Is Pyaar ko nei thood saktha hai (Episode 10): Suhani si ek ladki (Yuvani)


Hi everybody. Im so sorry to have not updated for so many days, i was on holiday in Italy and couldnt find any time. What is it with everybody saying Yuvraj will die in the serial, or Sambhav will try to kill him? Is it true or… what do you guys know about it?… anyway… this episode is super super long nd hope you enjoy it and it doesnt bore you too much. Please let me know if it does. Or you liked it or you have any suggestions by posting a comment.

Here is a link to my last epi so you guys can refresh what is going on  x-

Yuvraj looked down at her in guilt and fear. Menka passed Yuvraj a glass of water and yuvraj grabbed it out of her hands hectically. He took some water and slashed it on to Suhani’s face repeatedly, desperate to wake her up. Yuvraj carresses her face in his arms, lightly hitting her cheeks to awake her. His touch makes her stir slightly.

Yuvraj- Suhani.. (his voice is a broken sorrowful whisper) Mein hu gunaygaar.

He looked tortured and a dry tears slipped from him eye. Sharad came up behind him an rubbed his back Bhavana rushed and sat beside Yuvraj, moving him to the side slightly. She grabs Suhani’s hand and looks down at her in concern and sisterly love.

Bhavana- Get up na Suhani? you are making us all worry…

Suhani- Yuvraj…(Her voice is the slightest whisper, but Yuvraj picked up with it in happy surprise)

Yuvraj moved toward her making bhavana shuffle to the side. He clutched both of suhani’s hands in his and started at her searching for movement.

Suhani- Where is Yuvraj (Her mumbles were almost silent but the family heard her and almost smiled. Yuvraj’s eyes lit up with hope and his mouth was open slightly, his eyebrows were raised pleadingly.)

Yuvraj- I’m- I’m here Suhani… Suhani… Im right here, open your eyes and look at me (His voice was desperate and passionate and the way he rubbed her hands with his seemed like he was begging, for those eyes to open which he sees in and he sees his dreams)

Suhani-Yuvi… Yuvraj ko bulayee… please… (Her voice was weak, vunerable and imploring and it broke Yuvraj’s heart. She winced in pain and tried moving her injued head and Yuvraj quickly moves his hand to protect her head. But her eyes didnt open and her lips kept on going slack)

Yuvraj places one of his forearms under her neck and one forearm under her knees and lifts her bridal style. Her head hits against his chest and her bangle had gotten caught in the loose thread of the button of his shirt.But Yuvraj pushed back the happiness he felt at her touch with concern for her. He placed her on the bed and sat next to her, his face still and somber. He was waiting for the results of her blood test.

He grabs her face in his hands and reached down still not noticing they are attached by the thread of his shirt, a couple of inches between their mouths. His intensely brown eyes bore in to her skull and then in to her soul, helplessly. He tilted forwards so their foreheads touched. He shut his eyes and just relished in her presence. She was breating heavily and he could feel her breath carresing his skin and he could feel the cool sensation of her face in his hands both of which calmed him down a little bit. His voice was extremely shaky as if he was on the verge of loud cries.

Yuvraj- I dont deserve you Suhani. Im like the winter, cold, lonely, hostile and dying from the inside out. Strong winds wrap around my mind, sufforcating me. And the snow freezes my raw thawed heart. But you are like the summer. Warm beautiful bright and uplifting, the burning sun that melts the ice thats settled on my heart and calms the storm of anger spirrling in my brain. You make everyone smile and dance with happiness but i run like a wildfire, destroying lives. Your eyes are filled with childish delight and innocence but mine filled with dark morbid meanings. I could never be good enough for you, you deserve so much better than me. I mean look at you now, and its all because of me, i let my rage blind me from whats really important to me. And thats you. I love you Suhani. I love you so much. Wake up for me Suhani… Wake up, please.

A slither of a tear drips down his face and hits the surface of Suhani’s skin, making her respond slightly. Yuvraj notices this and quickly rubs his face and puts on a smile to wipe away the evidence of his tears.

Yuvraj- Wake up my notanki rani! How long will you keep us waiting till you make us go and dance in the rain? (he tried to joke with difficulty, trying to lighten up the melancholy atmosphere and hide his love.)

