Is pyaar ko kya naam doon abhigya part-4

Hi guys so sorry I’m putting 30 sit-ups pls I didn’t update for long pls support me ya.I’m so sorry .
Here comes my story.
Recap: abhi falls in love with pragya n pragya too abhi as her company’s MD n tanu as his pa tanu lie to create misunderstanding pragya try to keep distance with abhi but failed rosh abhi young sis entry she promises to solve his prob n pragya loving family taking care rosh invites pragyas family to function abhi has organised n sid arrival expected.

Now coming to the story.
Pragya is getting ready for the party in black peach top with dark blue jeansjeansr hair tied in a pony.she put up minimal makeup she was looking like an angel she slowly weared her earrings n bracelet now .she heard a sound calling choti come down soon my doll the party won’t wait for your arrival said ranveer her pyaari bro she went down ishani said oh my doll is looking so cute na pragya said not less than you bhabhi ishani was wearing a red designer sareee with peach blouse n creamy border n tinkling payal on her feet n minimal makeup.pragya was wearing a Stoll too.pragya ma made her n ishani stand n took kajal from hr eyes n kept on their neck saying beautiful. Ranveer said Maa come on its late he muttered how can she say two devils as beautiful angels this ead heard by pragya n ishani n they chased him .ranveer ran n sat in the car saying punishment after coming home pls Jaan n pls choti both nodded at ranveer cute pout while holding his ears. They went to the party.abhi was often checking the entrance whether pragya was coming because he was going to propose her today .pragyas family arrived abhi greeted them n took them inside abhis daadi who was watching all this smiled she went n spoke to aroras all were speaking suddenly someone came n closed pragyas eyes n said guess whom pragya said sid sid said it’s unfair Buddy every time you find me.he gave a side hug to pragya pragya smiled n he took Sarala Maa n daadi blessing roshini came m hugged sid sid said how r u my Jaan rosh said fine n she said n she said dadima he’s sid n pointed him daadi said kush raho beta keep my gudiya sage he said sure aunty.sarla ma said roshini is so beautiful hey na no one keep eyes on my daughter rosh said thanks maai sid said saro maa why are you lying how can a peach look
cutest n ran roshini said you n started to run behind him all laughed abhi watched ally this first he was jealous when said hugged pragya n thought to rip of his bones but later understood it was his sis to be husband n kept quiet rosh explained about prabhi love to sid n he gave a Wonder full plan rosh went to center of stage n said welcome all we have a games one who plays it well will be romeo n Juliet of this party everyone applauded. Only unmarried should participate pragya was asked by her family to join n abhi too n aaliya,tanu n some other too rosh spun wheel to decides pairs it was abhigya, nikhilaaliya,tanu n random guy sid said OK lets begin the first game is to identity your pair by touching their hands. Abhi was first blindfolded n he was touching all hands n stopped at last before one as he felt some connection n his started to flutter it was pragya rosh confused him but he was strong they slowly opened his eyes it was pragya tanu fumed aaliya too later only abhigya won n some more games. Were played too meanwhile abhi daadi proposed the idea of marrying pragya n abhi to sarla maa n ranveer.all ranveer,ishu,sarla Maa accepted because when rosh told them about abhigya love n pragya shy to express it even abhi too they were amused but now they were seeing everything n thought they can’t find a perfect match for pragya other than abhi n decided to get them married they all were happy atlast anjihua are winner n they were the romeo n Juliet of that day n asked for a dance they danced on the song
Porapokkula oru looka

vittu enna senjiitale vechii senjiitale
Parapacham koda pakka ennai senjiitale everyone applauded abhigya came to sense n went in opp directions abhi called pragya asking her to come to terrace first she hesitated later she accepted .she went abhi said I really don’t know how to convey this feeling
Naan unna virumburen pragya(I love you)
Nee illama ennala irukka mudiyathu sathiyama(without you I can’t livelive promise) nee enna ethukuviya(will you accept me)unnai partha udana unna kadhalikka arambichuten unna ennala love pannama irukka mudiyale.( I fell in love with you when I saw you I can’t stop loving you from that day).
Pragya came n hugged him n she saw saw abhi in tears n said I too love you from core of my heart song en idhayam plays.pragya wiped his tears n said I love you abhi n pecked on his forehead abhi asked then why you wete moving away from me.that’s when pragya told abhi tanu told that she was engaged with you n today I CE too know it was a lie first I believed it so suddenly abhi pulled her n she hitter on his cheat both promised each other that whatever happens they will be always there for each other all this was witnessed by tanu she fumed n decoded to separate them.abhi came n told everyone all were happy sid teased pragya even ishveer too n abhi was teased by dadi n rosh all were like a happy family unaware of evil eyes on them.

Precap abhigya marriage n aaliya plan rosh plan which makes taaliya to go goa.guys i m going end this with two or three epi pls support me I’m going to ta so pls drop your valuable comments everyone really your comments is boost of my energy.

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