Is Pyaar ko nei thood saktha hai (Episode 17): Suhani si ek ladki (Yuvani)

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Last epi-

The entire family stood together in the living room in front of Dadi. Sharad had timidly looped his arm around Bhavana and held her upper hand, making her blush and smile shyly. Suhani spotted the pair, and laughed silently. Suhani nudged Yuvraj subtly, gaining his attention-he turned toward her and raised his eyebrows in question cutely and Suhani kept on looking over at the couple directing yuvraj’s gaze to Shravana. Yuvraj looked at the pair, shyly smiling at each other and burst out into quiet giggles with Suhani, leaning his elbow on Suhani’s shoulder. Dadi stood in front of the family, preparing to saying something. Pratima sees Yuvraj and Suhani all laughs and smiles, and smiled at them. She then cleared her throat and they sprung apart and stood stiffly and completely gave their attention to dadi like soliders who had been told to stand to attention- making pratima laugh.

Dadi- Since we have welcomed a new bahu home (Everybody stares at Bhavana with a teasing smile, making her blush) today we will conduct our annual family race day early…

Menka started cheering childishly, applauding and whooping, making everyone else laugh.

Dadi- Chup! Come… we have to set up.

Soumya stood tapping her foot on the floor examining her nails with a smug smile on her face.

Soumya- Oi! Suhani! Look and watch how i will win today! (She yelled this at Suhani playfully, with a determined smile.)

Suhani smiled at her bestfriend but Yuvraj became irked- still angry at Soumya for putting yuvraj and Suhani against each other a couple of months ago.

Suhani- Haan somwu tum he jeet gayenge, you have always been the best bachu… (Suhani smiled at Soumya kindly, and Soumya returned a smile- but she was exploding with frustration inside.)

Yuvraj possessively wrapped his arm around Suhani from behind, pulling her ito his chest. She gasped in suprise at the sudden movement, and her hair swooshed in to his face. He looked from around her back to her surprised beautiful face that breathed heavily in anticipation. His face neared closer and closer and they held a passionate eyelock that made them forget the rest of the world around them. Everyone smiled at the couple knowingly- but a fear of their separation lurked in their heart. Dadi looked extremely annoyed, Soumya was furious, and alia seemed hurt as she stared at the tiles.

Yuvraj- Lie. (He whispered this seductively but loud enough so everyone could hear. He cupped her cheek gently, slowly bringing it in to his direction.)

Suhani turned to face him slightly with brows that were furrowed in confusion, grabbing his shirt tightly in her fist.

Suhani- Let me go na… (She tried stugging out of his grasp, he kept his grip around her waist tight. He traced her face with one finger, moving from the middle of her forehead down to her soft lips.)

Yuvraj- First admit to everyone how you were lying… (He smirked mischeviously at her blushing cheeks, he softy ran his fingers around her waist, tickling her slightly.)

Suhani- I wasnt lying, what did i lie about? (Suhani sounded playfully frustrated, lowering her blushing face with shame.)

Yuvraj leaned down to her ear smoothly, his lips brushing the tip of her ear.

Yuvraj- That Soumya will win… (He whispered this with an amused smile) you are going to win… (Suhani smiled slightly through her frown.)

Yuvraj grabbed Suhani by the shoulder and pushed her blushing figure in to their view.

Yuvraj- Yeh Suhani hai…she is the queen of stubbornness, there is no person in the world that can beat her… (Yuvraj smiled at her teasingly but admiringly. Suhani smiled slights through her frown but turned around and whacked Yuvraj in the chest playfully.)

Suhani- Shut up mr Sadu birla…

Soumya refrained herself from growling in rage, Dadi’s eyebrows were arched in disapproval. She cleared her throat again, making suhani raise her shameful gaze.

Dadi- I said we have no time for this nonsense, we have to set up. (They all nodded, blindly following Dadi’s orders.)

Yuvraj- dadi, i have to just freshen up and shower quickly. I will come out after that… (Dadi nods at her ‘ladla’ grandson.

