Is Pyaar ko nei thood saktha hai (Episode 19): (Yuvani) Suhani si ek ladki


Hey guys! Thank you for the insanely lovely reviews I got on my promo of ‘Aur Phir… Mein aur meri jaan dobara mila’ and if you haven’t read it yet please do have a go at it. I think you all will love it! Im sorry for any mistakes because this is written on my phone. Are you all still liking this ff or getting bored? If you all are bored I will finish it, but I love writing it. And also say your favourite moment of this epi because, oh my god. I love reading what you all like about it soooo much!

Suhani and Yuvraj both close their eyes overcome by the splinetring pain that soared through their hearts. Tangled chains of their powerful love were wrapping tightly around their neck, sufforcating them with agony. Suhani couldnt look at him, she knew she hurt him, but she thought she was coming in between him and Alia, and she would rather lose him than selfishly steal him away from someone. Yuvraj stared wistfully at the back of Suhani, her hair and beautiful body… wishing nothing more than having her in his arms and tenderly kissing her forehead, her nose and cheek repeatedly, begging her to see how much he loved her and pleading her to never leave him.

Dada- so Suhani beta, nei dhekhna chata… tumare nahi dholha ko? ( He laughed joyously, paining the pair even more at the irony of his happiness. )

Suhani nodded with dead and lifeless eyes. A lone tear streaked Yuvraj’s cheek and he squeezed his eyes shut tight until his head pounded, he could not face the man that was going to steal his suhani away from him.

Suhani’s future fiance walked in to the room and Suhani immediately dropped her gaze to the dusty tiles, forcefully swallowing the huge cry that was stuck in her throat.

Soumya looked up at the man…. and then her mouth gaped open suddenly in utter shock, the mug of coffee that was clasped in her fingers clattered to the floor, shattering to million of pieces that resembled the broken hearts of YuvAni.

The fiance met his gaze with Soumya and was completely taken aback and even visably shaking. His mouth parted to say something, but no words left his mouth.

Dada- Suhani beta… yeh hai tumare dholha… Krishna.

Krishna’s eyes pleaded to Soumya, filled with genuine love and care.

Once she confirmed that Krishna still loved her, she was hit with an idea,and she thanked her lucky stars how this all played in her favour.

Soumya nodded at Krishna and mouthed at him to come over, he nodded excitedly with a huge smile back at her.

Dadi saw Krishna’s eager smile and saw it as excitement toward Suhani, Dadi’s smile showed her content. It was perfect… Suhani marries Krishna and goes away and Yuvraj marries Alia and is happy forever.

Krishna took Suhani’s dada’s blessing and walked further into the room. On his way to Soumya, he walked past Suhani. Suhani thought he was coming toward her and when he neared her she flinched with uncomfort as he neared her and sighed with relief when he passed. Yuvraj noticed this with protective eyes.

Krishna walked over to the jug of water on the table. He acted as if he was helping himself to a glass of water while Soumya came to casually rest her elbow on the same table. Both of them kept their gaze away from each other to hide the fact they were talking to each other.

Krishna- Somu im so sorry… it wasnt my choice and-

Soumya- its fine i trust you (she hid the way she rolled her eyes) and I know what we do next

Krishna- tell me! Ill do anything to make sure we are together forever…

Soumya- yeah okay… so… firstly you have to be nice to her so that she (she whispers the rest in to his ear, he firstly looks beyond confused but then his face warps in to a smile and he nods.)

Yuvraj had lost the cap of his emotions, and ran to the corner of the room before his monsterous roars of cries could be heard. His body shook while his heart pounded with the pain of loss and failure. He sank to the floor trembling in intense pain. He banged his head on to the wall in frustration at his helplessness. He held his chest while he weeped, trying to ease his pain.

Alia was so frustrated at her situation. Once again she found herself in the same dilemma. She loved a man, who seemed to love another girl but also hate the very same girl. And that girl was kind and selfless and beyond beautiful and what anybody would want as their lover. And in amongst all this indecision she felt as if she was the victim in the situation, her heart felt played with. She was given hope but as she reached forward to get it, it was snatched away. Suhani was marrying someone else now… so wasnt it perfect? She will tell Yuvraj of her hearts desires now, and if he wants the same… she would be over the moon. Alia ran to Yuvraj with a smile of a thousands of watts.

Her smile drops. She sees him in such a state that her heart felt torn. Yuvrajs knees were brought to his chest and his arms were wrapped around them while he hid his sobbing head. His lips quivered and face was stained with tears, he choked out words between his cries.

