Is Pyaar ko nei thood saktha hai (Episode 11): Suhani si ek ladki (Yuvani)


Thanks for the love and support, here is episode 11 and the awaited shower scene. I hope its no too boring and ive done it justice.

episode 10 (if you need a refresh)- Episode 10

Suhani gets up to leave, still highly intimidated by his drunken state. She starts walking toward the door but she is stopped. Yuvraj grabs her hand and stands up, staring at her deeply. She looks around at him meeting his intense gaze. He smirks at her. Suhani looks at his sore brusied split lip in concern.

Suhani- Im sorry for leaving, let me put ointment on your lip first.

Suhani breaks free of his grasp and she starts rummaging through the drawers, searching for the ointment. Yuvraj sighs at her with a smile. He grabs her hand and pulls her in to his chest. She gripped his shirt to stable herself and Yuvraj wrapped his hands around her waist, staring lovingly in to her eyes. Suhani tries to struggles out of his grip, but Yuvraj grabs on to her tighter , smiling playfully at her struggle. She looks up at him with a confused frown, then looks to the ground nervously.

Suhani- Whats going on Yuvraj, one minute your crying and now you are behaving so weirdly?

Yuvraj grinned at her mischevious and took his finger and used it to lift her face to meet his gaze.

Yuvraj- Im drunk Suhani… What can I do? I cant help doing what my heart tells me to…

Suhani smiled accidently and blsuhed looking away. Yuvraj pushed her hair out of her face and stared in to her eyes then followed his gaze down her nose and reached her soft pink lips. He breathed heavily and the feel of it against Suhani’s skin broke her out of the trance.

Suhani-Yuvraj this is wrong…

Suhani forcefully pulled apart his hands that were around her waist and turned on her foot, scared that if she looks back at his hunting eyes, she’d fall weak and give in to her hearts desire. Yuvraj stumbles forward to stop her and the stubs his toe on the edgeof the bed frame and yelps in pain. Suhani looks around again to face him in care. Yuvraj carries on walking forward, all he can see her. Yuvraj walks toward suhani, his walk still not stable. He stares in to Suhani’s eyes with love and lust. Suhani looks at him, captivated but intimidated. He starts backing her in to the bathroom door with a cheeky smile on his face. Suhani walks backward nervously and shyly.

As they get closer and closer to the bathroom door, Yuvraj got closer and closer to her. Just before they would have hit in to the door, Yuvraj grabs on to suhani by linking one of his arms round Suhani’s waist and again linking his lustful gaze to her lips. Suhani couldn’t think straight, she wanted to be with him, let him touch her, but she was scared of drunk men and couldnt shake off the bad connotations she had with them.

She pushes Yuvraj away with both her hands to his chest and stepped backwards away from him. The bathroom door wasn’t shut and she hit straight in to it, making it open and slam the wall to its side. She fell through with nothing to hit on to and starting slipping to the ground. But Yuvraj, still drunk, managed to catch her before her head could hit the floor. He leaned over her, their foreheads touching and electricity sparking through both their veins. Both her hands grip on to his shoulders, desperatley with need. One of Yuvraj’s hands wrap around her waist and the other caresses her face, his thumb tracing its beautiful outlines.

Suhani tries to stand up from the position but her foot slips again because of the water present on the floor. This makes Yuvraj also slip sightly. But he stabilizes himself by placing his hand on the wall. He hits the button that turned on the shower , pouring water over them and soiling their clothes. Yuvraj helps her stand up but when she tries to run to leave the bathroom… He grabs her arm and drags her back against the wall, stroking her glistening face, while she raises her eyebrows in question, craning her head to look up at him. His other hand was still leant on the wall, looming above the pair. He wraps his arms around her waist, bringing them closer. Suhani places her arms on top of his subconciously and wraps her ams around his waistband. Yuvraj leans forward sparking the same fire of passion in Suhani’s eyes that was present in his. Their foreheads and noses touch and their lips are inches from meeting. Suhani breaks eye contact and looks to the wet floor and starts whispering…

Suhani- But Yuvraj… you dont love me… there is nothing between us… how can we be in this situation… no Yuvi… (Yuvraj smirked finding her panicked whispers both amusing and seductive.) We cant do this… no-no-no let me g-

Yuvraj places his finger on her lips stopping her words and freezing her still. she looks at him intently, waiting for his next move, her desire making her forget her fear. He steps back and smiles, looking her up and down with a smirk, staring at the figure he can see now through the wet clothes sticking to her body.