Suhani- Mr Cleanliness freak (She muttered under her breath.)

Yuvraj heard this with an open mouthed smile.

Yuvraj- HEY! (he shoved her gently in the back of the shoulder making her smile slightly.)

He started to walk up the stairs turning away from everyone, and Suhani looked to the ground slightly upset by his absence. But half way up the stairs Yuvraj stood still on the stair and looked back at his Suhani in her long white anarkli to admire his love, and Suhani looked back up at him with a cute shy smile. He grinned at her mischeviously, staring at her intensely, then he walked all the way up to his room.

Alia moves to go ouside with everyone else as they start to leave.

Dadi- Alia… stop. You are our guest… there is no way we will let you do any work, just rest there. (Alia sits down on the sofa obligingly, with a silent nod.)

Everyone else but Alia left for the garden, chatering excitedly about their traditional fun filled day of games.

Suhani rushed around along with the others outside, setting up various things for the races, tying up ribbons and chalking out track lines. She hummed happily while she did this, for a moment her awful fears of marrying someone else disapeared for a while as she was freed by the love and joy of this family. Everyhing she laid her gaze on reminded her of Yuvraj, she couldnt shake his handsome face or charming smile from lingering in her mind, creating shy desires that lurked in her heart. Not even the light pitter patter of he rain washing away the colour of her red cheeks.

As she handed over a plant pot to the glowing bhavana she spotted he long dark drown scar running down her knuckles. She stared at it as the memories played back in her mind.

Suhani’s flashback:

Suhani leaned against the brick wall that was streaked with her blood, weeping reflexively, grasping her battered hand with her other one. Yuvraj and the rest of the family found her in that state, following the loud sound of her wails. Yuvraj’s bp rised immediately, his breath lost in fear at her state. He expirenced this pain in her pain that he had never felt before. He immediately kneeled beside her, staring down at her in immense concern.

Yuvraj- Suhani!? What happened?! (Suhani looked to the ground with her eyes clamped shut in pain, her long black hair shielded her sight.) suhani? Stop making me worry like this and tell me what happened… (When yuvraj still recieved no response, he gingerly pushed back her hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear. He gently used his finger to lift her chin to make her face him.)

Suhani- Someone- so- some- some one (Yuvraj immediately sensed her trauma and was completely terrified for her and utterly furious that someone could cause his Suhani any harm.)

His eyes started to turn blood shot and his fists curled, his arms becoming stiff and his veins tensing.

Yuvraj- Who! Who dared to do this!?

Suhani- I-I-dont know…. (she shook in fear, the push had come out of nowhere and she felt vunerable and unsafe.) Im- Im scared… (She started weeping bitterly and each teardop felt like a stab to the chest to Yuvraj.)

Yuvraj shut his eyes, trying to keep controll over all his emotions, the rage, the fear and the pain.

Yuvraj- Shh, suhani, shh… (he lovingly placed a finger against her lips, silencing her tears, as the family watched them.)

Yuvraj scooped her up in to his arms and bundled her up against him, wrapping his arm around the side of her arm and back of her waist and pulling her side into him. He rested his chin on top of her head, his eyes still shut. Suhani hid her face in his shirt, crying in to it. She felt safe in his arms, she felt as if she belonged.

Yuvraj- There is no need to be scared, no one can even near you as long as I’m here.

Suhani- Wo, Wo meri kamar chua [He- he touched my back](Suhani kept on shuddering- the thought that someone touched Suhani caused Yuvraj’s eyes blur with rage. He felt like him uncontrollable rage would cause him to explode.)

Yuvraj- I said there is no need to be scared, i promise. I’m here. (Yuvraj buried his lips in her hair, whispering down to her.)

Suhani- But what if you are not? (Suhani tried to talk through her whimpers.)

Yuvraj- And why wouldnt i be? (His brows were furrowed in confusion, looking down at Suhani who clung to him. Her fingers grabbed his shirt as if she was afraid he would slip away.)

