Is Pyaar ko nei thood saktha hai (Episode 8): Suhani si ek ladki (Yuvani)


Bhavana and Suhani both sat on the bed, Suhani had wrapped herself in a shawl still slightly feverish. Yuvraj walks over to her room, content smile on his face, to go and check on her. Bhavana and Suhani immersed themseves in immature conversation, revealing their sisterly bond.

Suhani- Bhavana di, only a few days till your wedding… (Yuvraj reached the open door of the guest bedroom but stopped still, the fun energetic conversation grabbing his attention. He was hoping he would hear them talk about him.) then… only a few days until I’m an auntie… and then…

Bhavana- Suhani! (Bhavana gasped in shock and shame and slapped suhani on her arm in feiged fake anger. While yuvraj shook with silent laughter outside of the room)

Suhani-Ouch. Di!

Bhavana- Now you tell me… what is it with you and Yuvraj. (yuvraj face went slightly slack, he subconciously held his breath in anticipation. But he couldn’t understand why it mattered so much.)

Suhani turned bright pink, like roses were blooming from her girly vines of shame and love, she looking down, breaking eye contact with her sister with shyness.

Suhani- di… we are just friends…

Bhavana- now you are lying to me too.. (bhavana winked at Suhani and Yuvraj had shy smile on his face.)

Suhani-di… (her laughter was camoflauged with a frown on her face, but she pulled her sister in for a hug, hiding her smile by burying her face in Bhavana’s shoulder.

Bhavana pulled out out of the hug and looked at Suhani, holding suhani by the top of her arms and keeping her at arms length.

Bhavana- Are you feeling better?

Suhani- Almost di… but i would feel even better if you got me silver studded bangles like i always wanted… (suhani smiles at Bhavana with juvenile cheekiness. Bhavana smiles at her sister but then put on a fake furious face and grabbed her ears, pulled them, then let them go.)

Bhavana- When did you get so naughty Suhani?

Yuvraj smiled a wide smile when an idea hit his mind like a thunderbolt. The image of Suhani’s smile in his mind flooded his brain with rivers of joy and confusion, melding together making Yuvraj sigh with a smile at his own indecisiveness.

Later that afternoon.

Suhani came in to the living room holding a tray of tea. Pratima who sat on the soa got up and walke toward her. She touched the top of her head in blessing.

Pratima- What was the need beta? You don’t have to do any work here, we have maids and cooks. Its doesnt feel nice to see you work hard…

Suhuani- Nai auntie ji, i really enjoy it.

Pratima- Okay beta. (She takes a cup from the tray and takes a sip and relishes in its wonderful traditional taste, while siting back on the sofa.)

Suhani places the tray on the side table and busies herself by neatening the area. Yuvraj comes in to the house, he is holding a velvety red box in his hands which he tries to conceal by hiding behind his back. Pratima just decides to watch the pair without a comment and sat there with an amused smile on her face. Suhani’s handbag was sitting on the other side table, so yuvraj approached it slowly avoiding making any noise,he quietly flicks the clip holding the bag closed, open. He starts unsuccessfully rummaging the bag for space for his gift subtly, but the noise of crinckling paper, tinkling coins and clashing bits and bobs makes Suhani stare directly at him, making him freeze. She doesnt notice the box and glares at him raising an eyebrow, making Yuvraj step back with a little fear, which hurt his big ego.

Suhani- Oiii Sadu! You were stealing from my bag!?!

Yuvraj- N-n-no?

Suhani starts to run straight at him with full power making Yuvraj jumps on his feet and run away from her intimdating chase, gift box still clutched in his grasp. Suhani starts hiting repeately a small smile apprearing on her face.

Yuvraj- Suhani!

She ignored and carries on attacking him with hits on his arms, his chest and back.

Yuvraj- Araaye! Suhani… sunoo!

Suhani put on a fake stern face and pulled his ear.

Suhani- Kya hai?!

Yuvraj- Suhani… do you know what i was trying to put in your bag?

Suhani lifted herhead in a slight nod with her eyebrow raised as a gesture to ask what. Yuvraj moved his arm from behind his back revealing the velvety box, with a smug smile. Suhani raised both her eyebrows in question and had a suprised smile on her face. Yuvraj uses two fingers to open the box with a sarcastic comical gentlemanly smile. Suhani looks down at it with a huge smile of suprise which lit up Yuvraj’s heart. She reached to grab the silver studded bangles but Yuvraj pulls back the box with a mischevious undertone to his expression. Suhani looks up at him in confusion.

Suhani- Give na?

Yuvraj- nai (He gives a cute naughty smile)

Suhani tries to grab the box again with an adorable frown.

Suhani- Kyu?

Yuvraj- You were chasing me weren’t you? Hitting me again and again? Why should i give?

Suhani’s childish frown turned to a cheeky smile.

Suhani- Sorry na Yuvi…. give me…

Yuvraj- nope.

Suhani raised her eyebrow and bit her lip, micheviousness brewing on her face.

Suhani- Paka?

Yuvraj- Paka.

Suhani- Haaaah?
Yuvraj crossed his arms over his chest with a smile.

Yuvraj- Haah.

Suhani- tee kai…

Suhani started jabbing her arms in ticklish spots around his body breaking him out in laughter. Her nimble fingers run around his body making him burst in to laughter.

Yuvraj- Suhani! Stop! (He stuttered out mid laughter)

Suhani snatched the box from him and Yuvraj stood with his arms over his chest but with a huge smile. Suhani opened up the box and slipped on the bangles, delight lighting up her gorgeous eyes.


Without thinking, Suhani threw her arms around Yuvraj’s neck and pulled him in to tight hug. The sides of their faces touched and their cool faces felt right against each other. Yuvraj grabbed her waist and clutched the material of her salwar in his palms, clinching it tightly in bunches, his eyes shut, capturing this moment in his memories forever. Suhani was too wrapped up in the joy to realise what she was doing, she pulled out of the hug a little and reached up. Standing on her tiptoes, and then she gently kissed his cheek, a kiss full of pure love. Those few seconds were imprinted in their mids forever. Suhani froze, realisation and confused but strong feelings hitting her like a tonne of bricks. But for Yuvraj, the feel of her happy soft lips against her cheek instantly halted the rivers of puzzlement that used to run through his mind. All the blurring and turbulence that ever existed dissapeared in to thin air. Suhani pulls out of the hug quickly.

Suhani- Sorry (she whispers this with embaressment)

Suhani sprints away not turning back even when Yuvraj calls her.

Yuvraj knock on Sharad’s door a nevous express on his face. Sharad opeed the door to reveal that Bhavana was on his bed sipping from a cup of tea.

Yuvraj-Achaa… So you two are enjoying some time alone? (he winks at them and regains a bit of his usual self back.)

Sharad- Just shut up Guru, every word that leaves your mouth is teasing me (they all laugh) tho say, what did you come for?

Yuvraj comes and sits on the bed with the pair, his cheeks turning pink, Bhavana pinches his cheeks lovingly.

Bhavana- aaaaiiyye… yuvraj is blushing! Kya hai?

Yuvraj- Bhavana di, Sharad, i think that I… love suhani… will you guys help me?

The pair on look with the happiest shocked faces they have worn in a while.

Sharad- Slowly, slowly… then see guru.. Suhani will be all yours (He winks at Yuvraj and bhavana laughs loudly at Yuvraj’s shy face)

Precap- Soumya takes a spoon of a white powder and drops it in to a orange juice. She has a evil smile on her face as she mixes it in…
Soumya- I hope your thirsty Suhani…

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