Yuvraj- Suhani… mujhe mat chood na… please… please Suhani please… Mein tumare bina nei jee sakta… please…

Alia was hit with a bout of realisation and pain and destroyed desires. She realised that she could never steal Yuvraj away from Suhani, she would never get over the guilt nor would she ever be looked at by Yuvraj like the way he looks at Suhani. What they had was genuine and powerful and she knew that couldnt and didnt want to ruin it. The way he yelled for his Suhani until his voice went hoarse, that need, that yearning, that love… it was unbelieveable. And Alia loved Yuvraj she just wants him to be happy, she now knew that she couldnt let Suhani marry somebody else. For the sake of Yuvraj’s happiness and his and Suhani’s mindblowing love. She would talk to her, plead her not to make this wrong decision.

Dadi- Yuvraj! (He immediately wiped his tears and streched his face in to a smile.) Yuvraj! Come here! (He sprinted back in to the centre of the room and stood behind Suhani.)

Yuvraj- What is it Dadi? (His voice was still slightly unstable)

Dadi- I was talking to Suhani’s dadi ji while all of these people were standing here like statues, as if they have got the shock of their lives… (Suhani stood with her mouth parted open and a single tear streak on her face, and the rest of the family stood tense and silent.) And he was hoping that you and sharad would be able to buy the wedding items from the bride’s side as her Dada ji is so ill?

Yuvraj stood in silence for a few seconds as the biting words sunk in. It was strong and stung and sickened him. He nodded tensely.

Suhani suddenly felt the ground shift beneath her, as her world was flipped upside down… metaphorically and literally. She shut her dizzy eyes. She suddenly stumbled backward and hit in to Yuvraj.

They both lost their footing and fell to the ground.

Suhani landed on top of Yuvraj, their chests heaving and limbs entangled. They both gasped in suprised and shared a painful eyelock. Her pale orange dupatta spread over them, tinging their vison orange from underneath. It was thick enough to cover them from everyone but they still watched them in anticipation. Bhavana and pratima had tears blooming in their eyes and sharad had an arm around both of them in comfort.

After a few seconds of tense silence. Yuvraj scanned her face. He admired her delicate features which to him was the definition of beauty. He smiled while his finger grazed her cheek gently and yearningly but plentiful streams of tears left his bloodshot eyes, with the feeling that this was the last time he could do this. Suhani realised his pain through his eyes and cried badly rotting away in guilt and shame, she didnt want to leave him. Yuvraj shook his head no, caressing her cheek and wiping away her tears. He wrapped his arm around her waist and brought her closer and kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes and let out a single tear as his lips touched her head, each pore of her skin begging for more. He lifted her face with his finger, so he could see her stunning face clearly.

His arm around her waist tightened further, and he planted a kiss on her cheek. She finally opened her eyes to meet his gaze. Love and faith and devotion spilled from his eyes and it wrenched her heart more in guilt and self hate. It was when he leaned over with a fragile smile and planted the sweetest, purist and the most gentle kiss on the red tip of her button nose, that she felt pain so bad that it felt like she was dying. The way he looked at her, held her, touched her… nobody could ever make her feel the same way he did. Yuvraj grabbed her face in his hands, millimetres away from him and they locked eyes. Millions of words of pain and love and need and apology was shared with a simple look. They touched their foreheads together and closed their pained eyes, praying that somehow they could stay like this forever.

Yuvraj- Please Suhani… please… dont leave me like this please! ( His words were choked out, hoarse and painful)

Suhani felt helpless, if she backed out of her decision now… the shock of it would be enough to kill her dada. But she didnt ever want to leave her Yuvraj. Ever. But she had no choice.

Suhani- I'm so sorry… im so sorry… (She started crying loudly and bitterly, deepening Yuvrajs wound.)

Yuvraj rested his head in her neck, causing her to grab his shirt as the hairs on her body stood on end. Her fingers on the shirt tightened and she was still weeping as he placed a tender kiss on her neck.

Yuvraj- Its okay baby, please dont cry

He slowly lifted her feminine hand and clasped it. He placed a kiss on her hand that melted her heart.

Yuvraj- as long as you you are happy, its okay… all i want is you to be happy

Suhani looked at him through her soaking eyelashes and smiled at him through her weeps in absolute admiration at his selflessness, stroking his toned chest.

She placed her crying head on his chest and was calmed down by the racing rhythm of his heartbeat. One of his arms again roped around her waist and the other looped under her arm and held the back of her hair, caressing it soothingly.

