Is Pyaar ko nei thood saktha hai (Episode 12): Suhani si ek ladki (Yuvani)


—The guest bedroom—

Suhani walks in to the guest bedroom holding the clothing box in her hand and adorning a bright embarrased blush on her cheeks. She saw Bhavana sitting on the stool in front of the mirror placing an ornament atop her hair, she smiled at her beautiful sister through the reflection, knowing why sharad is so deeply in love with her. With her big round eyes lined with kohl and liner and bright red perfectly shaped lips, Suhani was so proud of her sister. She threw her box on to the bed and then went over to Bhavana and held Bhavana’s shoulders, lowering her gaze in to Bhavana’s eyes, with an adorable smile.

Suhani- Di! You look like an angel… Sharad bhaiyaa will be paralysed by your beauty…

Suhani pulled Bhavana in to a hug, kneeling on the flor beside the stool. She was wrapping bhavana in love and somewhere deep in the depths of her heart, sadness. Bhavana tightened the embrace really needing a hug at that moment.

Suhani- What will i do when you are gone di… who will i be with? (she said with a pang of sadness)

Bhavana pulls out of the hug with a very teasing smile.

Bhavana- But we are not going to be seperated for very long…

Suhani- What? Are you planning on leaving Bhaiyaa? (She laughed, confused and muddled)

Bhavana- NO! (a suprised smile was on her face and wide eyes) You will marry your jija ji and come and live in this house… (She laughed loudly and comically)

Suhani stood in place, expressionless and far away. Bhavana stares at her smiling, knowing the thoughts running through her brain and knowing that Yuvraj thinks the same. She shakes her hands infront of Suhani’s face to break her out of the trance.

Suhani- Hmmm?

Bhavana- What were you thinking about Suhani? (she raised her eyebrows, amused. Suhani blushes with a smile.)

Suhani frowns like a little girl and turns away, crossing her arms over her chest.

Suhani-Nothing! (She grumbled juvenilely)

Bhavana- Okay, okay… no need to be mad… ( She wraps her hand around the back of Suhani’s shoulders and turns her around. Suhani smiles slightly. She cups Suhani’s face in hands with a motherly smile) But Suhani, if there is anything in your mind, as your sister,you must tell me na?

Suhani stays silent and blushes, breaking eye contact.

Bhavana- Dada ji has always said-

Bhavana’s words weren’t cut short by anything but she suddenly went silent. Suhani was avoiding the conversation and shifted from foot to foot and fiddled with her fingers, so it stayed silent. Until Suhani realised Bhvana had been quiet for quite a while.

Suhani- What did he say? (She asked, still shy and not looking up. Suddenly she heard little almost silent whimpers) Bhavana di?

Suhani looked up to see tears of loneliness and dissapointment spill from Bhavana’s lined eyes, streaking kohl down her face.

Suhani- Di? (Her voice was heavy with sadness and a sigh.)

Suhani wrapped an arm around her sisters middle, while Bhavana clung her arms around Suhani’s neck and placed her humid face against her neck. Suhani stroked Bhavana’s hair gently, consoling her with sweet sisterly words.

Suhani- You are getting married to the man you love an one that loves you back equally as much… Whats there to cry about di? (She tries to wipe her sisters tears but they just kept coming.)

Bhavana- Dada ji is on his death bed and mummy and papa are with him, how can i celebrate something like my wedding?

Suhani- Di mummy and papa will come to your wedding, you dont worry about that…

Bhavana started weeping louder, shaking against Suhani’s shoulder, suhani was confused and thinking of a way that could cheer her up.

Bhavana- but what aboout Dada ji, he’s always wanted to see our weddings…

Suhani- He’s always wanted our happiness…. Its unlikely he will ever be able healthy enough again to come see your wedding di, however long you postpone it, its better you do it when he is around to expirence it. (bhavana’s sobs get louder and even less conrollable, the makeup running down her face) Anyway, this family, your family, has been so nice to us, letting us stay in their house when our parents are at the hospital for dada ji, you cant do something to hurt them, can you?

Bhavana shook her head no, violently, but her big glassy eyes still looked conflicted. She turned around on her seat and faced the mirror, her weeps still not coming to an end. Suhani tapped her foot on the floor impaitently, in deep thought. She picked up her phone which lied carelessly on top of her bed and dialled in a number with her nimble fingertips. She places the phone against her ear, biting her lip nervously.

