Is Pyaar ko nei thood saktha hai (Episode 14): Suhani si ek ladki (Yuvani)


Hey guys I’m back with the another epi, Im trying to alernate from this ff to my new one when i post so my next post will be of Mera dil aap ke lie dhadaktha hai, which is my ff on the current track of ssel. Which if you havent read is this….

last episode- Episode 13

Im sorry its been a couple of days its just that, Im getting stuff ready to go back to school for Year 10 and also i have a programme coming up in which i have to dance and sing and ive had many practices for that.

I also really wanted to know whether you like Alia’s entry in this ff or not, and she is not the only high voltage coming up in th next epis of this ff, trust me, its gonna get pretty dramatic, but Alia isnt negative by the way.

I really hope you enjoy….

Suhani crossed her arms over her chest and stomps her feet repeatedly with a frown on her face, like a child.

Suhani- Please Yuvi! Come dance na Sadu! (Suhani pouted and fluttered her eyelashes, making Yuvraj laugh slightly. He shook his head no, with a teasing grin on his face.)

She slowly ran her fingers up the edges of his blazer, turning his breathing quicker with every second. Then she ropes her hands around his neck, smiling while looking up at him through her lashes. His body turns stiff and still but his heart was racing. She brought her body closer and closer to his, increasing the tempreture between them rapidly. Suhani wasn’t thinking much of her action, it was innocent, but she had turned Yuvraj speechless. She leaned up to his ear, her voice lowering to an unintentionally seductive whisper.

Suhani- Please Yuvraj, ek Amitabh Bacchan song? Only one? (Yuvraj looks down sideways to face her adorable puppy dog eyes)

Yuvraj grabs hold of her upper arms and pulls her away to look in to his eyes. He reached down and pokes Suhani’s nose lovingly, breaking out in to laughter.

Yuvraj- No way Suhani. In your dreams…(He hadn’t danced since he was a teenager and he couldn’t bring himself to do it now.)

Suhani humph-ed at yuvraj juveniley and turned around, the wisps of her gorgeous hair tickling his face. He shuts his eyes sinking in to the moment, revolving in her hair’s fruity scent.

Suhani- Fine then Sadu… whatever you want… (She smiled back at him and then walked off, subconciously and walked away, leaving Yuvraj looking on at her with his mouth slightly gaping open.)

Yuvraj rubbed the back of his neck with a sigh and a laugh. He ran his hand through his ruffled hair, his mind on Suhani’s stunning smile and loving heart. He slowly walked out the living room into the kitchen, his throat suddenly immensely parched thinking of the girl he wished after.

Alia had seen the entire encounter and felt, sort of, happy. Yuvraj had rejected Suhani’s offer for a dance and it gave her a shred of hope. She sat at a table and watched over the party thoughtfully, she rubbed the cup with the hot drink in-between her hands. She was thinking of Yuvraj, his handsome smile and his gentlemanly persona, she had fallen in love with the idea of him, she had fallen in love with him. She had a fresh heart, raw and unexpirenced, she couldnt recognise between love of a person or a love of an ideal, but she was innocent, and her heart had become loyally devoted to his.

Dadi glanced over at her from the other corner of the room with a pleased smirk, noticing Alia’s blanked out stare. Dadi made her way toward Alia and sat next to her, smiling at her knowingly.

Dadi- So? (She raises her eyebrows teasingly and Alia looks at her questioningly) What did you think of my Yuvraj?

Alia blushes a bright red and averts her gaze away from Dadi, and dadi realised her answer. Dadi gets up, lovingly caressing her cheek.

Dadi- Tee kai beta, we will talk soon (Alia smiles shyly as Dadi walks away)

When dadi moves out of the way, it is revealed that in the seat behind her sat Soumya. She had overheard the entire conversation, she had an unreadable expression playing out on her face. Her fist was clenched in to a tight ball and she kept on pushing the hair that stuck to her forehead with sweat out of her face.