Suhani’s eyes flickered open. She opens her eyes to see how close their faces are. Yuvraj looked up at her, wide eyed as he was caught in suprise. He tries to move away from her hasitly but then they both realise that they are attached and the both freeze, awkwardly. Suhani looks down, shy and upset as she felt he is angry at her because of the incident with babu. She tried to speedily disattach her bangle from his button. Yuvraj looks down at her with big sad eyes noticing how sad he has made her. They both looked down in silence to see the thread unravel it self away from her bangle and his button.

Yuvraj- Suhani… your awake… (Yuvraj smiled at her with relief and delight but Suhani broke eye contact.)

Suhani- Yes. Im awake, but Yuvraj what had happened?(her voice was strictly platonic, remorseless and unfriendly.)

Yuvraj- We dont know… (looking at the floor awkwardly, upset that she was mad at him)we are waiting for the blood test results.

He looked so upset and regretfull that it softened Suhani’s heart. Her doe eyes were filled with sympathy and her lips wry.

Suhani- Look Yuvraj,

Suhani + Yuvraj- Im sorry…

Suhani- I was dizzy and it was becoming dangerous to babu so I went to get painkillers.

Suhani said it staring right at him and Yuvraj meet her gaze pleadingly.

Yuvraj-I should have listened to you Suhani… i have to learn to control this temper of mine..

Suhani smiled her usual adorable smile that made any guy swoon but made Yuvraj’s heart leap repeatedly. She kneeled infront of his stool, and was as tall as his nose, she looked up at him and then pinched his cheeks, automatically breaking a huge smile on to his face.

Suhani- I can’t stay angry at my sadu for long, can i Yuvi?

Yuvraj leans forward whil shaking his head saying no, and then his nose whacked Suhani on the forehead. She exclaimd ow at which Yuvraj looked up in care and concern, and she rubbed the afflicted area twice a comical fashion. She pointed at Yuvraj comedically.

Suhani- You and your huge nose… It makes everyone lives difficult. (She changed her feigned frown in to a small teasing smile. Yuvraj smiled back arrogantly.)

Yuvraj- Aha, nahi, me and my nose are very beautiful special things.

Suhani- No. You and that big fat ugly thing are dangers to this already dangerous world. In amid war, terrorism, crime, poverty, there lies your giant nose! We must put a stop to this horror right here and now!

She reaches over and grabs his nose and pulls it around while he smiles at her. He applauds sarcastically.

Yuvraj- wow, wow, wow… what an impressive speech suhani… can you now make one up about your disasterously bulging stomach?

Suhani looked up at him wide eyed and open mouthed, in disbelief, mock offence and amusement. She yells…

Suhani- Hey! My stomach does not bulge!
and proceeds to jab yuvraj on his sides while he yelped, feeling tickilish and in light playful pain.

Yuvraj- Stop, stop, stop! I was joking!… (They both laughed extremely loudly in joy and the family smiled at them when they walked in with the doctor. Dadi looked at them in distaste and it pulled their laughter to an abrupt stop and turned their faces blank.)

Yuvraj- Doctor?

Doctor- Suhani will be up and ready after a few hours of rest, and once the drugs fully wears off.

Yuvraj springs up in to a standing position with suprise and concern.

Yuvraj- Drugs? (He asks loudly with utter disblief)

The doctor nods, without exprssion.

Doctor- The table in the living room had a glass on it which had the final stubs of the white powdered drug at the bottom. Suhani must have had it which is what started her light headedness.

Yuvraj sat down in a bubble of shock, and suhani half froze in suprise. Saurabh led the doctor out of the room muttring thank yous and the rest of the family left the room, except Yuvraj, bhavana and Suhani.

Bhavana- Suhani… I think-

Yuvraj started shaking Suhani’s shoulders quite aggresively. Stirring suhani out of her thoughts.

Yuvraj- SUHANI! Who-Who did this to you?

Suhani- I-I-I dont know…(bhavana could see the anger in Yuvraj and she tried to think of how to calm him down)

Bhavana- Yuvraj calm down its just-

Yuvraj- I know… SOUMYA DID THIS, WHY IS SHE AFTER OUR LIVES?! (he chaotically paced around the room evidently frazzled. Suhani stood up and faced him in protest.)