Suhani- Because of dada ji… (Her whisper was almost silent but it was a direct blow at Yuvraj’s face.)

His strong grip fell apart, as his composure unraveled. His eyes hazed with distances as disappointment engulfed his heart when he remembered he bitter truth.

..end of flashback..

Suhani ran her fingers over the scar with eyes that started to water, her racing heart was trapped in a rut of confusion. She felt as if someone was watching her and chasing her all the time. She felt at unrest and nothing could explain it. And on top of that, her dada ji’s insistance at her marriage burdened her heart.


Yuvraj shut his eyes as the warm water cascaded over his body in the shower. He couldn’t keep his mind off Suhani. Everytime his eyes closed, he envisioned her stunning big eyes. Her intensely brown eyes that were framed with dark kohl and long thick lashes. Her eyes that twinkle with personality and smiled without lips. Her eyes that has robbed his heart and took over his mind.

He was insanely terrifyed but so in love, stuck in a maze of indecisiveness. He laughed as he mocked his own situation, while he towel dried his hair once he had come out of his shower. But he was constantly on watch, always alert and aware because he couldnt stop thinking about the incident that had happened with Suhani. And not knowing or punishing who had done that made him furious and restless which deepened the wound on his heart from the fact that Suhani might marry somebody else.


Soumya hid behind the front door and watched Alia who sat with her head held in her hands, with racing thoughts that confused her innocent brain, tired of having to watch Yuvraj and Suhani so in love everyday. Soumya smirked with a idea and swirled a bottle she had in her hand as she sneaked in from the back.

She silently spread oil all across the expanse of the stair with an evil smile. She walks away and hides behind a wide pillar of the grand house. Soumya waits until she can see Yuvraj begin to walk down the corridoor to walk down the stairs and opens her phone on Suhani’s number ready to call her.

Soumya- Alia! Could you come up for a second?! My zipper is stuck! (She calls out to make her voice sound distant.)

Alia- Coming! (Alia immediately starts walking to the stairs being the kind girl she is.)

Soumya rung Suhani up, placing the phone against her ear speedily with a sly smile.

Soumya- Suhani dear, do you mind coming inside for just a second, my zipper is stuck and i need some help.

Suhani- Sure Somwu, I’m coming straight away.

Soumya cut the phone and put it away, eager for the the drama which will entail.

Alia and Yuvraj both reached the stair tha was slick with oil and slipped… Alia was about it slam to the floor but Yuvraj caught her single handedly by the back of her shoulders before she could. Both of them had o’s as mouths in utter suprise.

Alia- S-s-so-sorry… Are you-y-you hurt? (she stuttered in fear and suprise.)

Suhani neared the doorway and Soumya bit her lip in anticipation.

Yuvraj- Its alright. Im okay. Im just glad ive got hold of you now… (he said to alia with a voice that lacked emotion, she nodded blankly.)

Suhani’s body froze as if paralysed by shock from where she was standing, but neither of them could see her. It felt as if somehad just stabbed her through the heart, and now she was just slowly bleeding out until she was just a pile of rotten flesh,blood, bones and destroyed hopes and love. Her eyes filled to the brim with tears of betrayal, she thought he was talking about her. That he is okay over whatever happened between her him and her grandfather and was moving on with alia. She couldn’t stand the hurt, her body went limp with pain. She turned around and left, releasing the brittle salt as a testament of her pain in her tears.

Yuvraj- or else you would have been seriously hurt. (He helped Alia stand up straight but then let her go in discomfort.) Come lets go… everybody must be waiting…

Soumya sneaks out before Yuvraj and Alia leave with a smile worth a million dollars. Yuvraj and Alia walk out afterward, Yuvraj having already forgotten about the petty incident but Alia replaying the image of their position over and over in her over romantic mind. But she knew deep in her heart that he would never be hers.

