Is Pyaar ko nei thood saktha hai (Episode 6): Suhani si ek ladki (Yuvani)

Hey guys. Thank you for the immense love and wecoming support i have recieved. Also when do you guys want to see a Yuvani marriage or developng of love in their relationship, soon or is this friendship love alright for a couple more episodes? i have an idea planned, i just dont know when to put it to action… Let me know in the comments.

Yuvraj walks in to the room and stands shook still seeing Suhani sitting on his bed, hugging his pillow with her face buried in it.

Yuvraj- Suhani?

Suhani- Just leave. (She mumbles in to her pillow without looking up)

Yuvraj sits on the bed next to her.

Yuvraj- What’s happened Suhani?
Suhani takes a deep breath, trying to push back all her battling emotions but her minds too weak and she break out in to small choppy sobs which suprises Yuvraj. Between sobs Suhani tries to make out words.

Suhani- I told you right, just leave me alone!

Yuvraj holds out his hands to grasp her shivering shoulders but before he could she threw the pillow she was holding at his face. He caught it, startled at her action. He places it on the bed hesitantly confused at how to handle her.

Yuvraj- Suhani, did i do something?

She looked up at him in shock and hurt, pain draining through her eyes in to his heart. ‘So now he is going to pretend it never happened…’ she thought anger rising up her throat like bile.

Suhani- Did you do something? (She had a sad sarcastic smile on her face)

Yuvraj- Yeah? Suhani has someone said something to you?

Yuvraj seemed to be shaking with anger seeing Suhani’s tears, but he couldn’t understand what could have made her so hurt. Suhani was furious at Yuvraj pinning the blame of this to someone else. She broke out in to even more loud incontrollable sobs.

Suhani-You told me we were friends, didn’t you?

Yuvraj- We are friends Suhani…

Suhani- Then why did you lie to me?

Yuvraj- I didn’t…

Suhani- Don’t repeat your mistake!

Yuvraj- Im not… what mistake? Suhani…


Yuvraj left to search for some help. He went in to Pratima’s room, worry writhering his facial expression.

Yuvraj- Maa?

Pratima could see the pain in her sons eyes and rushed out of her bed and held his face in her hands. He leaned forward and their foreheads touched and Yuvraj felt the heat of a fever radiate of it.

Yuvraj- Maa,you are very warm…

Pratima- I’m fine beta, now tell me whats wrong…

Yuvraj- Maa, suhani is sitting on my bed crying and she won’t talk to me.

Pratima- Kya?

They both rush to the bedroom where Suhani was still dissolved in lonely tears. They both run and sit on the bed either side of Suhani. Pratima grabbed Suhani’s hand and stared at her in motherly affection.

Pratima- Don’t tell Yuvraj whats wrong, but you can tell me, can’t you?

Suhani who was sitting next to Yuvraj, turns to face Pratima turning her back to Yuvraj, giving him a furious glare. She threw her hands around Pratima’s neck and pulled her in to a hug crying in to her shoulder, while pratima stroked her silky hair. Pratima looked at her son who looked down at Suhani in pain.

Suhani- Maa, Yuvraj lied to me about his relationship with Soumya. He said he didn’t love her but I saw them holding hands.

Pratima couldn’t hold back her smile.

Yuvraj- Suhani… nai…

Pratima- And it bothers you that much? (She winks at the pair)

Suhani cried again which wiped the smile of Pratima’s face. Yuvraj ached with sadness that he couldn’t explain.

Suhani- Maa, this has happened before. (She spoke in the gaps between her weeps) For some reason everyone I become friends with or love lie to me. I already find it hard to trust people and they take advantage of the trust and break it, again and again…

Pratima- But Suhani… Yuvraj doesn’t love Soumya… I was in that room. She onfssed her love to him not the other way around. Yuvraj didn’t break your trust.

Suhani stops weeping with astonishment. She looks over at Yuvraj eyes filled with hope. She holds midway up his forearm on both arms and squeezes them forcefully with need.

Suhani- Really? (She sniffled up her tears to a stop)

Yuvraj nodded,a tiny smile starting to appear on his face. Suhani too smiled a bit but then suddenly froze in a state of confusion.

Suhani- But… that means… Soumya…

Yuvraj stroked her back gently trying to ward away her sad thoughts.