Bhavana looked at both of them helplessly, sharad walks in and sees her stuggle and softens with sympathy. He sits next to her and looks at her and she meets his gaze. He places his hand on the small of her back and leads her to stand up.

Sharad- Come Bhavana ji, these two will sort this out. You dont worry and come with me. (They leave the room, sharad’s arm lovingly wrapped around her wrist.

Suhani- No. We cant always pin the blame on soumya for one mistake. I know her she could never try and do this to me…

Yuvraj- But Suhani…

The buzz and ring of Suhani’s phone on the beside table hastily stopped Yuvraj’s words. They both watched as it vibrate, jumping up and down on the table. Suhani looked up at him and he signalled toward the phone with his hand and gave a small sigh. Suhani picked up the phone and walked out of the room leaving Yuvraj to slump against the bedframe.

Suhani looks down at the unsaved number flashing on her screen with confusion. She picks it up and places it against her ear.

Suhani- Hello, who is this?

Man- Suhani, my lifelong sweetheart, how’s your life going baby?

Suhani stays silent, her body tensing up.

Man- Ive gotten rid of Roshini, so we have to get back together.

Suhani’s eyes are still are blank but they fill up an turn glassy with unshed tears.

Suhani- Look. Rohan. We were over a long time ago. I dont love you anymore, so please never call me again. (Her voice got shakier and shakier)

Rohan- HOW DARE YOU TURN ME DOWN! Dont you remember Suhani baby? How you blushed at my close and intimate touch that night, how you smiled at my sweet words?

Suhani- Your charming lies may have weakened my knees and caused me to fall at your feet once Rohan, okay? (she started crying silent tears) But never again, my heart is locked away, im never letting anyone steal it again.

She viciously pulled the phone from her ear and cut the phone before he could say anything else. She used the sleeve of her anarkali to wipe away her tears and walked back to the guestroom where Yuvraj was present, as normally as she could. Yuvraj looks up at her expectantly but suhani looks to the ground to not let her emotions show. But all Rohan’s words and bitter old memories rush through her mind making her gulp back tears.

Yuvraj- Look Suhani, i know Soumya is your best-

His words are interrupted by Suhani suddenly drops to sit on the bed, her eyes glassy and very far away. Her arms wrap around her self and she shivers with tremors of haunted memories not temperature. Yuvraj looks down at her, terrified for her, and runs to sit beside her. He rubs her back gently, whispering random things in to her ears until her tears and shaking stills and stops.

Yuvraj- Suhani, What’s happened? I know you love Soumya but I think-

Yuvraj is interuppted once again. Suhani leaps in to his shocked arms and wraps her arms around his chest desperately. Yuvraj wraps his arms around her too, still suprised but just trying to comfort the girl who he’d move the heavens for. She buries her face in to his collar bone, dissolving in to tears and soaking his shirt. He gently stroked her hair, shhing her.

Yuvraj- Tell me Suhani, Im here…

Suhani tells Yuvraj about everything, murmuring in to his shoulder, but he could still hear. She told him how she had been fooled in to thinking she loved Rohan and how she though that their relationship was true love. How Rohan’s drunken rages and advances scared her but she still lived with it. How he convinced her to drink at a party he took her to, and got her completely wasted. Then how he tried to take things much further that nght and that they almost did. How he touched her that night when she couldnt notice. And how the next day she found out that he was cheating on her with her college best friend Roshini. Her emotions meant that she revealed more than she ever wanted to, Yuvraj was shaking with sensational rage pulsating through his veins. But he grabbed on to Suhani tighter, their bodies enveloping each other, comforting them both. His fingertips were tangled in to her silky strands, and the pair clenched their eyes shut, gripping on to each other as if it kept them alive.

Yuvraj- How could someone ever do something to someone like you?

He asked this while they slowly moved out of the embrace. Soumya who was listening in from the doorway,was shrivelling with rage, because plan after plan was turning on her and brought Yuvani closer. But a small smirk appeared on her face while it lighted up with and idea.

Soumya- Suhani… You are scared of drunkards? I can make that happen…

Her words were interrupted with the buzz of her phone which she picked up, rolling her eyes.

Soumya- Hello…

Krishna- Soumya, we need to meet my love…

Soumya- Krishna, dont worry, meet me at 1:00 in the coffee shop.

Krishna- Okay bye.

