Is pyaar ko kya naam doon abhigya part-2

Hi guys here’s the next part.thanks note see down.
Todays epi: Pragya decided to maintain distance from abhi.
I went to office n directly went to my place without taking a glance at him.what he was thinking about me huh.that kadoos abhishek.
10 mins before pragya was parking her scooty tthats when he came .he came near me n pulled me by my wrist.I fell on his chest.I was outraged.I turned my face to see who it was it was him the great abhi shek mehta who I want to maintain distance with.he came near me so close that we could feel each others breath.then I realised what n how I was then pushed him n came into cabin.
Abhi thought.
I the great abhishek mehta why am I after did i fall for her I don’t know.ok confusing right let me tell you.I love a girl.her name is pragya arora the most beautiful girl I have seen.I saw her in a book exhibition I don’t like to go to such place.but I went because my sis aaliya pestered me .there I saw her.wind was blowing slowly she turned n smiled her hair was dancing in the air, n her earrings too jumped with joy by her laughter, her face was. …..beautiful that moment my heart froze but my devil sis pulled me to nxt
side.she left.I was searching for her like a
mad then went home as I can’t find her .then I layed on my bed I could see her everywhere.then I thought is it love.but I concluded that within one day love can’t blossom n it might be my infatuation but destiny proved it wrong my feelings for her started to grow when I saw her at traffic was like pouring cold water on a plant.I decided to follow her but missed.I saw her nxt at my office I was so happy that I could see her everyday.n when she fainted my world was shaken that’s when I realised I love only her n no one can ever replace her.then I took her home by getting address from employee record.when I heard she opened her eyes I went not want to face her.yesterday fully I was immersed in thoughts about today I thought to propose her then decided to know whether she likes me because I cant hear her saying no.. I don’t know wat happened to me I went n pulled her in shed she pushed me n ran she would be thinking about me.his chain of thoughts was broken by tanu.she wanted him to sign some documents.abhi signed n asked her to send ms pragya to his cabin.pragya was called she felt why god is punishing me I love him so much I can see love for me in his eyes.but afraid of tanu way she would do if her fiance broke her heart.

Precap:tanu lie revealed to pragya n her ideas to cheer abhi.
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With butterflies princess Krisha

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