Is pyaar ko kya naam doon abhigya part-1

I saw him first in my dreams .he was so handsome.he was wearing a white polo t shirt with black jean.he was coming towards he was coming towards me I started to feel butterflies somersaulting in my heart as he said the three magical words “I love you fuggy”. That’s when my alarm woke me up from my dreams no no beautiful dream.I could see the Sunrays beautifully falling on the red carpet through window of my room .today I can hear the birds chirping so sweet calling me out for a wonderful day. Then I slowly got down my bed n freshed up.I was wearing a beautiful baby pinkanarkali n wore white stone earring with a simple neck chain with a beautiful peacock shaped dollar.I put kajal to my eyes.n nailpolish of colour baby pink n coloured my lips pink n let my hair loose. I went down to hall silently n closed a women eyeseyes n whispered good morning Maa.

she said good morning beti.women said let me prepare your bros coffee you go n give him.pragya took hot mug of coffee n rushed upstairs.she went inside her bris room n thought to play with him.i adjusted my voice n said” the best n younyoung entrepreneur award goes to ranveer arora”my bro smiled in sleep n said I really worked hard for this award n stretched his hand that’s when I kept the hot coffee mug in my bros hand making him to wake up with a jerk. My bro said choti n started chasing me I kept coffee mug in table nstarted to run then I bumped with my bhabi .OK let me introduce my bhabhi her name is ishani now ishani ranveer araora.she takes care of me like a child n hugs her.that’s when my bhai came n twisted my ears I shouted with pain n gave a fake bro left my ear n asked is it really paining??a tear formed in his eyes.seeing him tears formed in my eyes also n said no bhai.seeing us my bhabhi said good bhai n sis n no ones should keep eyes on them.we smiled.later I went to my office as it was getting late.

I went to my office on the way I saw him the same man who I saw in my dreams I missed him due to traffic n went. As soon as I went my friends informed me that new MD is coming we have to receive him.when the door opened my heart fluttered it was the same guy now my MD I felt like being covered by thousands n thousand of flowers.then reality hit me when another girl followed him i don’t know who she was but immediately felt unknown anger.I went n gave him boquet of roses n welcomed him.he smiled at me n said thanks for tour warm welcome.the girl who came at his back smirked at me.then he gave a speech his name is abhishek mehta so sweet na abhi..abhishek.suddenly he looked at me n smiled.I have just completely fallen for him. I didn’t know whether he would accept me then he introduced that devil his pa tanu. She just looks like white booth .she just went closer to him n he moved away.I was happy.

Later we were engaged in our works in evening everyone went but I was working as I have to get sign in a file from him.that’s when I heard that tanu saying that abhi n she both loves each other n r engaged too.I felt the whole world crushing under my feet n all slowly disappearing suddenly everything seemed black I started loosing consciousness that when I felt a strong arms holding me it was him I saw his face before I passed out.then when I blinked my eyes I saw I was at home then suddenly thought how I came soon as my bro saw me he hugged me cried. I consoled my bro telling see nothing happened to me na brother then I smiled .he said too bad choti I was scared when your MD brought you home n said due to stress you fainted he’s waiting down. I rushed up n went to see him but he went just now. Then my mom n bhabhi asked me how I was?I replied them fine. They said we had our n your brother have it.n my bhabhi handed me a plate of rice.

I went up n I fed my bro he too fed me.after eating we both went to sleep. Next morning I saw my bro giving me coffee n asked him what bhai getting early n bringing coffee to me do have fever or it is my dream n pinched her.she said ouch itd real.then he said I don’t want my choti to faint again n tears formed in his eyes seeing this I got up n got the coffee n drank I said wow bhai coffee is great.he replied because I prepared it na.then we both smiled n I wish to be happy like this forever.then my bhabhi shouted enough of showing pasam get ready both .then we both got ready n my bhabhi made me sit in dining table n my mom,bhai,bhabhi fed mom fed me dosa n my bhabhi puri n my bhai orange juice n I begged them to leave me as it was late to my office n I went.I decided to stay away from abhishek

Will pragya be determined or destiny make them meet n fall in love can I continue it guys.

Precap:abhi thought of pragya.
I guess it will a of 3-4epi lls support me.

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