‘Great. Thats one more obstacle on my route to Yuvraj. Can’t my problems just come to an end?!’ Soumya flicked her hair over her shoulder with a sigh of annoance.She tapped her finger on the under of her chin, thinking hard, trying not to let anger cloud her brain. Suddenly the frustration on her face was replaced with a smirk. ‘ i can make use of this new girl. Why cant she herself be the one to chuck suhani out of Yuvraj’s life, without even knowing?… Wouldnt that be lovely?’ But her fun hadn’t finished yet, the plan that she’d excecuted yesterday would only play out now… She looked at Suhani having fun on the impromptu dance floor.

Suhani flashed the hugest smile, she seemed almost happier than her sister at the marriage. Her arms moved in descriptive graceful gestures, her eyes caught attention and her hip swayed sensually as she span across the expanse of the dance floor. A group of Young men had noticed her jaw-dropping body and was eyeing her from across the room, but she didnt notice as too involved with the music. Soumya looked on with a grin as the thread started to unravel from Suhani’s blouse.

Soumya’s Flashback:

Soumya looked on to the bed holding scissors, a needle and thread with a malicious smile on her face. She picked up the gorgeous blous in her hand and fliped her gaze from the blous to the skirt to the blouse with the fire of envy in her eyes. ‘Pratima bought all thse for her ladli Suhani… This meant for me, this dress, this house, these jewerlies, this money, this man.’ She straightened the blouse n her hand and put the scissors right next to the zip. Soumya cut the zip out of the blouse, basically cutting the bak in half. But then she sewed the back up to cover her inteference but didnt double stich at the end. Meaning the thread would slowly unravel.

The young men slowly made their way closer to her, their eyes not yet noticing her unraveling blouse. Suhani feels slighly uncomfortable but shakes the feeling off thinking it was a misunderstanding. They keep their hands in their pockets and whistle a tune as they approach her. One of the then notice her half unraveled blouse and her exposed strap. He points it out to the other men with a smirk and he closes the gap between himself and Suhani’s back.

Yuvraj comes out of the kitchen rubbing his mouth with the back of his hand, wiping away the remaining beads of water on his lips. He scans the room for Suhani, wanting to catch a glimpse of her contagious smile.

The man reached down her lips and whispered to Suhani.

Man- You are so… hot darrr-ling… (Suhani’s face twists and sudden shivers run up her back)

She flips around the see and her hair swishes in to the man’s face. But when she turns around she sees no one as the man had ran back to his friends inconspicously. But Yuvraj had seen him and in his mind- all hell had broken loose.

The man sneaks up behind her again and this time reached his hand out to run his fingers over her innerwear’s strap. But as his fingers linger close…

Yuvraj wraps his arms tightly around just below Suhani’s exposed stomach, and pulls her causing her to fall in to his chest. The entire room’s eyes were on them in shock, they couldn’t work out what was going on. Suhani looked up at Yuvraj’s furious face that looked forward at the men through her eyelashes in immense confusion.

Suhani- Yuvraj!? (Her voice was heavy with embaressment and suprise.) What are you doing, that too in front of everyone?… (she tried to struggle out of his protective grap but couldnt.)

Yuvraj moves one of his arms tighter around her and uses his other hand to caress the back of her head and make her stare deeply in to his eyes.

Yuvraj- Suhani! Those men behind us were staring at you indecently, they wereabout to touch y- (Yuvraj spat the words out in disgust, glaring at them. Suhani turned around in his arms and looked at the men, her eyes slowly turning glassy with unshed tears as she turned back around to face Yuvraj again.)

Yuvraj saw the pain in her eyes and his anger reached unexplainable heights. He bursts out of their embrace and grabs the man’s collar with his predominant hand, his entire body shaking with rage. He still holds Suhani’s suhani’s hand tightly with his other hand, and the feel of their palms touching is the only thing that kept him sane and kept her feeling safe.

