Is Pyaar ko nei thood saktha hai (Episode 7): Suhani si ek ladki (Yuvani)


Soumya grasped man’s hand tightly and had an adoring look on her face. The man was hidden by the heavy shdow of huge tree. She dragged him forward in to the light while she said

Soumya- I love you so much… Krishna.

Krishna- I love you too Soumya, my heart beats for you and only you.

Soumya hugs Krishna and smiles sneakily behind his back. She turned her head to whisper in to his ear.

Soumya- So that means you’d do anything for me?

Krishna pulled out of the and poked her nose lovingly.

Krishna- Anything…

Soumya turned to leave and while she walked away she said

Soumya- I love you

Krishna- i love you too…

Soumya walked away with a evil smile brewing on her face. She was playing everyone like a guitar…

The noon sun shone over the birla house. Inside, Soumya walked in looking at Yuvraj in confusion. He was leaning against a pillar pondering in deep thought. Soumya just smirked thinking it must be some trouble he was facing. She walked toward him and he glanced up when he heard footsteps. He glared at Soumya, hatred spreading from his eyes. She opened her mouth to say something but he stormed past her, and headed in the direction of Suhani’s room. Soumya held back her rage and decided to follow him unoticed.

Yuvraj walked in and Soumya peeked in, unseen. Bhavan sat beside Suhani who laid in bed with a blanket pulled up to her nose.

Yuvraj- Bhavana di, why have you guys not come for breakfast yet?

Bhavana- Yuvraj, Suhani has caught a fever and will not get out of bed.

Yuvraj looked down at Suhani with concern.

Yuvraj- Are you cold Suhani?

Suhani opened her shut eyes and looked at him in amused bewilderment

Suhani- What do you think, duffer? Can’t you see the blanket on top of me?

She picked up the pillow beside her and chucked it once again at Yuvraj’s face. She turned around to face away from bhavana and Yuvraj.

Suhani- Just let me sleep na?

Bhavana- but Suhani, food will help you recover.

Yuvraj suddenly left the room with a small smile on his face. Soumya slammed her body against the wall on the outside of the room so Yuvraj wouldn’t see her.

‘They aren’t fighting…But i was sure my plan was foolproof to create a rift in between them…’ Soumya thought. She stormed in to the living room.

Yuvraj came back in to the guest room, plate of breakfast in his hand. He sits down on the stool near Suhani’s bed.

Yuvraj- Bhavana di, Suhani’s problem was the fact that she didn’t want to get up to eat right? So here we go, I brought the food here.

Bhavana smiled at his cute gesture. Suhani looked up at him with a frown and so Yuvraj places the plate on the beside table, and sits on the bed next to her, cross legged. Bhavana sees sharad and Praimta pass the room and gestures for them to enter silently.

Suhani- I dont want to eat Yuvraj…

Yuvraj- Suhani doesn’t want to eat?! Suhani the fatso? No way! … (he gasped in fake suprise)

Suhani- Hey!

Suhani then punches Yuvraj hard on the side of his arm making him jump with surprise.

Yuvraj- Oh i see… (He grins) You have the energy to hit me but not the energy to eat?

Suhani covers her face with a pillow and groans.

Suhani- I dont want to Yuvi!

Yuvraj frowns down at her in concern. He removes the pillow from her face at which she moans and shivers. He places his palm on her forehead and then the backside of his hand to feel her tempreture, she was extremely hot.

Soumya enters the room with some tea. Pratima, Sharad, Bhavana, yuvraj and Suhani all look round at her with dissapointment. Suhani moves her head away from Soumya. Soumya assesses the situation and then works out what must have went wrong in her little ‘plan’. She quietly puts the plate down and leaves the room, realising she must win back Suhani’s trust.

Yuvraj- Suhani you are extremely warm! Come on! Have some…

He holds out the plate of food he had brought but Suhani shakes her head violenty. Yuvraj sighs and takes a handful in his fingers. He moves his hand toward Suhani but she moves her head away.

Yuvraj- Come on Suhani.. have one handful… for my sake…

Suhani frowned at him in annoyance and tried but stuggled to sit up against the head rest. Yuvraj helped her up and settled her against a pillow with his free hand.

Suhani- Fine.

Suhani reaches forward to eat the food in Yuvraj’s hand.

Yuvraj- Stop (He exclaims this causing Suhani and the rest of the peoplein the room to look at him in confusion.)

Yuvraj lifts the food and blows over it to cool it down.The family members smile at his concern and care.

Yuvraj- Here, have it.

Suhani frowns at him again, with a small smile peeking through. Yuvraj smiles at Suhani while she eats the food from his hand. He picks up some more and brings it nearer her mouth. Suhani slowly swats his arm away.