She watches in shock as Yuvraj brings his lips closer and closer in drunken recklessness. Her eyes turns almost cross eyed as she watches his lips get closer and she almost jumps in shock when she feels his lips against hers. She can feel her lips cushioned by his, and he could feel his heartbeat race as he felt his dream against his lips. But they just stood there, lips touching not doing anything more, and eyes clenched shut, treasuring the moment. Suddenly, when Yuvraj tried to start a liplock, Suhani realised what is happening and with who and she springs away from him in the spur of the moment and starts walking away and Yuvraj opens his eyes and looks on in confusion and hurt. His heart couldn’t let her go… He strided to her and gripped his hands around her middle and pulled her back in to his chest. He placed his chin on her shoulder and she looked at him sideways in puzzlement. He reached down and whispered in to her ear.

Yuvraj- Who told you Suhani… that there is nothing between us?

Suhani’s eyes widened in bewilderment and Yuvraj took advantage of this state of suprise to twist her around and place her against the wall again. Suhani gasped and Yuvraj took this as a chance to move even closer to her, the water still cascading over their hot and bothered bodies.

His fingers sneak behind her orange lacy saree and he holds her bare waist with both his hands making suhani gasp. She blushes profusely and averts her gaze to the ground. She keeps her elbows under his armpits and brings her hands around to cling to both his shoulders. They both search each the others eyes to make sure the other feels the connection they do.

Yuvraj gazes at her admiringly. His eyes were hungry and he was feasting at the sight of her. Her usually straight hair, framed her face with fierce curls that complimented her intense beautiful bright eyes. Her body looked gorgeous in her lacy ensemble that now stuck to her with water and it just drew him in to her evenmore. And finally he stared at her lips, pink and luscious and his urge was incontrollable.

He pulls her body against him, their whole body touching. He could feel her chest heave with nervous heavy breaths against him. The same fire ran through his blood. He touched his nose against her forehead and she looked up at him, her eyebrows raised. He carries on moving down her face. Almost as if he was teasing her. He left goosebumbs of pleasure everywhere he touched. Suhani watched him with with impatient nervous eyes. Suddenly Suhani felt his soft lips against the sensitive skin on her neck, heightening her sensation. He kissed her neck gently. She clenched on to the fabric of his shirt at his waistband in to bunches between her fingers with incredible need and arched her back in to his magical touch. He holds her face in his hands and stares at with love, lust, need and guilt all gathering to make the most powerful force. His famished eyes ate of her beauty and he was intoxifyed by her presence.

But Suhani suddenly imagined herself in a different situation as Yuvraj eyed her. She was exactly where she was, with her clinging to his waist and his hands cradling her face but in her sudden thoughts the water pouring over them was spilling the sindoor from her maang down her face and made her mangalsutra gleam in the light. In her imagination she could she this exact thing happening, but with them as a married couple.

But the fact that she knew that a girl like her could never get a guy like him made her choke back tears.

She suddenly grabbed on to his shirt powerfully, actually ripping off the two top buttons and revealing some of his bare chest. She gripped on to it tightly and she ran her other hand through his wet slicked back hair desperately. She brings her head closer till their foreheads touch. And her shut eyes strain as Yuvraj sees a single tear escaping her eye. Her pain started clearing his drunken mind, making it a little less cloudy. He wiped her tears gently and lovingly.

Yuvraj- Suhani, what happened?

Yuvraj’s concerned quiet whisper sent out a wisp of the the musky alcohol filled breath he had acquired. It swept over Suhani’s face and hit her badly with a tonne of bad memories. Her mind rushed and bubbled with images of rohan touching her and hitting her, trying to kiss her. And it all became too unbearable.

