Is Pyaar ko nei thood saktha hai (Episode 16): Suhani si ek ladki (Yuvani)


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Last epi-

Soumya smirked huge smile, the huge drama was playing out in her favour and satisfying her jealous mind.

Soumya- Tho tee kai Suhani… say yes, then Alia here can then marry Yuvraj… (Soumya placed her hand on Alia’s shoulder gently and smiled a sickly sweet sarcastic smile at Suhani.)

Suhani’s eyes watered and her lips trembled, she was so happy just seconds ago, and now… She was in a rut of utter denial and endless mental suffering. Then she felt so selfish and guilty, she wasn’t the one being abandoned, Yuvraj was. If Yuvraj ever loved her that is, she hadn’t actually ever heard it from his mouth. And Suhani was Suhani, she thought that there was no chance in the world that Yuvraj would love someone as simple as her. But she still grasped on to Yuvraj’s hand, like if she close her eyes for long enough she’d wake up out of ths horrid nightmare.

But Alia saw the pain in Yuvraj’s eyes, his pupils enlarged and iris dark as the night sky with ghoulish thoughts of lonliness. And submerged within the deep blue seas of secrets, there was a burning fire of rage, fueled with love for Suhani and hate of the circumstances and Soumya. Alia had grown to love Yuvraj, and what Soumya had said was her dream but what would a marriage be if its just a treacherous life of regret and one-sided love, she couldn’t try and fulfil her wishes if she shatters the dreams of the one she loves in to microscopic piteous pieces of crushed desire. Alia knew that the blood rushing through Yuvraj’s veins only sung for Suhani and will continue only for her, and Alia also knew that the biggest love was in sacrifice and she was willing to do that for Yuvraj.

Yuvraj- Shut up Soumy- (He yelled, fed up. His eyes were bloodshot, weak tired and infuriated. The eyes that twinkled in pure joy a few minutes ago had died.)

Alia- Its time for me to go… its been a long night and- (Her voice was small and sad, it was difficult to leave behind what she had quickly wished to have.)

Dadi- No Alia. You are going to stay in the Birla House for a few days…

Alia- But Auntie ji-

Dadi-No buts. Ive decided. (Her voice was clear and decisive. Yuvraj and Suhani both registered the fact but they were too involved in their own issue to process it.)

Suhani’s mum and dad stared at each other helplessly, neither having known this abrupt wish of Suhai’s grandfather before. Bhavana had tightened her grip on Sharad’s hand, her face frowning in tension. Sharad stroked Bhavana’s mehendi covered hand with his thumb, sharing the worry of his guru and Suhani’s newly blooming deep relationship.

Suhani’s dada lifted Suhani’s free hand with his bony one and placed it on top of his head, shaing with emotion.

Dada- Mere kasam ka… (Tears streamed continously from Suhani’s restless eyes, translating her pain in to liquid form.) Suhani beta, if you dont do this, I will pass away even sooner. (Suhani shook her head no desperately.) Its true beta…

Bhavana ran to Dada and kneeled down near him, bursting in to emotional rivers of tears.

Dada- Tell your sister, to promise on my life that she will do this for me. (Suhani looked at Yuvraj helplessly, the brutal honesty of the moment rendering her speechless.)

Yuvraj stared back at her, hating himself for not being able to stop admiring her every feature. When she looked back round, he realised that she must be planning to say yes.

Suhani couldn’t think straight, the confusion snatching away the air she breathed. She couldn’t decide right then, she thought she had tell her grandfather that she will decide later.

Suhani- dada ji mein-

Yuvraj couldnt bear it anymore. It was so difficult for his to break down the tall walls he had built around his heart in the first place and now he regretted that he did. Because he could never stop loving Suhani now, and it sounded like she was about to accept another proposal… in front of his helpless eyes.

He cursed life, who had enraptured him in a never ending labrinth of teasing and pain. He called life a beast that thrived of suffering and the agony in his eyes, that it was controlling him like a puppet by his arms to life’s merriment. That his entire world had plummeted and become a stupid joke.

Yuvraj let go of suhani’s hand that he had clasped tightly, hope crashing and falling through a single tear his hazed eyes couldn’t hold back. Suhani looked back at him in confusion and hurt as Yuvraj’s hand fell limply at his side, his lips drooping in fatigue. He faked a smile, chuckling sarcastically at his own stupidity. With each bitter laugh the reflection of Suhani’s eyes in Yuvraj’s eyes showed her eyes stinging more and more with unshed tears.

Yuvraj- Congratulations Suhani (He forced him self to stretch his smile wider, his heart splitting with every inch of his smile.)