When Suhani seems both Yuvraj and Alia come outside, she lost all controll over her emotions. She couldnt bear seeing them after what she had just seen. Yuvraj watches her warping face with intense concern, his heart thundering. Suhani storms inside battling explosive emotions, hiding the streams of tears spilling from her eyes.

She starts running up the stairs to hide away from the rest of the family. But then… when she reaches the stairs that was covered with oil… She slips badly on the stair, her ankle bending underneath her. She yells in reflexive pain as she drops on to the stair, a wrenching cracking noise soundingf rom her leg.

Yuvraj who was already following her in , rushes like the speed of lightening becoming as scared as hell hearing his love’s sceam. He sees Suhani groaning on the stair cluctching her leg, horrified. The rest of the family meet him there, also shocked at the scene. Yuvraj sprints to her and sits beside her on the stair, concern apparent in the shining orbs of his eyes. His blood ran cold in suspicion….

She sat there, stil beautiful in his eyes. Dried tear streaks ran down her smooh skin, tinted with the black of her kajal. Her enchanting deep eyes were dilated with intense pain, and Yuvraj could see that the pain wasn’t just from the injury but it ran deeper, with trails of fear and anguish. He felt pangs of suffering at her state, making his weak knees weak. He remembered the incident with her hand and shivered with rage.

Yuvraj- Suhani? (Yuvraj tensed with anger and Suhani leaned slightly away from him remembering him and alia.) Did someone dare to something to you again!?

Suhani inched away from Yuvraj silently. Yuvraj’s eyes rounded in confusion and he felt immense pain. He slowly leaned over and placed his hand on her shoulder.

Yuvraj- Suhani? What are you doing? (Suhani squeezed her eyes shut unable to bear Yuvraj’s breaking pained voice. She flinched at his touch, that felt like his lungs was just pierced. )

Suhani stood up slowly and with difficultly, wincing loudly. Yuvraj’s heart felt tortured at her voice and sprung up next to her. He grabbed her elbow to steady her in instinct. But… Suhani shrugged his hand away harshly in immense pain herself. She then limped away back outside ignoring him, leaving the entire family in utter shock.

He could hear his heart shattering.

His heart was wrenched out of his chest, Yuvraj’s eyes slowly filled with a bitter liquid that he was ashamed of. He didnt understand and he couldn’t comprehend what had just happened. Everyone looked at him with pity pouring out of their hearts, and he hated it. He despised people seeing this side of him. He brashly scrubbed away at his face and put on a fake carefree smile to hide his pain and insult.

Pratima- (She was filled with motherly concern at her sons’ pain.)Yu-

Yuvraj- What are we waiting for? Come on! We are leaving races and games waiting for us! (He streched his pretending smile , each inch his smile widened stretched his breaking heart.)

He walked out the house, deciding to act as normal as possible. The rest of the family followed his lead, keeping silent to avoid trouble. Soumya smirked deeply, feeling on top of the world.


Dadi- Come on everyone line up for the first race!

Everyone lined up but Pratima went over to Suhani who was sat on the fence, hiding the pain throbbing from her injury. She placed a motherly hand on Suhani’s shoulder and Suhani tried to smile kindly back at her ignoring her pain.

Pratima- Are you coming beta?

Suhani shook her head slowly, to hurt to speak. Yuvraj watched him out of the corner of his eye, aching with sadness at her pain, pleading for something to cheer her up, confused as hel of why she was avoiding him. Overcome by too many emotions to comprehend.

Pratima- okay. Be careful of your leg beta… (She leaned over with closed sad eyes, and placed a sweet kiss on Suhani’s forehead.)

Suhani let a tear free, immensely grateful for Pratima’s motherly care and love.

Bhavana- Dadi ji, Im very sorry but i think i wont race and will sit with Suhani…

Suhani- No way Di! Go, go and win… (Suhani’s voice was unusually quiet but she had a small smile.)

Bhavana pouted childishly but went and stood on the starting line with everybody else. Yuvraj swallowed the concern biting away at him, his heart told him not to race but his mind wanted to prove it was okay since Suhani didnt want him near her anyway.