She grabbed Yuvraj’s hands and threw them off her and stormed out of the room. Furious that he could drink after all of the past she had told him. Yuvraj stared at Suhani’s figure getting futher and further in to the distance and suddenly his mind and heart became completely sober. And he was slapped with a mountain of regret.

Yuvraj- Suhani!?! Please! Im so sorry… (He yelled after her, his voice painfull)

Suhani ignored him, muddled with too many feelings.


Her loud shouts worried the entire family as it rattled through the house, luckily dadi was out at a magazine interview or Suhani would have had to have kissed the house goodbye. Soumya was overjoyed at her plans success but Bhavana was the most concerned of all, her wedding was tomorrow morning, less than 6 hours away, and she couldnt handle anymore issues. The family rushed to the living room in worry where Suhani had stormed in to.

Yuvraj had followed her in worried rushed strides. He stood in front of suhani. Looking into her eyes a praying that he wins her trust.

Yuvraj- No Suhani… i didnt…

Suhani- Yes.. you did… you broke my trust and went and had alcohol…

The family were utterly confused. Yuvraj had never came home drunk before. But he was obviously drunk right now. Suhani swivvled on her foot and started walking away sadness and anger weighting her heart. But then Yuvraj once again grabbed suhani’s hand and linked it with his, grabbing her attention and making her look around at him. He pulls her body against his with one hand. He hugs her waist tightly and helplessly.They stare at each other in silence with pain filled eyes.

The family looked on at their pose startled. Then their gaze led to the pairs state, both of the soaking wet and the top buttons of Yuvraj’s shirt undone. It looked very suspicious. Sharad could help the mischevious smile from appearing on to his face, which Bhavana noticed. She slapped him on the arm making his smile disappear and smile came on to her face.
Soumya almost lost her sanity. Ever plan of hers brought them closer and she could see Suhani putting her arm of his bare chest to steady herself making the life wring out of her. But she had consolation, which was the fact that a misunderstanding had been created.

Yuvraj placed his hand on the side of Suhani’s face, cupping it. Suhani watched his every movement cautiously, scared he might do something like he did in the bathroom. His sad face and needful touch almost softened her heart, but she couldnt forget his betrayal.

Yuvraj- Please… Suhani…

Suhani broke out his grasp, not really wanting to leave. Yuvraj had no other option, He couldnt lose her or her trust. So with full sincerity, he fell to her feet pleading for mercy and forgiveness. Suhani froze in suprise.

The family had no idea what to do. But Suhani couldnt handle the pain that she could see in Yuvraj’s eyes and any lowering of his dignity. She sat down beside his laying body and pulled his hands of her feet and grasped his hands between hers.

Suhani- No Yuvraj…this isnt right… (He reached out to touch her face, and she just moved it back down to their linked arms) But i cant forgi-

Yuvraj again fell to her feet, lowering his head to the ground as well, shaking. Suhani tried to budge his hands but his determined grasp was too strong. Suhani looked up at his brothers in a plea of help. The had witnessed the entire conversation and knew Yuvraj was drunk. They pulled him away from Suhani and started dragging him to his room, with Saurabh’s hand around his shoulder.

Yuvraj- NO… Suhani! Listen to me… (he winced in immense pain as Sharad touched a bruise under ribs and this movement of his lips caused them to split again and stain the floor with blood)

Suhani looked up at him in extreme worry and care and started running up to him. Pratima shuddered.

Pratima- What happened to you beta? What happened?…

Yuvraj- leave that… it doesnt matter… (the brothers starting taking him again) Let me talk to Suhani… Please! Just listen… (He tried to shake out of the brother’s grip, and each word worsened the state of his lips.)

Suhani looked on scared and puzzled. Suddenly an extremely loud screech sounded and a car halted in front of Birla House. The noise made the entire family freeze. The doors slammed open and Menka walked in through the doors, stunned at the sight she was faced with.