Soumya cut the call with an exaggerated sigh and dialled in a number and placed the phone against her ear with a no-good smile, striding away in to the living room.

Suhani looked Yuvraj deeply in the eyes with insecurity and questioning.

Suhani- Someone like me? (She gently places her hand on her heart)

They sit next to each other on te bed but face each other, their noses almost touching. Yuvraj nods at her question, pushing a strand of her hair away from her face to behind her ear.

Yuvraj- Someone as kind as you…

Yuvraj places a finger under Suhani’s chin and moved her face closer to his , Suhani’s eyes were shut and Yuvraj’s eyes were on her lips.

Yuvraj- Someone as genuine…

He caressed her face in his hands and brings her inches away from their lips touching.

Yuvraj- Someone as beauti-

Yuvraj’s words stop midway as reality flashes through his mind. His hesitation also brings Suhani back to sense and makes her quickly free away from his frozen grasp. A couple of seconds were spent in silence thinking over what had just happened. Before Yuvraj tried to cover up the situaion with a light forced laugh.

Yuvraj- I know what will cheer you up, SAMOSA! What else would lift the mood of such a fatso…

Suhani stays still when yuvraj looks at her for a responce, even if it was offence. She had a tiny smile on her face which was enough to satisfy him, so he gets up and leaves to fulfil what he had commited to right then. Suhani sits on the bed, motionless with a huge subconcious smile plastered on her face. She plced her hand were Yuvraj had placed it just moments ago, staring in to the distance dreamily.

Yuvraj stood at the food stall, itching his chin impaitently, while waiting for the food to arrive. In the near distance there was a girl who recognised him and knew him very well, stared in complete disbelief seeing that he was there. The stall owner came up with an hostile expression and held out the plate with samosa on it. Yuvraj leaned forward to collect it with a polite smile. But as he reached for it he felt strong muscular arms drag him from behind. He opened his mouth to yell to yell at his assulter but one of the arms around him was moved to his mouth,with a sufforcating grip. After what felt like hours but probably was only half a minute, Yuvraj came face to face with his attacker. He looked rowdy and unfamiliar.

Yuvraj-Who are you!? What are you do-

His words were cut out with a whooping punch to his lower lip, causing it to severley bruise and bleed out treacherously. He stumbled back, the pain almost rendering him unconcious. The girl who was eating gollgappas with her friends ran toward him extremely worried. Other men came up to Yuvraj while he ws held in place by the iron cast grip of the first goon, they held large bottles of whisky in their hands and walked menacingly towards Yuvraj.

The girl tried to get to him but a man held her back, she quickly took out her phone and snapped a picture planning to prosecute them later, her brain working maturely for once. She bidded speedily fare wells to her friends and got in and started the engine of her car, to go to Birla house.

The main man pulled his mouth open forcefully while one of the other men opened the alcohol and placed it on the tip of Yuvraj’s tongue. Yuvvraj ragefully turned his head to a side refusing the drink. The goon holding him shoved his face toward the bottle again, brutally. They made him chug bottle after bottle, the new taste burning the back of his throat. He kept on attempting to move his face away, but he was to weaked by pain to resist the men’s strength. Once the world was blurring around him and he couldnt walk in a straight line, the men shoved him to the ground and walked away, their work done. Yuvraj stumbles to a taxi who lets him in and starts its way to the birla house, only because the driver was scared of Yuvraj’s name, status and state.

The girl making her way to the birla house screeches to a stop at the long line of heavy traffic with a huge sigh, she was desperate but the serious accident on the road meant that she would be here for a while. She tried someone’s number, placing the phone on the dashboard with the speaker on, but then takes it in to her hand when she hears the beep that indicates the phone isnt reachable, she looks down at it in frustration and dejection. She honks her horn loudly, knowing its no use.

Yuvraj slams open the door and stumbles through the door, which alerts Suhani who was eagerly waiting, with her mouth watering. Yuvraj turns on his foot and looks at his own muddy footprints, his cloudy brain confused. Suhani walks in and walks up behind him, excitedly.

Suhani- Yuvraj, did you bring the samosa?

Yuvraj turned to face her, his eyes disorientated and his lips dripping blood on to the tiles. Suhani stepped back with sudden suprise, gasping. She stepped toward him with care and fear for him in her eyes.

Suhani- Yuvraj!? What happened?

