Is Pyaar ko nei thood saktha hai (Episode 3): Suhani si ek ladki (Yuvani)

Suhani puts down the phones with tears brimming at the edge of her eyes.

Suhani- Di, come here!

Bhavana- Suhani?

Suhani- Di… Dada ji is critical and mummy and papa have gone to stay with him… in case.. he…uh…

Bhavana hugs tight, her tears soil suhani’s salwar. Bhavana strokes Suhani’s hair gently and tells her dada ji will be fine soon, but she doesnt believe it herself. The girls hear
knocks on the door and let go, wiping their sad tears. Suhani goes open the door, trying to have a smile on her face …

Suhani- Auntie Ji, namaste… (she reached down to try and touch pratima’s feet to seek blessings but before she could pratima pulled her into a hug.)

The gesture broke Suhani in to tears.

Pratima- Suhani beta?

Suhani just broke in to louder tears, and uncontrollable whimpers left her shivering lips. Pratima was shocked but slowly consoled Suhani, hugging her and whispering words of motherly comfort and words of hope in to her ear untill her tears came to a stop. Suhani pulled out of the hug and explained the situation, stuggling not to cry in between. Pratima was suprised, and her soft eyes were filled with sympathy. At that moment Bhavana came in with the phone.

Bhavana- Okay papa ji. Hah… hah…. tee kai.

Pratima signalled for Bhavana to pass her the phone, Bhavana was confused but gave her the phone and grabbed Suhani’s hand tightly, to compose herself. Pratima went outside talking quietly over the phone. The sisters look at each other, and their eyes talk to one another, Suhani’s sad eyes were completely understood by Bhavana, after all they had been familiar with each others emotions since they were small. Pratima came inside with a pleased smile on her face.

Pratima- Girls, pack your bags, you are staying at the birla house till your parents are back.

Bhavana and Suhani run over to pratima and hug her, surrounding her with love, making her grin.

Pratima- Don’t worry Bachoon, everything will be fine for you soon. (she says this while cradling their neck, and fondling with their hair.)

The girls arrive at Birla house with packed bags

Sharad- Bhavana Ji, why are you here?

Suhanni- aaree, bhaiyaa! I’m here too!

Sharad- aa,aa… you too Suhani…

They explain the situation to the family. Sharad places his arm on Bhavana instinctively with sympathy, Bhavana’s cheeks turn rosy and she shys away from his touch. Everyone smiles because of the cuteness of the couple.

e cuteness of the couple.
Yuvraj- Sharad… Bhavana di doesnt like it when you romance in front of others okay? (He laughs loudly which lights suhani from within, everyone laughs along with him at his joke)

Dadi walks in with a stern look on her face, she looks down at the bags on the floor, she then looks around the room at the family.

Dadi- What are the bags for Pratima?

Pratima stutters with a little fear.

Pratima- Bhavana and Suhani will be staying with us till their parents come back from the hospital…

Dadi- Bhavana can stay, after all she is going to be our bahu soon. But Suhani is almost a stranger, why should we keep her in the house?

Suhani looks to the ground, uncomfortable, Yuvraj glances over at her and notices this. He walks over to dadi slightly, but still stays quiet.

Pratima- Suhani is not a stranger, marriage is the creation of unity between to families, so Suhani is basically family mummy ji.

Dadi- No. I object, I think we should ask Suhani to leave at once.

Yuvraj whips round to see the pain in Suhani’s eyes.

Suhani- Okay, thats fine dadi. (she reached down and seeked her blessings and picks up her bags.She then turns to leave the house but freezes still when she hears…)

Yuvraj- Dadi, how can Suhani stay by herself in the house? And Bhavana too wouldn’t be happy without her sister. Please let her stay dadi, she wouldn’t cause you any trouble.

without her sister. Please let her stay dadi, she wouldn’t cause you any trouble.
Everyone smiled with knowingness, they could see Yuvraj felt something for Suhani by the way he went against dadi’s desicion. Dadi knew she couldn’t deny Yuvraj of anything,without confusing everyone in the room. Dadi always does anything Yuvraj asks her to do.

Dadi- Fine. Bhavana and Suhani can sleep in the guest bedroom. Happy?

Suhani- Thank you Dadi…(Suhani walks over with her bags again and takes blessings from dadi, she then stood next Bhavana)

Dadi swivells around and leaves the room, the rest of the room glowing with gladness. Yuvraj walks over to Bhavava and Suhani and picks up their bags and turns to go in to the guest bedroom. Suhani grabs the top of his hand where he had gripped the suitcase. This made Yuvraj look at her in confusion.

Suhani- Thank you. (Yuvraj smiles at her and gently hits her on the head)

Yuvraj- No thank yous in friendship, okay?

He takes the bags inside and leaves Suhani looking at him, with an undescribable feeling. Sharad comes over, with a grin at Yuvraj, to the girls and directs them to the room, while Yuvraj left from the room in the opposite direction. Suhani’s and Yuvraj’s eyes met for a second, Yuvraj smiled at her and she returned the smile confused but happy.

A couple of hours later…

Suhani had spread out a large piece of paper on to the floor and was scrawling messily all over it with black marker, stopping to think inbetween. Yuvraj was passing outside the room but her energy and rushed movement grabbed his attention. He rested his elbow against the doorframe and leaned on to it. He looked at suhani and raised his eyebrow with a smile, Suhani looked comical when she kept on swatting her hair away from her face and kept on leaning over the paper but she looked equally as cute and bubbly while she was doing those things. Yuvraj sneaked in to the room quietly and slowly.