—Yuvraj’s Bedroom—

Yuvraj walked in to his bedroom to find Sharad sitting on his sofa, still not dressed up in his traditional sherwani. Sharad leaned his elbow against the side of the sofa and held his head in his hand, eyes shut.

Yuvraj- Sharad your not ready? You better not be getting cold feet!?

Sharad- Im sleepy yaar.. (He said this with his eyes still closed and his fingers pressing his temples.)

Sharad opens his eyes slowly and drowsily and looks up at Yuvraj. Sharad then looked down from his handsome face to his feet and looks at his shoes in disgust.

Sharad- Guru… What state are your shoes in! Come give it here let me polish them for you…

Yuvarj- What? You arent dressed and you are busy worrying about my shoes?! I know Bhvana di is special and this wedding is your dream… but not every single little thing has to be perfect!…

He laughs loudly, sharad just smiles with an exasperated sigh, too tired to battle against Yuvraj’s antics.

Sharad- Just give it Guru…

Yuvraj takes off his immensely scuffed shoe and passes it to him with a comical exaggerated sigh.

Yuvraj- Fine, i might as well use the help while i have a chance, after the wedding you’ll be running after bhavana di like a lovesick puppy, and never have time for me…

Sharad looks up at him with amused bewildered eyes while biting under his bottom lip. He hits Yuvraj hard in the calf with Yuvraj’s shoe which was in his hand. Yuvraj exclaimed Ow! But then laughed loudly, holding his stomach. Sharad smiled at his cousin and bestest friend and then took his shoe, which reeked with sweat, and started scrubbing it rapidly with the polishing brush which laid on the coffee table.

Suddenly Sharad’s phone vibrated, tumbling repeatedly against the table. Yuvraj looked down at it, his brows furrowed in curiousity. He sees suhani’s picture flashing on the screen an he can automatically feel his heart beat a little faster. But he didnt know whether it was with excitement, love or worry.

Yuvraj- Sharad, Suhani is calling you… Pick it up.

Sharad looked up at him with a knowing smile, he noticed the way Yuvraj’s fingers twitched wanting to pick the phone up himself and the way yuvraj tapped his foot on the ground.

Sharad- You know you want to pick it up yourself lover boy, go on…

Yuvraj frowned at him childishly with a ghost on smile playing on his face. He slid his finger across the screen to recieve the call and put the phone by his ear.

Suhani heard the rings stop and sighed with relief. But before she could try and greet Sharad, Bhavana loud tentative cries travved through the line.

Yuvraj heard the cries and tesed up in worry, anger and concern. His free hand curled in to a shaking fist.

Yuvraj- Suhani! (Sharad looked up at him in confusion when he raised his voice unusually loud) Whats wrong? Why are you crying?

Sharad looked up, muddled and worried. ‘Suhani is crying, but why?’ He thought.

Suhani tried to cut in to tell Yuvraj the truth.

Suhani- Im not.. i…

Yuvraj- No tell me… Where are you? Is this because of Rohan? Hey… wait a minute… Why did you call Sharad? Why didnt you call me Suhani? Suhani? What the h*ll!? (His mind was going in all directions with anger and worry) Wait there and dont move and inch, im coming… (Sharad slightly smiled at his immense care for Suhani)

Suhani was silently laughing, she was amused and just waited for Yuvraj’s rushed words to come to a stop.

Suhani- Oooh phfoo…. Jija ji… I’m not crying…. (She laughed loudly)

Yuvraj- (He twitches his lips in shame)What? Then who is?

Suhani- Di is crying about dada ji being unable to attend her wedding so i thought id get Sharad to talk to her to cheer her up… (Bhavana looks at suhani in suprise and confusion and stops crying, whipering lightly and absent-mindedly wiping her tears.)

Yuvraj-What? (He says rubbing is forehead with worry) Bhavana di is crying!?

Sharad immediately springs out of seat, his body tense and alert.

Sharad- WHAT! (He spat out the words loudly, and he starts moving toward the door, stomping powerfully, making Yuvraj look up with a sigh. But inside it warmed Yuvraj to see Sharad’s care for his fiance.) Im coming right now!

Sharad said this loud enough for Suhani to hear from across line.

Suhani- Nai! Stop Him! (Suhani yelled and made Yuvraj jump because of the volume, but he could never deny any wish of Suhani’s and he sprinted to the door.)

Yuvraj stood in the doorway , spreading out his hands and legs, blocking a fuming Sharad.