Soumya raised her eyebrow glaring at an emotionless Suhani, exuding sass.

Soumya- aww dear… poor Suhani, now we can’t compete together (Though she tried to conceal it partonizing tone was obvious in her snappy voice.)

Yuvraj sighed inside his head- extremely frustated at that snake.

Suhani mustered a smile.

Suhani- haan Soumwu, but what can do?

Yuvraj smiled as he ws hit with an idea…

Dadi- Get set… GO!

As everybody set off… Yuvraj ran toward Suhani. He abruptly stopped leaning closely to her face, making her eyes widen in suprise.

Suhani- (Her voice was a accidently sensual gasp) Yuvraaaa-

Yuvraj gripped Suhani tightly around her waist and threw her over his shoulder, making Suhani gasp in shock. Yuvraj started running to catch up with everyone else, a small joyous smile appearing on his face.

Suhani- Yuvraj! Let me down! Let me down! (Suhani repeatedly thumped Yuvraj on the chest with her fists, as she yelled at him to let her go.)

Everyone looked at the pair from the cornr of their eyes, smiling in amusment, relief and awe. Suhani’s hair swished around as they ran in the wind, and each gust she felt wisp acroos her face made her forget the issues at hand. She giggled in joy at the fun and the ticklish sensation she felt on her stomach while it rested against Yuvraj’s shoulder. Yuvraj’s heart glowed with the pure happiness he felt at Suhani’s laugh, that was the only thing he wished to hear on repeat in his life.

Though Yuvraj started off at the back of the race as he spent time lifting Suhani, he now had her with him. And Suhani gave him such power, such strength that he sprinted past all of them to the rhythm of her laughter, he could do anything for her.

They ran past the finish line earning first place. Everyone was closely followed, with smiles on their worn out faces. All but Soumya and dadi cheered in YuvAni’s success, flailing their hands in the air with happiness.

Yuvraj placed Suhani on the floor, letting go off her. They stared at each other with the sweetest smiles that their genuine hearts could muser, their cheeks flushed pink in excitement.

Suhani- Areeeay! Mera Saduuuuuuuu! We won!(Suhani glowed with joy)

She threw her arms around Yuvraj’s neck and fell in to his chest. Yuvraj stumbled back in suprise but immediately roped his arms around her waist, holding her tight against him. Suhani rested her head on his shouder, shutting her eyes and treasuring the moment. Yuvraj exahled loudly in contentment, not wanting to let her go.

Suhani- Thank you… (She whispered this in to his ear sweetly.)

Suhani- Ahh! OW! (Suhani almost fell to the ground, because of her walking on her injured leg.)

Alia had grabbed her hand before she could fall. Suhani stared at her with wide eyes, still suprised by the moment. Alia smiled at her but with eyes that were filled with concern.

Alia- are you okay?

Suhani nodded meekly, but seeing Alia’s pretty kind face brouth back the fresh memories of Alia and Yuvraj, stabbing her with pain once again.

Suhani- Thank you.

Alia nodded with a compassionate smile.

Yuvraj- Oh my god, Suhani. Are you okay? (Yuvraj grabbed Suhani by the shoulders, looking at her intensely, worry apparent in his eyes.) Im so sorry i could save you from falling. (His eyes were almost teary with guilt. But Suhani only saw her own reflection inhis eyes, and remembered how he had saved allia from falling, but he watched as she fell to the ground.)

Suhani tried to smile, whispered Im okay and walked away, leaving him confused an hurt again, tortured by guilt. She walked to a corner where no one could hear her whimpers, and dialled up a number on her phone and held it agianst her ear.

Precap- Suhani’s dada walked through the door, sumbling with his cane an hugging Suhani single handedly. Dada- Thank you for calling me beta…


This definitley wasnt my best but i hope you enjoyed it! Please please comment, and if you can tell me your fave moment!?

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