Yuvraj- Suhani…

Suhani jumped in shock and quickly jumped on to the paper, sprawing her body across the paper, hiding it. Yuvraj dissolved in to laughter at Suhani with her arms spread out and her legs spread out over the sheet. Suhani’s face frozen face of suprise melted his serious heart. Suhani arched her back with laughter as well at the whole situation and the stupid thing she decided to do. Their laughtter was loud and joyous it could be heard in the living room by the family.

Yuvraj- What are you hiding Suhani? (he smiled with suspicion)

Suhani signed to yuvraj to shut and lock the door while sitting on to the bed taking her paper with her . He locked he door and walked over to sit on to the bed opposite Suhani. Suhani looked up at him mischeviously.

Suhani- Bhavana di has been upset since morning and i think some romance time with Sharad Bhaiyaa will make her happier (she giggles) So I think.. (she whispers her plan to Yuvraj)

Yuvraj grins at the good idea.

Yuvraj- So suhani… You too were upset this morning, do you… need some romance? (Suhani punched him in the chest)

Suhani- Shut up! I’m good without…

They both laughed. They looked around and then left the room discreetly, new plan in mind.

In Yuvraj’s room…

Yuvraj- Bhavana wanted some flour and she couldnt reach it, Sharad.

Sharad- What?

Yuvraj- It was right at the top of the shelves and I came to tell you that I saw her stuggling to reach it…

Sharad- Oh.. uh… okay… I’ll go now.. wait here I’ll be quick…

Yuvraj- Okay. (He smiles knowingly)

In the guest bedroom:

Suhani was stiching on to her pillow and ‘pricked ‘ her finger with the needle. She let out a little squeal, and bhavana looked over at her with concern.

Bhavana- What happened Suhani?

Suhani- Nothing, dont worry… i just cut my finger… (she shook her hurt her finger in pain)

Bhavana- I’ll quickly get you a plaster from the kitchen, Suhani.

Suhani- Okay (She smiles naughtily)

Both Bhavana and Sharad walk through seperate doors in to the two-doored kitchen, Suhani sneaked up behind Bhavana and Yuvraj behind Sharad . As soon as they both enter the room, Yuvani slammed the door they are infront of and locked it shut and Yuvraj turned the light off. Bhavana yelled from the inside and yuvraj and Suhani heard a clash of bodies.


Shravana’s bodies hit each other and Bhavana gripped on to Sharad’s chest as not to fall. Sharad grabbed Bhavana’s shouders and asked

Sharad- Bhavana ji, is that you?

Bhavana- Sharad ji?

Bhavana moved backwwards until she hit a kitchen counter, this action knocked over a tin of flour and the metal crashed to floor loudly. Bhavana screaming in surprise and embraced Sharad tightly.


Suhani and Yuvraj looked at each other with wide eyes after hearing the clash of the metal and the screaming thinking someone had got hurt, Yuvraj quickly switched on the light and Suhani and Yuvraj both unlock the door and rush inside.

They both see Shravana in a tight embrace, bhavana’s arms wrapped aound Sharad’s neck and Sharad’s arms linked behind her waist, they smile widely and Suhani walks over to Yuvraj. She keeps one arm on his shoulder and leans upward to whisper in to his ear. Yuvraj grins. He stands with his arms crossed over his chest and his eyebrows raised. Suhani puts her elbow on his shoulder hand leans against it, her face also wearing raised eyebrows and a smile. Yuvraj clears his throat grabbing Shravana’s attention.

They both turn red with embaressment while Yuvani laugh. They hi-five with a giant smile stretching across their faces.

Bhavana- So you two did this?

Yuvani back away slowly, before starting to run. Bhavana catch up with them and grab them by the ears. She drags them all the way to the living room, parading them through the house.

Bhavana- Mausi ji! You wont believe what these two did.

Yuvraj hisses in playful pain, making suhani look at him.

Suhani- Bhavana di! Leave Yuvraj, na? It was all my idea.

Bhavana- So you were behind this? (Bhavana asks with a grin… letting go of Yuvraj.)

Suhani- No… (she says while backing away slowly)

Bhavana grabs Suhani’s arms with motherly- playful anger. She then grabs both Suhani’s ears and pulls them.

Suhani- sssss…aaaaaah! Di!!!

Pratima doesnt stop Bhavana, one… knowing its all a little bit of a joke and two… wanting to see Yuvraj’s reaction. Yuvraj walks to behind Suhani. He reaches his arms over her shoulders and grabs Bhavana’s hands, he moves them away from Suhani’s ears. This makes Suhani look up at him.

Suhani’s back is against Yuvraj’s chest, his upper arms leaning against her shoulders They are froze in this position for a while. Suhani looking up at Yuvraj in confusion. At this point bhavana step away, taken aback. Yuvraj slowly grabs both of Suhani’s arms and crosses them over. Suhni looks at Yuvraj intently with curiousity but Yuvraj look at her arms in concentration. He then makes her arms grab her ears, still crossed over. He steps back with a pleased smile while everybody stares at him in confusion.

Yuvraj- Suhani, now apologise…

Suhani then realised how she was standing. She bent down a couple of time

Suhani- Im sorry na Bhavana di!

Bhavana- Okay, okay… Stop now…

Suhani hugs Bhavana.

Suhani- Dont lie di, i know you liked it… (at this both Yuvraj and Suhani burst in to laughter, Bhavana clonked suhani on the head.

Bhavana- Shut up suhani!… (she seemed like she was warning her jokingly) And Yuvraj… you have become very sneaky after meeting my sister… making her apologise like that…

Saurabh- You couldn’t see Suhani being hurt?

Suhani was suprised, she looked at Yuvraj questioningly. Yuvraj looked straight at the ground, it wasnt obvious but the family knew him well, they could notice the rosiness of his blush.

Precap- Suhani screams in pain while sitting on the floor, grabbing her hand.

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