—Ananda Cafe—

A car schreeched to a halt in front of Ananda cafe. The door swung open dramatically and Soumya walked out, sunglasses fashionably adorned in her hair. She sashayes to the entrance her very heeled shoes, clonking against the pavement. She smiles superficially at the waiter who leads her to her table, and sits on the chair obnoxiously hanging her handband on the chair as if she was royalty. She leaned over the table and landed a teasing kiss on krishna’s cheek.

Soumya- I told you i would come didnt I? (She smiled, pretending to be childish and innocent, knowing from Suhani that its extremely endearing.)

Krishna smiled a smile of true love.

Krishna- I didnt doubt you for a minute dear…

Soumya placed a small smile on her face for his satitsfaction and then averted her gaze to looking around the restraunt.

Soumya- So did you…

Krishna- Yes Soumya, i have done what you wanted.

Soumya hid her malicious grin.

Soumya- Great.. your the best darling… (Krishna smiled, just to be the one who puts smile on Soumya’s face. His heart was swelling with pure innocent love.) I love you… (She reached her hand under the table and rubbed krishna’s knee with a seductive vampy smile)

Krishna- We have to take this relationship further Soumya… My life will be only truly complete when we are man and wife…

Soumya looked away awkwardly and rolled her eyes. She cleared her throat and nodded her head.

Soumya- Sure dear, Its just that I have many things to do and i really must get going… So we will talk later.

Krishna’s mouth opened as if he was about to say some thing, but Soumya picked up he bag and left before he had the chance to. Soumya sat back in her car with a smug evil smile, she turned the key in the ignition and strapped her seat belt. She wasn’t lying, she did have things to do.

—Back at Birla House—

Sharad- What is the problem Yuvraj? (His jaw was clenched in frustration, he was angrier than Yuvraj had ever seen him before, but his voice voice was deatly silent. Which was even scarier.)

Yuvraj- I-i don’t know… Suhani just asked me so (He met Sharad’s annoyed gaze) Uh… Suhani? Why did you stop me?

Suhani giggled slightly.

Suhani- Jija ji… The bride and groom meeting before marriage is an aap shaugun! Sharad bhaiyaa cant come here!

Yuvraj- Aap Shagun! (Yuvraj yelled with suprise, then sighed) You made me put my self in the wrath of Sharad for that bunch of nonsense. ( He smiled and shook his head indisbelief at this little gem of cuteness)

Sharad ran his fingers through his hair, fed up and completely confused, he was amused but furious at the same time.

Suhani- Its not nonse- (Suhani cuts off her words when she hears sharad start to talk)

Sharad- Yuvraj, bhaii… im telling you know. (He sighs) You are going to make for a ridicoulously hen-pecked husband…

Yuvraj is about to protest and hide the fact that Sharad was hinting at his love for Suhani but then Suhani bursts out in to uncontrollable laughter, which made bhavana smile, shaking her head. Suhani’s laughter was music to Yuvraj’s ears, a melody he’d never get tired off, what he did everything for. He kept quiet enjoying the tune of her laughter.

Sharad- Will you let me go now?

Yuvraj- Haah, lets go Sharad…

Suhani- NO yuvra- (He cuts the call leaving suhani with her mouth slightly open.)

Suhani- Come on di! WE ARE GOING TO HIDE! (She yells loud enough for the whole house, including Yuvraj and Sharad to hear.She then drags her now smiling sister by her arm out the room, an adorable childish look of worry on her face.)

Soumya watches them leave with a sickly sweet grin. ‘Aww how sweet… and petty…’ She laughs silently under her breath. She enters the room, taking off her shoes and halting the clonking on to the white tiles. She walk toward the bed and smiles down a box on it. She rummages through the pockets of her bright pink blazer. She takes out scissors, a needle and a string of sewing thread and looks them while twiddling with them in her fingers with a huge smile.

Suhani and Bhavana roam the corridoor, Suhani was looking for a good place to hide, while Bhavana drags her heavy skirt she is wearing across the ground. They run past a door they havent noticed before but then Suhani stands still, causing Bhavana to become collateral damage and hit in to her still body.

Bhavana- What is it Suhani?… (She sighed slightly but still had a smile on her face)

Suhani walks backward and opens the unfamilar door, which led to some sort of storage cuboard.

Suhani- Here. Come on.

