Is Pyaar ko nei thood saktha hai (Episode 15): Suhani si ek ladki (Yuvani)


Hey guys, thanks for such love and support. Its absolutely priceless. Please read the scond episode of my new ff ‘Mera dil aap ke lie dhadaktha hai’ if you havent already, because i think you’d like it.

I just wanted to say, that even if Yuvani gets in to bad times in this ff, please keep on tuning in because i will make sure there are Yuvani moments in every eipisode.
Last epi of this ff- – Episode 14

Suhani quickly turned around and started to try and run out of the room, her head lowered with sadness. Light tears splattered on to the tiles but then…

Yuvraj grabs her wrist and tugs her back, gripping her other hand as well. He stared at her with a smile, gazing at her from an arms distance. His smile was widened by the cute confused expression on Suhani’s face. He moved her closer to him catching her single-handedly by the waist, making her gasp.

All the guests held their breath in anticipitation, and Soumya turned away swallowing back her explosive rage. Dadi had made Alia’s dad leave, telling him that Alia would stay at the Birla House for a while. Alia tightened her jaw in hurt and confusion, she slipped out the back door unoticed, needing some fresh air to think.

Suhani- Yuvraj!? (Yuvraj laughed silently at her wide disbelieveing eyes.)

Yuvraj took his fingers and wiped her tears, making her smile.

Yuvraj- You had asked for something hadn’t you? (Yuvraj pushed strand of her hair away from her eyes that he was staring in to.)

Suhani- Kya? (Suhani looked adorably puzzled, her face scrunching up.)

Yuvraj leaned down to her ear, he pushes her hair behind her ear, his fingertips tickling her sensitive skin. Suhani looks down at Yuvraj’s shirt blushing a bright rose pink, embaressed at all the eyes on her. Yuvraj whispers in to her ear, brushing his lips up her cheek.

Yuvraj- Ek Amitabh bachan song na? (He mimicked a high pitched squealy girl whisper voice.)

Suhani pulled his ear lightly, with the most endearing childish angry face. Yuvraj widened his eyes in suprise and Suhani smiles. Yuvraj looked over at Sharad and nodded as a signal, and Sharad had the cheekiest grin on his face as he reached over to press a button.

Yuvraj- Well today, I’ll complete that wish of yours… (He placed her hand on his shoulder with a smirk but she pulls it away, looking to the ground with a shy smile.)

Suhani- What stupid things do you say Yuvi? (Suhani frowns with a slight smile squirming out of his grasp.)

Then the song starts and Yuvraj smiles with eyes that tinkled with mischief.

//Jaanu meri jaan// (Darling. Oh my Darling.)

Suhani swivveled round in absolute shock, to look at yuvraj who spread out his hands in a wide dancing gesture with a million dollar smile. The guests looked at Yuvraj with awe-filled eyes. Sharad smiled knowingly, having been part of the plan for a long time.

//Mein tere Qurbaan// (I sacrifice for you )

Yuvraj points at Suhani while he dances joyfully, with a bollywood hero smile, expressively lip syncing the words. Suhani smiles an amused smile with her hand over mouth and looking to the floor in shyness, but her heart was warmed.

//Jaanu meri jaan// (Darling. Oh my Darling.)

Yuvraj walked around suhani in a close intimate circle, with his hands linked behind his back, looking at her while he sung the words along with the music, his voice heavenly like an angel. Suhani followed him round with her gaze, her brows crumpled in suspicion, the blushing spreading up her face.

//Mein tere Qurbaan// (I sacrifice for you)

Yuvraj reached over and pinched her cheek lovingly and Suhani turned her head away pretending to be angry but couldn’t hide her smile.

//Are mein tera tu meri //(i am yours and you are mine)

Yuvraj takes Suhani’s hands them on his chest and pulls her toward him when the song went ‘tu meri’ , but she still avoided his gaze.