Soumya eyes had tinged red with frustration, every single plan of hers had gone in vain, but she knew, that with Alia at her disposal, she wouldn’t fail.


Hearing the words ‘my Suhani’ leave Yuvraj’s mouth left Alia and the guests speechless and Suhani’s head spin in circles with dizzing confusion but hidden joy. Yuvraj lifts him by the collar and throws him to the floor. He pulls Suhani back in to his side and enveloping her with protection and safety. Sharad steps forward backing the entire group of men nearer the door, lifting his finger threateningly.

Sharad- If you want to leave here with a morsel of dignity, I’d suggest you leave now. (The men leave cowering their head and Sharad slams the door shut, looking away in shame and disgust.)

But the room stays tense and silent, and Alia holds her head in confusion and hurt. ‘They act like they are together then like they are only friends, then like they hate each other and now like they are together again.’ She thought. She was tremendously confused and she wanted to know, really badly. She wasnt after a second hand heart.

Yuvraj grabs hold of Suhani’s hand and agressively moves Suhani to face him. Suhani looks down at his hand wrapping round her wrist then in to his eyes, with sadness and confusion. Yuvraj suddenly pulls Suhani in to a hug, his hands tightening desperately. Suhani leans the side of her head against his hest, listening to the rhytmn of his racing heartbeat. Yuvraj cradles Suhani’s head from behind and lets out a ragged relieved sigh. He closes his eyes that were crinckled with worry and Suhani closes her helpless eyes too both holding on to each other as if it was the only thing keeping them breathing. Yuvraj pulls her slightly away from him holding he top of her arms, staring in to her eyes strictly.

Yuvraj- Suhani! (Suhani looks up at him innocently and scared like a child would be of her teacher.) Why do you wear such exposing clothes that rip so easily?! Im telling you if you wear something like this ag-(he whispers this harshly in to her ear)

Suhani- Yuvraj!.. (She hit him lightly) Your mum bought me this.. you- Wait a minute… Rip so easily?

Yuvraj hand trails up her now basically fully exposed back, sending accidental shivers of pleasure through her blood. He touches the area that is meant to be covered by the blouse with his cool palm, making her almost sick with shame and realisation.

Suhani- My blouse is ri-ripp- its ripped? (Her words were stopping with the swallowing of tears that held disgust at herself. Yuvraj looked into her eyes sadly.)

Suhani places her forehead on to Yuvraj’s collarbone, trying to hide her face from the rest of the room, Lata had motherly tears streaming from her eyes and Pankaj placed his hand on Lata’s should trying o comfort her but his own body ense. Bhavana had sat down in trauma. Sharad sat next to her, gently rubbing her back.

A few of Suhani’s shameful tears fell on to Yuvraj’s blazer and it felt as if each tear from her eye was a stab to yuvraj’s heart with an icepick.

Yuvraj slowly takes off his blazer, still trying to keep Suhani close. He gently wraps the blazer from behind Suhani to her front, lovingly hiding her from some of the guests jeering glares. Suhani grabbed on to each side of it and attempted to disapear in to it, tautening it around her needfully, inhaling Yuvraj’s scent which had become her safe house.

But Suhani could still sense judgemental eyes around her and couldnt handle the guilt and shame tingling in her body. She had to run away from all this, she was simple girl who had never done anything wrong, she couldnt deal with these people looking down at her in dissapointment. Yuvraj looked at Suhani anxiously, scared for her, but he still found her beautiful. Even with light grey smears of eyeliner scattered on her cheek and smuged lips staining random areas of her chin.

Suhani quickly turned around and started to try and run out of the room, her head lowered with sadness and light tears splattering on to the tiles but then…

Precap- A wheelchair is wheeled in, and Suhani’s dada is revealed and he coughed quietly. Suhani broke her intense eyelock with Yuvraj and looked at him with a huge smile on her face. (this might not make sense right now bu it defininatley will in the next epi.

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