Bhavana opened her mouth slightly like she was going to argue against it but Suhani dragged her in to the cuboard and shut the door before she had a chance.

Bhavana- Suh-

Suhani covered Bhavana’s mouth with hand, and placed her other hand on her own lips to show her to shush.

Yuvraj and Sharad walk down the corridoors of the house trying to find the girls, Sharad was getting restless and Yuvraj ket on rubbing his back.

Yuvraj- aarree Sharad, it was a trivial reason, di would have stopped by now.

Sharad- I know… I just want to hear it for myself, Bhavana ji always hides her pain as to not worry others…

Yuvraj elbows Sharad in the arm, a teasing look on his face.

Yuvraj- bhavana ji this… Bhavana ji that… Bhavana ji is so…

Sharad- Guru!!

Yuvraj- Shh (He raised his index finger) Ek minute…

—Inside the cuboard—

Suhani looked up at her sister, and Bhavana smiled at her widely. She sniggered incontrollably in an attempt to not laugh. Bhavana resembed a clown, with large black circles around her eyes and red smeared around her lips. Make up was smeared all over her cheeks, and she had a scarily wide smile streched across her face and glassy eyes.

Bhavana- What is it? (The naiveity in her eyes making suhani give in and dissolve in to silent laughter.)


Yuvraj- Hear that? (He looks around at a nodding Sharad) see they are fine…

Sharad- but they were trying to hide from us , we cant let them be. (Yuvraj nods, comically determined. He then looks down at his watch and winces.)

Yuvraj- Sharad… You have an hour left till the shaadi buddy… (Sharad froze in realization. Yuvraj pushes him in to the direction of his room.) Go, ill take care of them. (He says this while pointing in the direction of the cuboard. Sharad nods and runs in to his room in a panic. Yuvraj looks on with a smile.)

Yuvraj slowly opens the door. Inside the sisters grab each other in subconcious girly fear.He walks in with a huge smiling sigh.

Yuvraj- Did you girls really think you could hide from us… You just wait and see what i can do!… (he raised his eyebrow arrogantly.

Suhani- bhaago di! Aur, please fix your makeup… (Suhani laughs and pushes Bhavana out the cupboard and Bhvana runs to her room. Yuvraj turns around to face her but scratches his finger across an embellishment on her dress and the cuts it, drawing blood. He flinches in pain but hides it from Suhani, unable to let her see him in any slightest bit of pain, he wipes it on his jeans.

Suhani also attempts to leave the cupboard but Yuvraj stands blocking the doorway, exactly how he had done to Sharad. Suhani frowns cutely, crossing her arms over her chest.

Suhani- Let me through na?… (She reaches out her hand to push Yuvraj but he grabs her hand before she can.)

Yuvraj- Chiiiii! You are looking so dirty Suhani…

Suhani- Really? (She looks down with dissapointment rubbing at her clothes. Yuvraj smiles at her, fully in love and endeared by her adorableness)

Yuvraj pulls her in to a hug, making Suhani gasp on to his back, the sensation tingling through his blood. Shivers and sparks ran through her body when Yuvraj’s fingers ran down from her shoulder to her back round to the front of her stomach and her waist, staring in to her eyes sensually. Yuvraj leaned down the side of her face, his lips brushing against her ear, setting fire to the air around it.

Yuvraj- Yes really. Maybe a shower with your ‘jija ji’ like yesterday might clean you up. (He whispers in to her ear, the sound tickles her ear. She cringes out of his arms blushing bright pink.)

Suhani- Yuvraj stop acting like such a stupid boyish flirt when you don’t lo-

Yuvraj- Suhani… (He pretends to wipe exhausted sweat of his forehead with the back of his hand) I told you-

This action of Yuvraj’s showed suhani his hand, and his cut finger. Suhani’s face suddenly scrunched up with anguish.

Suhani- Yuvraj what did you do to your finger? (She grabs his hand in to hers, inspecting it thoroughly with perplexed eyes.)

Yuvraj- Nothing, it doesnt hurt… (he tries to pull his hand away but she grips on to it too tight. She lightly touches the finger and Yuvraj winces in pain.)

Suhani- It doesnt hurt, huh? (She raises her eyebrows questioningly, and yuvraj returns her expression with a mischevious smile.)

Suhani sighs and shakes her head. She lifts his finger closer to her face, blowing it gently, her hair flying around her face. Yuvraj smiled down at her captivated by her beautiful face and beauiful heart.