//jaane saare hindustan//(Knows all of India)
He lifts her chin to meet his gaze and pokes her nose with the most adorable teasing smile, which she cant help but breaking a beautiful smile to.

//Mein tera tu meri jaane sara hindustan// (All of india will know that i am yours and you are mine)
He grabs her waist with his right arm and pulls her into him causing her wrap her right arm around his neck. He links the fingers of his left hand in to her and holds her arm out, their pose was ballroom dance style. He makes them skip around the room like this, laughing joyously and having the time of their lives. They stop as they were about to hit in to Suhani’s mother. Lata looks at Suhani with a knowing joking smile, which makes Suhani widen her eyes in realisaion. She drops her hands by her side, and crosses her arms over her chest with a babyish frown at Yuvraj. Yuvraj sighs and shakes his head with a smile.

//Gusse se hai pyaar badaa// (anger is what makes love big)
Yuvraj takes Suhani’s handand hold her by the tips of her fingers. He spins her repeatedly from where she had walked off to back against his chest, making her gasp loudly. He links his hands behind her exposed middle.

//Pyaar se aitabaar// (Love is trust)
He bumps his forhead against hers affectionatley, making suhani’s frown dissapear. Their noses brushed against each other tenderly and they were looking picture perfect and totally in love.

//Jab aa jaae aa jaana, mein karunga intezaar// (whan you want to come, come. Ill wait for you.)
Yuvraj wrapped both his hand hands securely around Suhani’s stomach, bringing her body as close as he can against him. Suhani grabs on to the fabric of his shirt on the back of his shoulders, clinging so tight the fabric bunched in to folds. Yuvraj’s blazer that he had tightened around Suhani before fell to the ground, but they were too involved in themselves to notice.

//jaanu meri jaan// (Darling. Oh my darling.)
The music was fading graduallly, but the sweet melody still carried on quietly. Suhani and Yuvraj still clung on to each other, rocking gently to the rhythm of the music. Their foreheads leant against each other and their eyes were shut tightly. You could see they were desperate just stay like this, in each others arms, for longer. Tonight had been a long tiring night and many things had happened, and it was evident that in that picturesque moment… Yuvraj and Suhani were just cherishing each other.

The music came to a halt and the guests, who had become an audience, burst out in to very surprised and impressed applause. The guests were shocked. Praitma, lata and pankaj had to biggest smiles on their faces, and shravana held hands, watching wih kwing smiles.

As soon as the music stopped and the cheering began. Yuvraj hugged suhani with a tight iron cast grip,squeezing his eyes shut. Suhani snuggled in to the hug, and her hair swished over, covering them. Yuvraj lifted her off the floor and spun her around in complete joy. Suhani curled her feet away from the ground in pleasure, and placed her head in to nook of his neck with a sweet smile They both laughed giddily, their eyes loomig with love for one another.

He placed her on the ground, and suhani grabbed the collar of his shirt with one hand and placed her hand on his revealed bare chest with the other to steady herself. Her mouth was slightly open and they stared each other deeply in the eyes, their lips centimetres apart.

Suhani broke eye contact and looked to thefloor with modest shameful smile.

Suhani- So Are we finished? Can i go now? (She broke out of his arms and turns and walks a step away.)

But Yuvraj drags her back in to him again with both arms, and rested Suhani’s back against him. He embraced her middle, his fingertips grazing her bare skin sending shivers of ecstasy down her spine. He proped his chin up on her shoulder and leaned in to her ear, she placed her hands over his hands on her stomach, tightening on to his fingertips. He gently planted his lips the bone on the top of her ear making her arch her back in to him, heaving with nervous breaths. He leaned down to her ear and whispered flirtatiously.

Yuvraj- I need a kiss too… (He moved away and smirked at her while she blushed.)

Suhani- No way. (She hit his hands that enveloped her, playfully, and attempted to wriggle out his grip.)

Yuvraj- Yeh maazak nahi hai Suhani. I did what you wanted and now you will have to do what i say… (He loved the way she blushed profusely and kept struggled to twist out of his arms. Everyone had held their breath expectanly.)