Menka- What are you doing with Yuvraj Bhaiyaa when i just saw him-

The chaos started up again ignoring Menka’s words. Suhani started walking away, and Pratima panicked loudly. Bhavana paced around with worry that her wedding might be filled with similar disasters, while rags tried to comfort her. The brothers yelled at each trying to work out how to get Yuvraj in to his room as he seemes determined to stay put. Yuvraj screamed repeatedly in protest. Menka was about to burst in fustration.


The ear-splitting scream and its suprising words stopped the family shock still.

Suhani’s voice was almost a whisper.

Suhani- What?

Yuvraj heaved in relief at the truth being out.

Menka- Yes. If you people would have listened to poor Yuvraj, he would have told you he was beaten up and alcohol was forced down his throat by goons. Which i saw when i was eating gollgappas with my friends and he was buying samosa. (Menka tossed her phone with her photo open to Suhani. She looked at it, her hands shaking.)

The ladies look over her shoulder and grasp. Suhani brings her shaking hand over mouth to hide her shivering lips and slowly breaks in to tears.

Yuvraj couldnt handle any tears from her eyes. He rushed over to her. He uses his thumbs to gently wipe aways his tears, his head shaking no, tears leaving his own eyes.

The family heart burst with awe and joy at the pair, confused how their love could be so strong and they dont realise it.

Suhani leaps in to a hug, wrapping her arms around the back of his chest and placing her head on his chest. He wraps one arm around her waist and the other cradled her head and strokes her hair, and he shhs her.

Suhani- Im so sorry Yuvraj… im so sorry (Her eyes were shut and spilling with tears)
Yuvraj- Dont apologize… dont worry you didnt know… ( he tightens the embrace)
He nuzzles his nose in to her hair, his eyes shut with relief. She tries to bury her face in to his chest, she felt safe with him enveloping her in his arms. She kept on shaking andcryng, feeling evil for doubting him, feeling selfish for wanting this gem for the rest of her life when she didnt deserve it, feeling pain in his injuries feeling scared for her love that she is trying to deny but her mind wont let her. Yuvraj’s heart ached at every weep and his gri tightened, realising he needed her, always. To be always with him.

Bhavana- Suhani! Its almost your sisters wedding! How could you cry?! (She tried to joke light heartedly to distract from the tears.)

Yuvraj smiled slightly to try and lighten suhani’s mood. He uses her shoulders and pulls her off his chest and looks her in the eyes. He wipes her tears and smiles at her lovingly.

Yuvraj- If you waste all your tears now, who will cry at the bidai? (Suhani smiled slightly, with a teasing frown.)

Pratima brought out a box and rushed over, hoping to divert the topic. She passed it to Suhani with a motherly smile.

Pratima- This is for you to wear at you sisters wedding beta…

Suhani- No auntie ji, there is no need…

Pratima pulled her in to a hug.

Pratima- there is a need to gift my daughter… (the both smiled in to the hug)

Soumya lost all calm, anger taking over her controll, hit with an idea. She ran to the guestroom. ‘Suhani cant stay happy…’ she thought.

Saurabh- Come on then people! We have a wedding in 3 hours, we have to sleep a little…

All the family starts walking in their seperate ways. Suhani starts walking to the guest bedroom but then…

feels Yuvraj grab her hand from behind. She looked around at him with a shy smile. Yuvraj raised his eyes in feinged confusion.

Yuvraj- Suhani what happened when i was drunk? Why are we all wet?

Suhani looked at him in suprise, dissapointment and shyness.

Suhani- You dont remember? (Her whisper was very cute)

Yuvraj shook his head trying to hide a mischevious smile.

Yuvraj- No… What were we doing?

Suhani squirmed in embaressment, unable to describe to him what they were doing. She broke out their linked hands and ran away quickly blushing bright pink.

Yuvraj looked after her, the naughty smile appearing on his face. And his eyes dancing with mischief and pranking. It was fun to see her pretty pink blush. He knew exactly what they were doing when he was drunk, and he loved it.

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