From outside her dupatta snippets of conversation was heard and bouts of loud cries and everyone was in a state of confusion and also wondering why they were on the floor for so long. Soumya was fed up of Suhanis over romantised drama that stole Yuvraj away from her. And so she beckoned Krishna to do something and exersize the right of Suhanis new future husband'. Krishna nodded.

Yuvraj leaned to Suhanis ear, sending chills down her spine.

Yuvraj- Suhani… I l-

Krishna- Tum dono vahan kya kar rahi hu?!

The pair immediately moved apart, staring at each other painfully and yearningly. Suhani grabbed her dupatta and covered herself hastily and Yuvraj flattened down his dishevelled hair but had anger in his eyes. His mind was raging -how could this guy question his Suhani?- he thought…

Suhani- Sorry maa ji, sorry dadi, sorry- i dont know what happened- i just tripped over and- (Suhani kept blabbering words of useless apology. Krishna looked at Soumya with question, askibg through his eyes what he should do. Soumya signalled him.

Krishna grasped Suhanis hand making her gasp and flinch and brough her to stand next to him. She shivered in discomfort and looked to the floor.

Krishna- its fine, im not trying to controll you, i wont controll you after marriage.

Suhanis dada smiled widely but Yuvraj shook with intense rage.

Precap- …Yuvraj shook with intense rage. He grabbed him by the collar and dragged him to stare in to his fiery eyes. Yuvraj- Did she give you permission to hold her hand Mr Krishna!!!?///Suhanis diary laid open on the table, decorated with scattered tear drops. Alia spotted it, she fiddled with her fingers in fear. – I have to find out her side of the story, she wouldnt hurt Yuvraj intentionally…- she thought.

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  1. Aqsxxh

    this is absolutely exhilarating.
    I need more, and never your writing will never get boring


      Thank you! I just feel as if the plot is too slow for everybody liking but you definitely lifted my spirits like always, thank you di! Hope your revision is going well still xx

  2. Shreya finally u bring smile once again on our faces after long break.u r writting 19 episode right.if u write 199 episodes also we will be eagerly waiting fr 200 episode without hesitation dear. How can u even think that ur ff might be boring.this is an amazing and beautiful episode.what to say now.u asked us to mention about our favourite moments.but i like each and every moment of your ff today.its totally mindblowing.but the two special moments i like the most were
    1.when yuvraj cried badly fr suhani and aliyacame to express her feelings if sowmya would have been in that situation she wont do the thing which aliya has done for yuvani.
    2.when yuvani fell onthe ground the words they have spoken to each othr only through really shows ur amazing writting skills.
    By the way u have told us about new
    promo where did u posted that promo.because i couldnt find it on ssel wall.all d best fr ur next ff also dear.


      Actually Radha, your comment brings the smile back on to my face after a long time! Thank you for being so loyal and encouraging and lovely, i couldnt thank you enough for the amazing comments you leave everytime that encourages me to write more. Wow thanks for the effort of writing our your favourite moments, i will now make sure to add similar scenes in the future~ plus they were my favourite bits too! I thought you lot were getting bored as i thought the plot was too slow, what do you think? And as for my promo… it is on the ssel wall but i posted on the 12 of decemeber so its on the 4 or 5 page. But if you cant find it on there… you can go on my profile and go on to posts (pencil symbol) and the post before this one is the promo. Thanks for the luck too xx

  3. Ruksy

    Amazing plz Update asap. ?

    1. Ruksy

      My favourite part was when suhani and yuvraj were under the dupatta.


        Thank you so much, i will definitely try my best and hopefully since its holidays i will be able to easily. Aww thank you for liking that moment… its my favourite too!

  4. Sanaa.khan

    Amazing epi shreya, my favorite moment was suhani and yuvraj’s romance under suhani’ orange dupatta


      Thank you sooooo much di! It means a lot from an amazing writer like you… and wow thank you i loved writing that part and it makes me so happy when people like it!

      1. Sanaa.khan

        Shreya missed u a lot dear and ur lovely ff. Pls update regularly….all the best for the upcoming episodes and keep rocking like this

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      It makes me so happy when i hear that people were waiting for my epi, it encourages me to write at fast speed to provide for you all and thank you your praise is so lovely and undeserved. And i will definitely try… im thinking of having a writing schedule or something

  6. Suhaniyuvrajbirla

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      Thank you soooo much your encouragement and kindness are sooo uplifting and makes me so happy. And it feels so nice coming from such a fantastic writer like you x

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