Suhani- Yuvraj … (Her voice was shaky, she tried to grab his hand again but he pulled away, averting his eyes in disgust.)

Yuvraj- Khush raho Suhani… (Before he turned everyone could see an anguished tear escape from his eye. He started storming out the room, not turning back when his mother called for him repeatedly.)

Suhani- YUVRAJ! Stop… ( Suhani tried to run after him but Yuvraj picked up his pace, trying to avoid anyone seeing his weak tear-stained breaking face.) Please… Yuvraj… please? (Her pained pleading yell, broke Yuvraj’s tattered heart even more, but his infuriated ego wouldnt let him look at her.)

Suhani starts whimpering shakily, her body shaking with loud tears that she was embaressed off. Bhavana ran to her, her bridal skirt dragging across the floor, its deafening scratching on to the ground resembling the sickening noise of the ripping of Yuvraj and Suhani’s vunerable souls.

Bhavana embraced her, enveloping Suhani in the sisterly love and protection she desperately needed. Bhavana stroked Suhani’s hair tenderly as she cried bitterly into her neck, just let free by the safety she felt in her sister’s arms. Her grandfather shed a tear with an expresionless face, having no other choice.

Yuvraj paced behind the locked door of his room, running his fingers through his hair repeatedly and vigourously, tears roll down his face as he grunts in intense incontrollable frustration. Suhani’s loud weeps travel in to his room, battering him even more. He squeezes his eyes shut and bites his lip till it bleeds slightly, just wishing for the torture to end.

Suhani lifts her head off Bhavana’s shoulder, swallowing back her tears and wiping them away, determined and decisive.

Suhani- Dada ji, i need some time to decide, okay? Im not promising on anyone’s life. Give me some time. (Suhani controlls her trembling voice, pressing with force against her aching temples as she falls back on the chair.)

Bhavana- Aur dada ji, who even is this buisness partner’s son?

Dada- Suhani, your to be fiance is- (Their grandfather’s words are stopped by his own violent cough. Everyone is terrfied to see, the cough spraying blood over dada’s pristine white hospital gown.)

The nurses panic and whisper to each other, Suhani’s eyes are round and worried.

Nurse- We have to take him to the hospital, Im sorry… (the nurses wheel him out hastily, his cough echoing in the shocked silent Birla house.)

The guests pour out the hall, while suhani sits staring in to the air blankly. Some guests give a congratulations here and there but others left in considerate silence, the rest of the family members leave, having a lot to think over but Bhavana, sharad and Suhani stayed behind. Bhavana goes over and shakes Suhani bringing her out of her trance , Sharad watches from a distance, worry written on his face.

Bhavana- Suhani… Say something… (Suhani opened her mouth slightly but no words left her parted lips.) Suhani… hello? Kuch tho bolo?

Suhani- (Her voice was filled with sudden realisation and shock, but she sounded like she was not really there.) I love Yuvraj.

Bhavana stood still, the fact that Suhani confessed not sinking in.

Bhavana- Suhani? Sach?

Suhani nodded still sheepish.

Suhani- I cant let this wedding happen… I cant marry anybody else… I love Yuvraj. (her voice sped up with every sentence, her panic rising and unshed tears building.)

Bhavana was smiling slightly, but it was bittersweet and tragically ironic… Suhani realised her love on the day she had the risk of losing him. Bhavana placed a hand on her shoulder, trying to smile reassuringly.

Bhavana- Its okay mera Suhani…. sab teek hoga, believe me… (She planted a kiss in Suhani’s hair gently, while suhani let her emotions out in the form of tears.)

Suhani- Im going to go talk to Yuvraj… (she gets u and walks o the kitchen, still weeping sorely.)

Bhavana runs to Sharad and wraps her arms around his neck, pulling him in to a hug. She blushed at her own action, but shut her eyesto completely feel the sensation of Sharad looping his hands around her waist. She placed her head on his shoulder.

Bhavana- will everything be alright for Suhani and Yuvraj, Sharad ji? (her small voice was heavy with concern.)

Sharad- That all will be okay, you dont need to worry about that. (He pushed a strand of hair out of her face and behind her ear.) Right now bhavana ji… You have your first night to worry about…

Sharad grinned at her mischeviously and Bhavana giggled blushing and looking to the floor with a slight frown of embaressment. She hits his chest lightly blushing profusely, and sighing with annoyance, making him laugh. But then places her head on his chest, closing her smiling eyes.


Suhani walks into Yuvraj’s room, tip toeing subtly. She had sniffled back her tears, her heart finally free of one burden, which was her denial of her love to Yuvraj. She held a glass of juice in her hand and placed it on the coffee table as she walked in. Her face was still streaked with tears and her heart pumped around pain but she tried to keep strong for Yuvraj.