She takes the end of orange and cream lace saree she had changed in to and uses it to wipe away the blood dripping down his chin and the tear he didn’t noticed streaked his face. Yuvraj started as her while she did this spellbound but completely confused and distant.

Yuvraj- Samosa?… (He drags his fingers through his sweat sodden hair)

Suhani could smell the alcohol in his musky breath and stepped back in hurt.

Suhani- Are you drunk Yuvraj!?

Yuvraj looks on in offence.

Yuvraj- Of course not, i dont dri- (He stumbles over his own foot while unintentionally walking diagonally, and grabs on to suhani’s shoulder to stablise himself.) nk.(he points at her with his index finger like a teacher would, his drunken eyes narrowing)

Suhani looks at him with anger growing, everytime she thought she felt something toward Yuvraj and trusted him with something, he happened to do something to hurt her, or she misundersttod and thinks he did something, but either way it frustrated her that things kept on coming in the way of their… uh… friendship… She steps back with anger in her stride and shoves yuvraj off her. Yuvraj steps back in confusion and pain, Suhani startes at him expectantly, not knowing what he would do next. She was afraid of his drunkeness, because rohan had been so terrifying in this state.

A tear spilled from Yuvraj’s eye, breaking down the barricades that held up his emotions. The alcohol took over his mind that had been silently struggling for days. Suhani ran over to him, still uncomfortable but her anger mellowed down from seeing the tears in his eyes that brought her pain too. She wiped the droplets of tears from his face with her thumbs, shaking her head with trembling lips.

Suhani- Dont Yuvraj… please

She takes his hand and takes him to his room. Yuvraj stares down at their linked fingers midlessly and more tears escapes his eyes. Suhani sits him on the bed and sits next to him, silently facing the other way.

Suhani- Sleep now, Yuvraj… All this would be over by morning.

She is almost about to get up until she is stopped by yuvraj’s large loud weeps which rattles the fault lines of her vunerable heart thats filled with love for him.Sheturns around as quickly as possible and grabs his face in her hands, caressing it gently, wiping his tears and comforting his shaking body.

Yuvraj- Suhani… Why do you hate me?

Suhani- i don-

Yuvraj- What do i do to make everyone hate me Suhani?

He shakes with tears and slowly curls him knees toward his chest in to a foetus position.

Suhani- Yuvraj… you are saying all this in a drunken state. Just let it go and rest.

He ignores her words and lowers his head slowly. He plavws his head in Suhani lap, shuffling around in pain. His split lip pressed against her knee, Suhani freezes still, confused by the situation.

Yuvraj- I only want the best for everyone Suhani, but no one understands me. I-I-i get angry, i know i do, but its only when i care. Its only when i care Suhani. I used to be so happy, until i realised how, how i? (he seemed to forget what he was saying and Suhani stares t the walll while gripping on to his arm tightly. ) How i ruin everyone’s life, like a living hurricane… my father died Suhani… And its because of me.. ( his sobs got even louder and less controllable, suhani felt the pain of his pain rush through her blood and leave in the form of tears that run down her face.)

Suhani- Its not your fault Yuvi…(She starts gently running her fingers through his sweaty hair) Trust me, its not your fault…

Yuvraj- Its my fault Suhani, MY FAULT!(He keeps his hand on his heart as if it paining him) If i had just been there that day… And now you… ill ruin your life too, eventhough i love y- (Suhani stood still, disbelieving the words that could maybe leave his mouth, but then she was given a startle when Yuvraj begins dry retching loudly, scaring her. She quickly grabbed the plastic bag that laid beside his bed and hands it to him at the nick of time. As he throws up in to it, holding his head as it ached. Suhani rubs his back, looking at him with concern. He throws away the bag in to the small bin and kicks the lid shut.

Suhani- Sleep now Yuvi…

Suhani gets up to leave, still highly intimidated by his drunken state. She starts walking toward the door but she is stopped. Yuvraj grabs her hand and stands up, staring at her deeply. She looks around at him meeting his intense gaze. He smirks at her.

Precap- Yuvraj walks toward suhani, his walk still not stable. He stares in to Suhani’s eyes with love and lust. Suhani looks at him, captivated but intimidated. He starts backing her in to the bathroom door with a cheeky smile on his face, Suhani backing away uncomfortably.

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