Is Pyaar ko nei thood saktha hai (Episode 13): Suhani si ek ladki (Yuvani)


Thanks for all the love guys, it really does make my day. This is sort of just a filler chapter but i still think there are some awesome yuvani moments in it, but thats up to you to decide. The next epi will have what i think is pretty high-voltage drama and some really cute, hot and loveable Yuvani. D you guys think you already know what plan Soumya has done in the last epi that will unfold in the next one?I am also going to start a new ff alongside this about the current track of Yuvani and i wanted your opinion, do you want it to be in third person like this ff or swapping from suhani to Yuvraj’s pov? Also please do comment if ou read and like or even if you read and dont like. Your comments are 1 of two things that keep me going with this ff.

here is the last epi and i didn’t get much comments on it so I don’t think everybody must have been able to read it-

Episode 12

Enjoy this epi…

Suhani stepped off the stairs, radiance beams off her face.Yuvraj turns his head slowly to try and see what everybody was staring at. He is faced with Suhani a few centimentres away from him. His mouth basically dropped to the ground in awe, and he had to swallow to clear his clogged throat. His was lost for words, looking her up and down. Her sparkly skirt swirled around her long legs and the light teased her exposed midriff. The top piece was tight and flirtily fitted, her sharply lined long lashed eyes were intense and alluring. Alia stepped back from the pair who seemed involved only in themselves, even though everybody’s eyes on them. She wasn’t jealous but she was immensley confused.

Yuvraj had spaced out just admiring the beauty infront of him. Suhani had turned the brightest pink on the scale witha wide shy smile, she too was admiring Yuvraj, his ruffled hair that she just wanted to run her fingers through it, his well built chest that showed through his shirt that she had the urge to trace her fingers over. The atmosphere just got more and more uncomfortable and embaressing, the guests were watching them and whispering, many men were eyeing her and Yuvraj hadn’t broken out of his trace. Suhani giggled with slight confusing as to why Yuvraj hadn’t spoken fr a long while.

She waved her hand in front of his face to gain his attention with a disbelieving laugh, Yuvraj broke out of the moment and shook his head in suprise. His eyebrows were raised in question as if he had forgetten what he was doing until he caught sight of Suhani again, the suprised smile unable to leave his face.

Suhani- Yuvraj… What is it? (Her eyebrows were also furrowed in confusion, the smile stuck to her face.)

Yuvraj stepped toward Suhani breathing heavily , the air sweeping and tickiling her face. They stared in to each others eyes, bearing their gaze in to each others weak soul.

Yuvraj- Wow… Suhani, you look (she raised her eyebrows and nodded her head as if she was asking ‘what?’) you look… wow…

Suhani blushed profusely and attempted to edge away slightly but Yuvraj got a held of the end of her dupatta and dragged her toward him. The guests had become like an audience, most of them hoestly confused as to why the pair havent noticed everybody else’s stare on them. Suhani’s eyes widened at his action and she gently pryed his hands away. He takes his finger and pokes her nose teasing, making her smile a puzzled smile.

Yuvraj- How do i look? (He popped his collar with a wink and wiggled his eyebrows making suhani almost cry in laughter.)

Suhani- Eh… (She says while crossing her arms with pretend dissapointment) You look alright…

Yuvraj- Alright! (His eyes widened and Suhani burst in to bouts of laughter)

Suhani’s laugh tinkled through the air, Yuvraj admired her innocence, her stunning beauty and everything about her care-free spirit he loved. When his gaze was on suhani, he could see a fuzzy figue from the corner of his eye, when he focused his stare on to that he realised it was a man. And this man was feasting his eyes over Suhani’s body, eyeing her with bad intentions, but she didnt notice. The smile dissapeared from Yuvraj’s face and and was replaced with an angry frown, his hands curled in to fists.

He wraps his arm sideways around the back of Suhani’s waist making her jum in suprise and blush with shame, and pulls her in to his side possesively. He started walking forwards regaining conciousness of his surroundings, suhani was dragged with looking up at him in confusion.

Many of the guest crowded around them, Alia was confused and hurt, she didnt want a man that was in a relationshpi with another and dadi had promised her that Yuvraj was single. She didnt know what to do…’I cant ask him if he’s single, because that would give me away and dadi said to keep the wedding agreement a secret. I cant ask this girl either, because she would guess something is going on. But i can ask something…’

Guest- You are the honestly the hottest couple ive ever seen guys (She awed at them with a teen smile)

Yuvraj didnt take his eyes off the man staring at Suhani, and tightenened his grip protectively.

Suhani smiled politely but said…

Suhani- We aren’t a co-

Yuvraj cut in quickly, thinking knowing she is with him the man would back off.

Yuvraj- Thank you Kaashi. ( His voice was flat and distracted but his words made Suhani and the rest of the family members eyes shoot up at him in suprise.)

Suhani- But Yuvra-

Priest- Please come to the mandap, the auspicious time has begun…

Everyone made their way to the mandap, including yuvraj who let go of suhani and stood between her and the man.

Alia stood in front of Suhani and forwarded her hand with a sincere smile, and Suhani returned a kind smile while she shaked her hand. Alia knew she was absoluley gorgeous and immensley kind too, and as she too was a kindered spirit, she couldn’t even try to hate her.

Alia- Hi, Im Alia

Suhani- Suhani (She placed her hand on her chest and nodded while she said this.)

Yuvraj sat around the mandap, saving space near him for Suhani. He realised she hadn’t come to the mandap yet and he could feel his heartbeat race with worry for her. He spun his head around to look behind and sighed in relief when he saw her just talking to Alia.