Suhani- Its bleeding Yuvraj!

Yuvani- its only a minor- (In distress and instinctiveness Suhani starts sucking the blood out of his finger with her mouth with big worried eyes, silencing Yuvraj’s words in suprise… he looks at her, brows furrowed in awe. He could feel her soft full lips around his finger, and it just made his so happy, that she cared. She looks up at him through her eyelashes and suddenly realises what she was doing. She stops suddenly and drops his arm. Yuvraj grins at her shy face. Suhani starts walking away, but before she could leave the room…

Yuvraj- Aaaaah! (He tries to yell convincingly, his eyes clamped shut)

Suhani swivveled around with a look of concern and walked towards him. He placed his fingers agains his lips and peeked open eye to see her. He winced loudly closed his slightly open eye again, making Suhani’s heartbeat jump.


Yuvraj- Suhani… (he sounded like he was badly in pain, and it made suhani feel very uneasy. He pointed to his lips) It hurts here, do the same thing that you did to my finger here too…

Yuvraj tried to hold in a laugh when watching Suhani’s expression change from on of worry to one of annoyed disbelief.

Suhani- Sadu!!! (He burst in to laughter and Suhani had to hold in a smile. Her eye were wide and she was biting her lip with a mock offended, disbelieving smile.)

She walked toward him and he backed away, still laughing but the laughter slowly draining out. She walked in to Yuvraj until he hit the shelf , but he didnt notice, he just stared fully immersed in her eyes. Suhani had seductive smirk on her face, and yuvraj could hear his heartbeat pound in his ears, his bp rising and his body tempreture increasing. She placed an arm on his shoulder and with her other hand, dragged a finger down his finely built chest, tracing the lines. She stares in to Yuvraj’s eyes with a mischevious fire, that made Yuvraj just want her closer. She wraps her arms around his neck, but he just stood shock still gazing in to her eyes, spell-bound by this new side of Suhani. She reaches up on her tiptoes, and leans towards his ear, her lips centimentres away.

Suhani- Did you say it hurt? (she whispered flirtily, making Yuvraj breath heavily, making her smile with satisfaction.)

He nods, his face slack.

Suhani- Ok. (For the first time during the entire thing, yuvraj seemed to be there. He shook his head slightly and widened his eyes his frowning eyebrows.)

Suhani leaned forwrd getting closer and closer to his lips, her hand caresses his face gently. Yuvraj watches her lips get closer with goosebumbs raising on his arms.

Her lips almost brush his before she stops. He looks up at her in confusion, she uses this as her advantage. She takes the hand that was caressing his face, and slaps him lightly where the arm used to be, with a naugthy smile. Yuvraj freezes in suprise rubbing where had hit.

Suhani- You think you can flirt whenever you want to, no strings attached, just because you are attractive. Well i just wanted to show you im no less… and also that i cant stand flirting with no relationship. And no, a brother-in-law and sister-in-law relationship doesnt count.

She crosses her arms over her chest and smiles triumphantly. Yuvraj smiles back, even more victorious.

Yuvraj- you think im attractive? (He flashes a million dollar grin and winks at her)

Suhani turns rosy with embarassment.

Suhani- No (she mutters out with a forced laugh)

She runs out of the cuboard as quickly as she could, leaving Yuvraj looking on with a bright smile.

—Guest bedroom—

Suhani walks in with a wided eyed smile, repeatedly hitting herself on the head. ‘think about what you say before you say it, duffer!’ she thought. She looked down at the bed and found a note. ‘Im just with Mausi ji, she wanted with her till the wedding party starts.’ She smiled and plced it on the bedside table.

She then picked up the box Pratima had given her and opened it slowly. She gasped at what it had revealed. She took out the dress and stroked it, admiring its elegant beauty. She locked the door from the inside, she then changed in to the dress. She faced the mirror and started smiling a smile she coudnt take of her face. She swirled around, watching the way it twirled around her. She sat in front of the mirror.

She hated the way sufforcating way foundation stayed on the skin, and her skin was already very smooth, so instead she just brushed on some powder. She slathered on some deep pink rosy lipstick, its shade resembling the blush of her cheeks when she’s near Yuvraj. She applied on some blush on either cheek and smiled, kowing it wasnt as bright as she blushed around ten minutes ago. She lined her eyes expertly lined her eyes, highlighting its beauty, and she applied some mascara to her already long volumeous lashes. She swept on little light blue eyeshadow and curled her hair to frame her face. She smiled at her reflection , satifisfyed with the way she looks.

