…

Precap- Yuvraj carress her face in his arms lightly hitting her cheeks to awake her. His touch makes her stir slightly. Yuvraj- Suhani.. (his voice is a broken sorrowful whisper) Mein hu gunaygaar…

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  1. Shilpa-saraj

    Its wonderful shreya… Loved yuvi anger and care…


      Thank you soo much ! For your love support and everything x

  2. Aqsxxh

    I loved today’s episode Shreya! ❤️ It had everything from Yuv’s anger to Somu’s jealousy I love it!!! ? btw what does the Hindi in the precap mean? ? ty ✨ Love Aqsaah x


      Thank you Aqsaah im glad you liked it xxx oh the precap was my fault… i probably should have writting gunahgaar… im actually quite bad at hindi as I actually live in the uk. Its quite difficult to explain in english but it means like im guilty or im your faulter/criminal… ☺ xx

      1. I like in the UK too X and it’s fine

      2. Aqsxxh

        I live**

  3. Manya

    Hi shreya ayushi here. lovely episode post asap

  4. i liked this episode.. yuvraaj love and care towards suhani and waiting for tmrw epi

  5. Shreya it seems you are a professional writer.. It was fantastic reading this one.. Very very amazing..

  6. Ruksy

    wow loved it its so amazing

  7. Neethu

    This one was just awesome Shreya!!

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    Hey Shreya.. U r a fantastic writer.. Y don’t u try writing a novel? 🙂

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