Is pyaar ko kya naam doon abhigya part-3

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Pragya went to abhis cabin to get some sign in files. She mentally cursed her friend who had send her get sign instead of her.I slowly opened the cabin n asked may I come in Sir. He said yes you can without looking I went I said Sir pls sign these files.he said keep it there n pointed a shelf that’s when he lifted his face to see me.he said I’m sorry for morning incident I replied it’s OK .I slowly turned to go. That’s when he said I have arranged a party at my home.I invite you too as you r my company accountant .he said pls come.I said I’ll attend if I’m free she said.she went.abhi started to think wat she said she’ll come of she’s free.that means does she have any boyfriend.suddenly abhi another image appeared in front of him no no why r u thinking negative can’t you see love in her eyes for you it said.abhi said Yes you’re right.another image appeared it was his negative said abhi do you believe him sometimes girl appearance can be deceiving too n she has no interest in you she is so beautiful so she may have a boy friend ………….

abhi was confused .his thought was broken by his sister roshini.she came in n said bhai how r you she’s my young sis young to aaliya too.she is my bubbly choti. She saw me n said bhai I think somewhere I can smell love.I asked her what.she said I know bhai because in your previous firms I heard the girl gossiping about you as a kadoos but here a kind men who helped his staff girl n took her home.I know bhai it’s love sickness. Abhi Stared her sternly she said bhai where’s my bhabhi I wanna see her.I said its nothing like you imagine rosh I said her.that’s when pragya again entered n asked me sir have you signed the file I have to send it .that’s when rosh saw her n stood up n shouted pragyaaaaa di n hugged her.pragya too hugged her n said my dear roshini how r you n wat r u dng here she said this my bhai office n you here di.

I’m accountant n chief asst rosh. She exclaimed so I can meet you everyday.that’s when I spoke keep family matters aside I mean your friendship after that you can talk.n pragya take these files I have signed them n rosh don’t disturb her.rosh said bhaiya.abhi said roshini she said OK n did I I’ll come to your house at 6 I wanna meet all di. Pragya nodded yes n went outside taking the files.she smiled thinking about roshini who became her sister after her best friend siddarth introduced her as his lover. She went back to work n gazed at abhi before starting work. Abhi too saw her as if forced by some force binding them .

roshini saw abhi looking somewhere n looked on same direction to find pragya di staring her bro. Their eye lock was broken by roshini she asked is my pragya di anyway my to be bhabhi.she said don’t lie bhai n promise on me.abhi said yes rosh you’re right I love pragya bit I don’t know whether she loves me n I think she has a boyfriend that’s why when. I called her to attend party she refused.roshini said I’m happy for you bhai n pragya di I’ll make her come to the party I’ll soon find out if she has a boyfriend. Abhi said thanks rosh .roshini said bhai tmrw sid is Coming may I invite him abhi said of course he’s my brother in law he must come rosh was happy n abhi said I’m going to meet him for first time.rosh smiled n said don’t say about your love to aaliya bhai abhi asked why rosh replied because she want you to marry tanu bhai so IG she tells tanu then tanu might try to separate you n pragya di.abhi nodded OK.

Rosh went home here in abhi room abhi was opening tap to wash his face when pragya came in saw all the mess shecwent to help abhi.she tried yo fit tap but water splashed her face n she got soaked.pragya moved away she slipped but abhi got her hold they had a eyelock when the song enna solla edhu solla kannodi kan pesa varthai illai plays.abhigya eyelock was broken by tanu she fumed in anger n went pragya vmcomposed herself n abhi gave her a tissue she wiped her face n went.abhi thought why when I’m with her some disturbances break our romantic moment.abhi smiles thinking about pragya.pragya too smiles but later thought why god you’re making me difficult to move from him .roshini went to pragya house n spoke with eveeryone.pragya came in
soaked. Ranveer asked wat happen choti pragyapragya nothing bhai just tao split up n got wet all went to room n each brought a towel.ishani first made her sit n dried her hair meanwhile ranveer brought hot milk with Turmeric powder mixed as his choti shouldn’t catch made her drink it his Maa brought her anoyhrt set of clothes to change n sent her in.

pragya felt blessed to have a family like this.roshini was dumbstruck seeing their love towards pragya.all came pragya too n continued their chitchat.she invited them for party n went. She went home n said everything to abhi he too was happy that pragya is coming.he went to his room n danced in joy n laid on bed thinking about pragya.

Precap:sid comes abhi jealous of seeing prasid together rosid plans abhigya dance.

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