—The living room—

The room was filled with bumbling guests, chattering joyfully and munching on the snacks. Dadi walks toward the doors with a big smile on her face. She opened the door and gestured in to the house to the guests outside the door.

Dadi- Welcome Mr Agarwal, Alia…

A father and daughter entered the house, the father looking very posh in a italian suit and the daughter a classic pretty rich girl, wearing a tight black dress, and thick hair tucked behind her ear and over one shoulder, with a very kind smile. Dadi led them in to the lliving room and called over a waiter, offering them drinks and snacks. Involving them in normal polite conversation.

Yuvraj walked out his room, straightening his blazer. His stunningly handsome smile and well built elegantly clad body caught the attention of every girl in the room, staring at his with droping mouths oogling at him. He doesnt notice this attention and walks over to Sharad smiling.

Yuvraj- Congratulations sharad (he pulls him in to a loving friendly hug with a smile.)

Sharad- Aarree vaah, you are looking like a proper bollywood hero Guru… Are you trying to impress someone? (Sharad smiled his usual cheeky smile and winked at Yuvraj)

Yuvraj looked away smiling slightly, nervously rubbing his short stubbly beard. He was wearing a suit, its shirt pristine white and blazer a sleek black. The outfit was tight fitted and showed off his very well built figure. He wore a midnight blue silky tie and had slightly ruffled hair which complimented his gentlemanly demeanour and gorgeous bright eyes. Two of his buttons were undone, teasing his bare chest, which was guarenteed to make girls go crazy.

Dadi who was still with Alia and her father smiled at Yuvraj arrogantly, she knew how handsome her grandson was.

Dadi- Alia dear, look over there… (Dadi pointed Yuvraj out to Alia and her father) He is my grandson… the one me and your father were talking to get you married to.

Alia smiled widely and blushed slighly, he was hot. Her father smiled at her reaction to him, his only target being his daughters happiness. Dadi signs for them to go and talk to Yuvraj so they both make their way to him.

Mr Agarwal- Hello, Its Yuvraj isn’t it? (He smiled politeely at Yuvraj and Yuvraj returned it courteously.)

Yuvraj- Yes, nice to meet you (He stick out his hand, which Mr agarwal takes in to his and shakes.) and you are?

Mr Agarwal- Hiran Agarwal and this is my daughter Alia. (Yuvraj and Alia also both shake hands. Alia’s heart is filled with happiness. She was rich… but she was actually a simple girl. Yuvraj was handsome, kind and her parents were happy with him. It was enough to make her start falling for him.

Dadi saw the three together and thought ‘If Alia and Yuvraj talk alone then they might make a connection that will cause him to forget about… that girl…’

Dadi- Mr Agarwal! (She called out, raising her hand in the air. Mr agarwal sees this and makes his way toward her and leaves Yuvraj and Alia by themselves)

Yuvraj- It was nice meeting you, bye… (He walks away in the direction of the bottom of the stairs. Alia followed him eager to get to know this guy. Alia stopped him at the bottom of the stairs. She placed a hand on his shoulder and he turned around confusion written all over his face.)

Yuvraj- Yes?

Alia- no its nothing, Im just a little bored not knowing anyone else here… (She smiled at him, and he just nodded politely.)

Alia talked animatedly to him about this and that, flicking her hair over her shoulder and flashing smiles. Yuvraj forced uncoftorable laughs, but she was nice and kind so he was polite.

Suhani stepped out at the top of the stairs and her beauty made everyone, except Yuvraj who was facing away from the stairs, freeze.

Suhani was wearing a two piece lehenga, her slim midriff open to the world. The lehengha was a midnight blue and embellished with sparkly beads that glittered in the light. The outfit hugged her impressive figure and her face wore a stunning smile and lit up with beauty. The guys were captivated by her straight away as she walked elegantly down the stairs. Her bangles tinkled as they hit together with her movement and her skirt floated behind her.

Alia too stared in wonder seeing her walk down the stairs, with an awe-filled smile for Suhani. Yuvraj was suprised, the room had suddenly gotten completely silent.

Yuvraj starts turning his head slowly with his eyebrows frowned with confusion. When he turned around to face the stairs…

Precap- Suhani dances, laughing loudly and having a great time. Soumya looks on with a malicious smile as her plan unfolds.

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