Suhani turned around to face him and placed her hands on his chest, and he looked down at them, spell-bound. She then tries to push him away, a mischievous smirk on her face. But Yuvraj doesnt budge and closes the distance between them again.

Yuvraj- Go on then Suhani… (He raises his eyebrows with a cheeky grin.)

Suhani stares at him with big mudded eyes, for what felt like years to him. Her eyes scanned his face shamefully and thoughtfully. Finally she moved toward him, inching her face toward his. She closed her embaressed flustered eyes as she prepared herself. Yuvraj’s breathing accelerated as he watche her soft kissable lips move nearer. Her lips brush the edge of his and Yuvraj closes his eyes in satisfaction. He pouts his lips expecting a liplock, when suddenly she places her full pink lips on his cheek and plants a cushion soft kiss. He open his eyes, sighing at himself and Suhani moves her face away with an adorable laugh.

An uproar begins among the guests again and when Yuvraj glances up at Sharad, Sharad nods his head as if to say yes.

Guest- Look, you two even match, you are the hottest most adorable couple… (The guest gushed happiy. The pair look down at their clothing and then at each other and realises that Yuvraj’s tie was the same midnight blue shade as her dress.)

Suhani- Thank you, but like i said. We aren’t a c-

In one suprising swift moment Yuvraj grabbed her hand swith one hand and spun her in o hi direction. He placed a finger of his other hand on to her lips shushing her words, her lips still slightly parted.

Suhani- Yuvi? (Suhani gaze bore in to him and her voice suddenly sounded breathless.)

Yuvraj took her hands in his and gripped on to them very tightly, his breathing uneven and restless.

Yuvraj- Suhani, i have something to say… (His eyes tried to translate to her the intesity of his love for her. Suhani’s eyes started tearing up with happiness at what she hoped he would say.)

He pushed back the hair out of her face and tucked it behind her ear. He then stroked her cheek gently with his thumb, staring at her facial features admiringly. They have a very passionate romantic eyelock.

Yuvraj- Miss Suhani Shrivastav, all ive wanted to say to you for so long now, is how much i l- (His words and the way the pair searched each other eyes, with Yuvraj’s hand caressing her face and Suhani’s hand on top of his hand, stopped.)

This way because the ornate birla house doors, loudly sweeped open and Suhani’s dad was wheeled inside by a male and a female nurse in his wheelchair. He cleared his throat and caught everyone’s attention. Suhani broke her extraordinary intense eylock with Yuvraj and looks at her beloved Dada with the biggest smile. He smiled weakly back at his ‘ladli’ grandaughter, his body evidenly fragile and frail. Suhani looked back at yuvraj apoligectically and with question in her eyes. He just smiled at her and nodded his head, as if he was saying ‘its okay, go on.’

Suhani ran up to her dada still holding Yuvraj’s hand, dragging him along with her. With her freehand she takes her dada’s blessing, making him laugh slightly.

Suhani- Dada jiiiiiiii!! (She single handedly hugged him really tightly. He pulled out the hug with a faint smile.)

Dada- Im here to tell you, the last thing i’ll ever ask of you, my last wish. (a tear dropped out of Suhani’s and the rest of her family’s eyes and she shook her head. But her dada just nodded sadly.)

Dada- Suhani. My last wish is that, please can you… Marry my oldest buisness partner’s son so that our buissness will stay linked for the rest of time to come.

Yuvraj and Suhani’s mouths hit the ground in suprise, both of them too shocked to move.

Precap- Yuvraj lets suhani’s hand go, slowly and painfully. His hand limly falling at his side. His eyes were glassy with unshed tears, and in eyes there were the reflection of Suhani’s eyes that looked the same. He plastered a false smile on his face.
Yuvraj- Congratulations Suhani…

The song used in this epi is Jaanu meri jaan from the movie Shaan.

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