Yuvraj was facing the blank white wall, his body completely still but his mind racing. It felt to him as if millions of tiny littlepins were pricking his brain at once, and that nothing could uproot the pain that ran to deep to see. His eyes were dry but in unimaginable agony, red and rage filled. His lips cracked and trembling and his soul, not quite present.

Suhani ran to him, wanting to spill her heart out to him but knowing she couldn’t. She slowly wrapped her arm around his middle from his back, teasing him with by dragging her fingertips around his chest. She then hugged him from behind, squeezing him extremely tightly, needfully.

Yuvraj shut his pained eyes, his eyebrows raised heaven-wards, just desperate to stay in her arms. Suhani also shut her eyes just trying to cherish this moment before their world came crashing down again. Yuvraj places his hands, over her hands that were round him, gripping on to them as if he was fearful to lose her. They both sigh in to each others touch, and Suhani rests her head on Yuvraj’s shoulder letting out a expressive tear that soils through his shirt. Yuvraj breaks out of her arms and faces her, eyes sympathetic but immensley angry.

Yuvraj- Suhani. Suno… You go marry anybody you want, i dont care. You enjoy your new life, nobody is stopping you. (Yuvraj started a loud outburstt of spat out words, making Suhani cower slightly.)

Suhani- Yuvraj… mein… (Her voice was quiet with sadness, anger, and slight fear.)

Yuvraj- No Suhani. Now let me talk. (He was furious, he knew it wasnt Suhani’s fault but he couldnt keep a cap on his emotions.) Do whatever you wish to do, im not forcing you not to. Go to your new husband and house and dont take the difficulty of looking back at us, even if i die-

Suhani gasped and immediately placed her finger on his lips, shushing him. Her heart thundered with intense pain and translated in to a heavy tear.

Suhani- Dont ever say such things… please…(Yuvraj shut his eyes at the suffering but pleasure of the feeling of her smooth-skinned finger against his lips.)

Suhani leaned down and picked up the glass of juice she made for him. She holds it out mustering a brave but faltering smile. Yuvraj looks down at the drink swirling round like a tornado, and feels a pang of realisation at the betrayal that Suhani was considering.

He pushes her hand away angrily, spilling some juice down his shirt. Suhani’s beautiful eyes were as round as saucers in suprise and confusion that caused Yuvraj heartache. Suhani slips her hand in to the pocket of his trouser, tensing him up in anticipation and took out his handkerchief. She dabbed at his shirt, biting her lip attractively in concentration. Yuvraj looked down at her with sad eyes, he couldnt stand seeing her beauty when he knew she would leave him.

He slowly and gently peeled her hand of his shirt with an aching heart. Suhani looked up at him extremely upset and angry.

Suhani- Yuvraj? (Her voice was shocked and annoyed and heart broken. She knew she had hurt him but she was trying so hard to convince him but he wasn’t ready to listen.)

Tears spouted from her eyes but she didnt want to let Yuvraj see what he reduced her to, so she turned and sprinted out the room, her tears leaving a trail behind her.

Yuvraj fell to the floor after she left, leaning against the wall. He held his head in his hand and gritting and grinded his teeth together forcefully with rage.

Sharad opened the door a peek and glanced in to the room. His heart heart when he saw Yuvraj dissolved in tears. He kneeled oposite Yuvraj and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

Sharad- Guru… (Yuvraj shrugged away his hand, in frustration at the situation.)

Yuvraj- i love her Sharad, she doesn’t love me. And now she will get maried to another guy infront of my eyes. I was… it was… I was just about to tell her that I love her and then…

Sharad- Guru, what makes you think she doesn’t love you?

Yuvraj- I-

Sharad- she makes you laugh, she does everything for you, she’s all hugs and kisses and smiles around you and she cries at your pain…

Yuvraj- But sharad-

Sharad- No. Listen. Frankly Guru you are an idiot… She was so clearly heartbroken at her gradfather’s idea and you all you did was add salt in to her wound…

Yuvraj’s eyes blurred with tears of guilt and head throbbed with hate for himself.

Sharad- She was telling Bhavana she is going to call the wedding off, that she lo-

Yuvraj- Sharad! (His voice was loud and almost normal, he had just been hit in the face with realisation.) I was just angry at her when she was only trying to cheer me up…

Sharad- Go to her now, she’s going to be heartbroken… (Yuvraj gets up and runs to Suhani’s room, anxiousness wrinkling his face.)