Suhani- She.. she was lying… she..lies… betrayed… I… I am…

Yuvraj- sssshhh…

Pratima had wrapped her arm around Suhani’s back and Suhani leant the side of her face on Pratima’s shoulder, shutting her eyes with weak tiredness.

Pratima- Sleep Suhani… You have been through a lot tonight. Let me sing you a lullaby.

Suhani nodded absentmindedly burying her face in her neck.

Yuvraj- Let me stay and listen too na?

Suhani picked up the pillow that had been discarded earlier and threw it in his face again. Yuvraj looked at her wide eyed with a wide smile.


Suhani- Sadu! Go!

Pratima- Shhh bachoo, (She started singing)

Little eyes are filled with sleep,
Sleep brings along a thousand dreams
Sleep my little baby

(They shuffled around in the bed, having childish arguements. Suhani laid down on the bed and Yuvraj sat up, preparing to leave after the lullaby. He leaned his elbow on the top of the headrest and his other hand lied casually on Suhani’s shoulder, palm facing the ceiling.)

The milky white moon is shining in the sky
Riding on his chariot of moonbeams
Now sleep my little baby
Hush my little baby

Little eyes are filled with sleep
Sleep brings along a thousand dreams
Sleep my little baby.

Pratima looked down to see both the pair asleep. Yuvraj having slipped down to be next to Suhani. Their noses touched and their lips were centimetres away from each other and their breaths mingled in the air. They both looked calm and cntent and the couple together brough a gri of joy to Pratima’s face. She lifted the blanket over them and left the room. She was shivering severely and felt slightly nauseous, but she made it to her room and in to her bed. And she fell in to a deep slumber before she could worry anymore.

In her sleep Suhani turned to sleep completely facing the ceiling and Yuvraj turned to his side and subconciously wrapped his hand around her waist. In the morning…

The entire family was in confusion. Pratima, Suhani and Yuvraj all hadn’t showed up and they were ones to wake up early. They all walk over to Yuvraj’s room together, Pratima who had walked over drowsy and sleepy realised what sight the family would be faced with… She followed them, picking up her pace.

Bhavana opened the door and all the family stepped back gaping with shock. Sharad and Saurabh could’t hold back teasing smiles because before them Suhani and Yuvraj, who hadn’t married, were sleeping in the same bed, and Yuvraj had his arm around Suhani’s waist.

Dadi- YUVRAJ!!

The pair sprung up in shock, sitting up in the bed. Slowly they look toward each other in confusion.

Dadi- What were you two doing?

Rags- Chii… two unmarried people in the same bed…

Saurabh- Shut up rags!

Anuj- What is this bhaiyaa?

Suhani- I… we…I dont know…

Pratima- Maa ji, I was here when the two of the slept. We three were talking and the two of them fell asleep and i hadn’t the power to move them elsewhere….

Dadi- Pratima! This is defaming the family name!

Suhani gets up and is about to run out of the room in shame but Yuvraj grabs her wrist and stops her. He intetwines his fingers with hers.

Yuvraj- You haven’t done anything wrong Suhani, there is no need to be ashamed. (he walks toward dadi dragging Suhani with him) Dadi… we didn’t know what we were doing or when we fell asleep. (He grabs her hand pleadingly) No one outside the house ever has to know about this and i wont happen again. Lets leave it now and not embarass anyone further.

Dadi nods sternly, griping back her rage. Suhani looks up at Yuvraj and smiles at him gratefully and then shys away letting go off his hand. The pairs cheek tint rosy while all the family smile at thm in awe.

Precap- Soumya grabs hands with a man not seen.
Soumya- I love you (name revealed in the next epi)

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  1. Neethu

    Yuvani moments were too good! And I wanted both of them to realise their love for each other..

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    Wonderful.. Eagerly waiting for the next epi…

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  5. Amazing Shreya…As for the precap I think it is Krishna….

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    wow amazing plz update soon. i think yuvani should realise their love for each other.

  8. Aqsxxh

    I think you do take this relationship slow and steady and dont rush, friendship before love… its the best thing, so there can be twists, as in friendship its easier to solve problems then in love… So Shreya your writing is still top and ur ideas are too x ty for the regular updates x

  9. Aqsxxh

    I think you do take this relationship slow and steady and dont rush, friendship before love… its the best thing, so there can be twists, as in friendship its easier to solve problems then in love… So Shreya your writing is still top and ur ideas are too x ty for the regular updates x Will always be inlove with ur ff x Ly x

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