Suhani- humph umph lu dumn (Suhani was trying to talk with her mouth still full of food, she gulps it down wiping her mouth with the back of her hand) I said only one handful.

Yuvraj sighs at her childishness.

Yuvraj- Fine. But we are going to the doctor…

Suhani shook her head but Yuvraj dragged her out of the bed.

Suhani- Please Yuvraj… (She pouted at him and shivered uncontollably)

Suhani’s words started to melt Yuvraj’s heart but he knew that she had to go to the doctors as he was very concerned for her. He took the scarf that hug on the bed frame and unfolded it. He wrapped it around Suhani’s arms from behind and made Suhani grabs the ends with her hands. They stayed in that position for a few moment, Yuvraj enveloping her from behind. Suhani leant on to him, happy and Yuvraj tightened his grip with a smile. Bhavana cleared her throat, which made the pair let go of each other in embarasment. Yuvraj shoves Suhani forward.

Yuvraj- Come on Suhani, lets go…

Suhani shuffles out the room and house, Yuvraj following closely behind her. They both stand still when they almost clash with Soumya.

Soumya- Suhani, I need to talk to you.

Yuvraj, who stood on the right of Suhani, wrapped his left arm around Suhani body and stood behind her, creating a protective shield around Suhani. Suhani looked down at Yuvraj’s arm around her, avoiding Soumya’s eyes. Soumya’s hand curled into fists behind her back, but she smiled to conceal her anger.

Yuvraj- She does not need to talk to you about anything Soumya. Leave her alone.

Soumya- Please, Yuvraj. Im sorry. I need to talk to my best friend.

Yuvraj- you would never deserve to be a best friend to someone like…

But Suhani interupted him before he could finish, Soumya’s simple worlds melting her naive heart.

Suhani- Its okay. Ill be quick.

She leaves his grasp walks toward Soumya, who walks toward a tree near the gate, far from Yuvraj.

Soumya- Look Suhani, you dont know how sorry I am. I thought I loved Yuvraj and love makes you do crazy things, right? But I’ve realised my mistake.

Suhani looked to the ground, these words were not enough to convince that everything was alright.

Soumya- I also realised that my love for Yuvraj was one sided and not real… and I’ve found someone else. Someone who loves me back as much as i love him. Im sorry Suhani…

Suhani couldn’t stay angry at her best friend and pulled her in to hug.

Suhani- Its okay… And Im so happy for you!

Soumya had a malicious grin on her face, Suhani was too easy to fool. Yuvraj looked over to see the hug and sighed, he knew suhani’s innocence would land her in trouble some day, but it was endearing.

Yuvraj- Lets go?

Suhani nods and they leave the gate, Soumya looking on.

At the doctors office…Yuvraj is sat next to Suhani on the hospital bed, swinging his feet in anticipation.

Doctor- She seems to just have a viral flu but she will need to take some jabs so her tempreture and symptoms do not worsen.

Suhani- Oh no no no no! No way…

Yuvraj- Suhani…

Suhani rests her forehand and grasps all her fingers on Yuvraj’s shoulder. Yuvraj automatically wraps his arm around Suhani and rubs her back.

Suhani- Im scared of injections yuvi..

Yuvraj- Dont worry Suhani, tumare Sadu is here, isnt he? Nothing will happen.

Suhani nods in to his shoulder, the doctor takes her arms and slowly jabs the needle in to it. Suhani flinches in pain, and grips on the Yuvraj tighter. Yuvraj strokes her hair gently.

Yuvraj- Look up there! (He points to the ceiling)

Suhani cranes up her head to look at the ceiling and then looks at Yuvraj in confusion, in this time the doctor finishes her work. Suhani lets go of Yuvraj and sighs in relief. Yuvraj lets go of the laughter he was holding in.

Yuvraj- Suhani… (He roars with laughter) You are such a baby… scared of injections?

Suhani grunted at him with a small hidden smile. She turned around to face him and feigned a big frown.
Yuvraj- Fine, fine. Im sorry. (He was still laughing)

Suhani leaned over and pulled his ear.

Yuvraj- aaaaaaaah! Suhani!Let goooo na?

Suhani- then stop being annoying sadu!

Yuvraj- fine notanki rani!

Suhani let go of him and they smiled at each other. Suhani shivered, and Yuvraj rubs her arms to keep her warm. And they both get up to leave the hospital.

Yuvraj- Sharad, Bhavana di, i think that I…

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      You are correct Sanaa ☺☺ x

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      It will definitley be longer, ive already planned out fir longer than that x

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      Ha ha thank you so much! I too really enjoyed his protectiveness ? your comments means so much to me Aqsaah thank you for going out of your way to make me happy xx ☺?

      1. Aqsxxh

        Anything for you Shreya ❤️ I updated my is hopefully u will get a chance to read

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