Yuvraj walks in to Suhani’s room and immediately, his disfigured heart drops to his stomach and eyes turned glassy with pain so strong he hadn’t felt anything quite like it before. Suhani sat on the low glass table, holding her tremoring head in her hands, weeping deafeningly shaking with sad shivers. Yuvraj let a tear flow freely down his face, he realised that no pain he had felt personally hurt more that when he saw Suhani in pain.

He walked toward Suhani and placed the glass he had in his hand on the side. He stood infront of Suhani , and her face was the same height as the his stomach. Suhani slowly looked up at him through her tear soaked lashes and suddenly she forgot that she was crying because of him and just wanted the comfort he could give her.

She suddenly wraps her arms around Yuvraj’s waistband and hugs him very tightly, still rattling with loud sobs. She rests her head on his lower stomach, staining his shirt with tears. Yuvraj slowly brings his quivering guilty hands towards her hair. He strokes her hair and fondles with it tenderly, tearing up himself. He looks around the room trying to avert his eyes from the weeing Suhani, his heart unable to bear the ache anymore.

He kneels down to her height staring in to her broken eyes. He pulled her in to his chest and looped his arms around her. He let Suhani cry bitterly in to his collar, cradling the back of her head. He buried his soft lips in her hair, closing his tired eyes. He plants an affectionate kiss on her scalp, relasing a wet tear on to the strands of her hair. He pulls out of the hugs and pushes the strands of hair that she was using to cover her crying eyes behind her ear and they have a long deep eyelock.

Yuvraj- Im stupid and horrid. I’d understand if you hate me. Im- Im so- Im so sorry Suhani… (His eyes were strained with beeging.)

Suhani smiled the tinest bit, wiping away her stray tears, never able to hold a grudge for a long time.

Suhani- Haan. Tu stupid hai. (Yuvraj’s eyes widen in suprise.) And you are horrid too. (Suhani smiles mischeviously and yuvraj’s brows deepen in confusion.) Tum mera Sadu hai na? Obviously you are stupid and horrid but thats what i love about you- (They both stop still at the word love leaving her mouth. She laughed awkwardly.) No thank you or sorry in friendship, right? So you and you big nose are forgiven. (she smiles and pokes his nose playfully. And Yuvraj lets out a relieved sigh and laugh.)

Yuvraj- I spilt the juice you made me with hard work and effort .. so i made you some (He picked up the glass and showed it to Suhani, wigglinng his eyebrows with a smile.) LASSI!

Suhani- Really? For me? (Suhani’s eyes lighted up with returned happiness.) Its alright Yuvraj, im not hungry…

Yuvraj- Yeah.. so? (He smirked mischeviously.) Lassi is to drink, not to eat. Im forgiven right? (Suhani nodded, slightly confused.) Prove it then…

He abruptly placed the glass rim against her lip and started forcing her to drink the mango lassi. He laughed as Suhani flailed her arms in suprise. She repeatedly thumped Yuvraj’s chest in playful anger and had smiling eyes. He moved the now empty glass from her lips.

Suhani frowned at him childishly, but unable to hide her cheeky smile.

Suhani- What was that? (Yuvraj just sat on the floor in a casual position, laughing incontrollably.)

Suhani kicked him playfully in the head, puzzlement crumpling her face.

Suhani- Why are you laughing like that?

Yuvraj leaned up to her and took his hands to her lips. Suhani looked at his hands, extremely muddled. Yuvraj sweeped his manly fingertips over her luscious lips wiping away the yellow froth left over from the drink.

Yuvraj- Kya hai yeh Suhani? You eat like a child… (He sighed at her with an endearing smile.)

Suhani- Haan tho? I am cute like child too na?

Yuvraj reached up and pinched her cheek lovingly with a smile so bright it could replace electricity for a year.

Yuvraj- yes, there is that. Mera pyaari bachee… (They both burst out in to ridiculous giggles, the burdens weighing their hearts forgotten for a while at least.)

Precap- Yuvraj catches hold of alia single-handedly by the waist on the wide stair , and both their mouths are big o’s of suprise.
Yuvraj- Its alright. Im okay. Im just glad ive got hold of you now… (he said to alia courteously, she nodded blankly.)
Suhani’s body froze as if paralysed by shock from where she was standing, but neither of them could see her. It felt as if somehad just stabbed her through the heart, and now she was just slowly bleeding out until she was just a pile of rotten flesh,blood, bones and destroyed hopes and love.


You guys know that Yuvraj would never purposely hurt suhani’s feelings and this is clearly just a misundertsanding. Alia is also positive, very positive infact. And i just want you guys to know that even in yuvAni seperate in this ff there will definitley be yuvAni moments in every episode and they wont be apart for many episodes. And they will come back much much stronger and closer.
Thanks for reading, please comment if you enjoyed it.

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