Alia- You are just so beautiful Suhani… so stunning (She smiled, truly meaning it. Suhani lauughed awkwardly, too humble to accept compliments)

Suhani- Thank you but you-

Alia- I bet your boyfriend tells you that everyday (alia hopes this hint would ge her the answer she needed)

Suhani blushed and looked to the floor her mind automatically and immediately going to Yuvraj. Alia noticed this but waited for her answer.

Suhani- no, no, no… (she said shaking her head with a smile) I dont have a boyfriend.

Alia’s insides filled up with relief and she shakes out a laugh, They must just be best friends, or maybe even have a relation. Yuvraj looks around at them again and gets Suhani’s attention. He nods his head towad the manda calling her over. Suhani taps the top of Alia’s hand kindly.

Suhani- it was nice talking Alia, im just going to go and (She pointed at the mandap apoligetically)

Alia- No its alright, go on, i understand…

Suhani rushed and sat herself next to Yuvraj, smiling at him. Sharad and Bhavana stood up and Pratima tied the knot between Bhavana and Sharad and they started their rounds, a huge blushing smile on both their faces. Suhani couldnt take the smile of happiness of her face, her sister’s happiness meant everything to the selfless girl. The joy was so overpowering she found herself sniffling with tears of contentedness. Yuvraj picked up the noise and looked around at her, just in time to see a tear drop to the ground. He turns tense in worry and rubs her leg that was in a cross legged position.

Yuvaj- Suhani?

She looked up at him in suprise, revealing her smile which he became shocked at.

Yuvraj- You were crying with happiness?

She wiped her tears with a smile.

Suhani- Yeah…

Yuvraj widened his eyes with a playful smile. He hit Suhani lightly on the shoulder which she frowned at.

Yuvraj-You just keep on flooding with tears every second and make everybody worry for no reason, notanki rani. (Suhani frowns cutely and crosses her arms over her chest with childish pretend anger.

Yuvraj- Aaree baba… Im sorry (he rubs the back of Suhani’s shoulder with a smile)

Her frown dissolved and she smiled at him, warming his heart that she held in her hands.

Priest- Mr and Mrs Sharad Birla, i now pronounce you man and wife…

Suhani rushed toward her sister with no regards of tradition and pulls her in to a hug, bursting with happiness.

Suhani- Di!!!!

Yuvraj looks on with a grin and pulls Sharad in to a bro hug, single handedly.

Yuvraj-mera chota bhai… you have got trapped now na? (They both laughed lightly and Sharad sighed at Yuvraj’s clownly mischiefs)

‘So they are brother and sister in law…’ Alia thinks with relief, she was a nice girl. She wasnt here to get in-between two lovers.

Yuvraj- This calls for a selfie na, sharad? (He takes out his phone and puts it on camera, pulling a shy sharad more in to the frame.) Bhavana di! Aawo na… be in the picture… Bhavana comes in shy but with a smile for the camera. They pose and are about to click a picture when Yuvraj exclaimed ‘Ouch!’.

Suhani had whacked him in the back with a scolding hand. SUhani wrapped her hands around his middle from the back making him freeze. She placed her chin on his shoulder and turned toward his face with playful rage.

Suhani- You guys were going to forget me!

Shravana teasingly smile at the pair, them two being the only one to know Yuvraj’s true feelings and seeing how flustered he was at that moment. His mouth lightly opened as if he was going to say something but Suhani smiled in to the camera.

Suhani- Click the pic na? (She whined like a little child)

Yuvraj smiled at her adorable personality and thejoyful group clicked a picture after picture, and the party atmosphere didnt leave the air.

precap- (same as last time) Suhani dances, laughing loudly and having a great time. Soumya looks on with a malicious smile as her plan unfolds.

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  1. Shilpa-Saraj

    Its wonderful dude… Really really interesting… Such an amazing writer.. Hats off to you

  2. hey its too good. just kudos to ur ff’s episode has really very beautiful yuvani mo ments.i think it will be better if u write it from suhani and yuvi of now also its very nice.ur ff is a big stressbuster for me. i forgot my tension after reading ur ff.pls update daily.all d best fr ur next ff also dear.

  3. wonderful writing skills..

  4. Manya

    Beautifully written???

  5. Ruksy

    this is so amazing plz update soon.

  6. I think I am going to cry at the simplicity and the effort that has gone into this chapter, your ff never fails to allur me ??❤️ It’s spot on, this filler chapter wasn’t even a filler more like a proper part of the plot ?? The selfie part reminds me of me and my friends when taking pictures I couldn’t stop grinning profusely like a child… ??

    I have been going through a tough time lately and your ff made me forget all my worries and sorrow, ? I will forever be indebt to you for that ?

    About the new ff go for it! I can’t write in third person well, so that is why I write in POV’s, I think you should mainly write in third person but then add snip its of PoVs as ik you would excite it like a pro ??❤️

    Much love to you shreya di ?❤️? thank you for never failing to put a smile on my face

  7. Aqsxxh

    I just have no words anymoreee :d 😉 ;-; U made me cryyy XDDD tears of joyy x


      Aqsaah, i've never really heard such nice things from anybody before. They really did warm my heart. I write to make people happy and im glad to know that its having a nice positive effect on people like you. You really are like a great friend to me and ive loved talking to you on this platform. Just know that if you want to talk about your problems, Im here to listen. I love your ffs too and you are such a magical writer, and a kind humble soul.

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        Shreya x ur fanfic is a real joy, anyone would say so to and ik you are here x ty x

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