Is pyaar ko kya naam doon abhigya part-4 last part

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Abhigya marriage was decided by elders aaliya when she saw her bhais happiness in pragya thought they should be together n how stupid of her to think to make her bhai marry tanu. She went to tanu n explained that her bhais happiness is hers n said sorry tanu its because of me I only brought you here.tanu faked crying n said yes I’m going to die because without abhi I won’t live this life when aaliya said stop tanu n slapped n hugged her she brainwashed aaliya to extent that she decided to make her bhai marry tanu both shared a hug n tanu explained her plan it was heard by rosh so she immediately called someone n said something n smiled saying tanu if you know to brainwash my sis I too know to cheat you n smiled aaliya thought whether she was doing correct or wrong by helping tanu to separate her bhais love again she saw abhigya staring each other with lots of love n she felt sad she was in a dilemma rosh said di I know everything tanu is trying to make you bad in front of bhai n separate you from him n take bhai property away aaliya said choti give respect to my frnd n talk with sense she said if you don’t believe Mr come n dragged her both stood in front of tanus room.

Here abhi n pragyas eyelock was broken by sid he said you know Maa I think our pragya is being more romantic ishu said I agree with you sid Maa said I too pragya said see bhai they r making fun of me n said you say to them bhai ranveer said wat you guys r doing no my choti is not more romantic pragya smiled when ranveer said but over romantic Juliet all laughed ishveer n sid shared a HiFi pragya saw a stick she took it n started chasing ranveer bit couldn’t catch him so she shouted ‘ahh it’s paining n holdef her feet n said maaaaa

Abhi n ranveer panicked both went near her but abhi was dragged ishu nsid n was gestured to stay quiet n watch and abhi too did the same ranveer asked choti wat happened where it’s paining he kneeled before her but she bolded his rats n lift him up n said bhai wat you said me now you’re going to pay for it ishu said when pragya acts as hurt ranveer will immediately fall in hr trap all laughed at the insane bhai n choti.again they started to run this time pragya beat him he said choti pls its paining she said just put 100situps I’ll forgive you or I won’t talk to you ranveer started putting sit-ups While ishu started counting 1,…2….3…4… Pragya said enough bhai stand up I forgave you n hugged him he said that’s my choti everyone were happy some kind of feing filled them while seeing bro sis bonding .

Scene shifts to rosh n aaliya standing in front of her room they heard tanu talking with someone n says how she brainwashed aaliya to get her bhai n property aaliya WS about to get in when rosh dragged her n explains her plan aaliya said I’ll be with you n both smiled happily.

Next morning abhigya went to select the ring n dress as they are getting married the next day all decided to give the couples privacy.abhigya went to the mall when tanu received a call for a modelling contract of 9days in Australia she accepted n went immediately thinking her life will be settled as it was 100 crore project abhi holded pragya hand tightly n said I love you pragya pragya said me too they went to select dresses n everything were selected after shopping was done abhi took pragya to a movie they both watched the movie Remo n enjoyed it they both watched each other than movie while moving out pragya asked for a icecream n abhi went to buy it while returning a car was about to hit him when pragya pushed him n she fell on him pragya cried she said abhi without you I’m nothon pls don’t leave me n cried bitterly when abhi said when my life is in you how can I leave you both hugged each other abhi said pragya are you going get off from me or have idea of sleeping here pragya realised she was still on abhi n moved she blushed both abhigya were happy they were seeing the moon n said bye our love story will always exist .today even the moon was not beautiful compared to the beauty of abhigyas love .both were married the next day without any disturbance n lived happily ever after.

Their love story was not like other it was just like a fairy tale .every love can’t reach fairyland but theirs reached because if their intense love if your love is true it will reach fairyland like abhigya.
After marriage abhigya life WS not less than a fairy tale both prince n princess were united now we can see the moon glowing in that we can see abhigya face filled with laughter even stars shined seem dull compared to abhigya love then we can see abhigya standing in balcony n both were feeling safe in each others embrace their love united them.a voiceover said is pyaar ko kya naam soon.

Thanks all for the support i m ending this I feel you all like it guys pls comment since its the last part everyone bye
With butterflies princess krisha

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