Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do, phirse- Let Love Happen, Again (Introduction)



Hi. This my ff on the show Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do and each episode of this ff will be published every Friday.

Actual Show summary:
This is the story of Ishan(Iqbal Khan) and Preet(Mona Singh) who are part of the prosperous Hooda family and the show follows their lives.

The show began with both Preet and Ishan’s marriage life where Preet marries Ishan a widow. Ishan has lost his family except for his daughter Kavya in the bomb blast. Due to his uncle Mr Hooda’s request he gets married to Preet so that Kavya gets a mom, and Ishan and Preet pretends to be like other married couples but they do consider each other as friends. Later, Trisha Ishan’s cousin n a Muslim guy Bilal is in love but due to different religion they can’t tell their affair to their families which do get revealed and Preet manages to persuade the family to agree for the wedding . Later it is revealed that Ishan is actually dead n the fake Ishan is Rizwan a terrorist from Pakistan who is in disguise of Ishan and is planning a bomb attack with this gang he hates India as he feels that Indians killed his parents but it was by Pakistanis n he uses Kavya the only surviving member to enter Hooda house. Eventually Rizwan falls for Preet but he can’t confess as he fears what happens when his truth will be out. He works on his mission which will be carried on 26 jan by a bomb-blast. Later Somehow Rizwan gets saved from getting his truth revealed till an agent Shergill had doubt on him. He manages to escape from his accusations.n One day he gets so angry as Preet helped Shergill who had a doubt on Rizwan initially but later she clears it. And they both confess love and bring their relationship to the next level one day. Rizwan regrets it and he acts rude to Preet so that she hates him. Later, baba the main person behind the attack tells Rizwan about suicide bomb and Rizwan decides to be one as he won’t be able to face Hooda family. Later, Preet gets to know that she is pregnant and then as she was about to tell rizwan, she gets to know about that he is a terrorist. Eventually the family gets to know about it, and Preet tries to stop Rizwan from the bomb blast when Sana tells her the entire truth but in that process Sana gets killed. Preet and Rizwan share some emotional moments where Preet gives him the good news, but as Preet was going to stop Rizwan and amid those moments the bomb blasts and they both die together. This is how the show ended.

I am very disappointed with the fact that Ishan and Preet died in a bomb blast. So in my ff I will introduce a 7 years leap where Ishan will be assumed death and everyone knows his truth that he is Rizwan. Here Preet and Rizwan will stay seperately in two different places but both will lose believe in love. Rizwan will actually survive the bomb blast but he will stay in Kashmir and he got caught because of Preet before the bomb blast and he will misunderstand that Preet is did this against Pakistan and Preet will be staying with Hooda family and she hates Rizwan even if he is dead. Here, in my ff I will show what happens when Rizwan and Preet will come face to face and how their hatred will turn into love again. They only hate each other they both lose believe in love and considers each other as enemy , and how they will fall in love again.Here, Rizwan won’t be a terrorist.

Characters introduction
Rizwan Ahmed Khan(Iqbal Khan)
Rizwan is a rich guy who used to be a terrorist and he miraculously survives a bomb blast attack, and he works hard and runs all the clinics, hospitals and NGOs in Kashmir, and he has turned into a great human. But he loses believe in love, as he misunderstands that his love Preet deceived him as he is a Pakistani which got him caught without listening to his truth and he doesn’t have any hatred for India he hates Preet. He is serious, kind-hearted.

Preet Hooda (Mona Singh)
Preet takes care of the Hooda family just like before and Hooda family considers her as their daughter, she is also helping Mr. Hooda n Sid in their business. Basically she is doing what Rizwan used to do for Hooda family. She loves Hooda family a lot. But she hates Rizwan as she feels he deceived her and her India, and thought that he pretended to love her and Hooda family. She is sweet, caring and kind-hearted.

New Character
Reeti- Rizwan and Preet’s daughter
Here Reeti is Rizwan and Preet’s daughter and she lives with Preet she doesn’t knows anything about her father and always tries to find him, she shares everything with Kavya , her elder sister, and is the most loved and pampered member of Hooda family.
(Here, Rizwan didn’t know that Preet was pregnant)
You can assume Taseen Shah as Reeti who is seen as Imli in Udaan on colors

No villians as for the time being

Supporting Characters
Sana (Melaine Pais)
Here Sana is Rizwan’s best friend and she is the one who helped him by giving him shelter in Kashmir , she knows that Rizwan hates Preet, and she can’t see pain in Rizwan’s eyes so she is trying to find Preet, so that they can fall in love again.

Jay Shergill (Mahesh Shetty)
Here Shergill is Preet’s best friend and he helps her a lot, and also have good contacts with Hooda family. He is an agent but now he also makes sure relations between India and Pakistan becomes better. He do have a soft corner for Preet, but he knows that Preet loved Rizwan a lot and he sometimes regrets as he feels he was responsible for Preet-Rizwan’s separation.

Kavya Hooda
Kavya is a 11 yr old girl here . She loves her mother Preet a lot even if she is not her biological daughter. She misses Rizwan a lot and she doesn’t understands why Preet hates Rizwan. She still assumes Rizwan as her dad. She is naughty, cute, demanding, dominating, kind-hearted. She love her younger sister, Reeti a lot.
U can assume Mehnaz Maan last seen as little Kalpana in Ek Mutthi Aasman in zee tv as the 11 yr old Kavya

Mr. Hooda
Here Mr. Hooda considers Preet as both his daughter and son and trusts her a lot , he hates Rizwan but have a soft corner for him. Serious, good person, professional.

Mrs. Hooda
Mrs. Hooda also loves Preet a lot and always gives advices to her. She takes care of Preet’s daughters whenever Preet is on work,she feels that the family is broken and only Preet and Rizwan together mend it and she always considers Rizwan as her son and is sad that he died.

Sid Hooda(Lavin Gothi)
Here Sid has become a professional businessman but he has become very serious as he is disappointed that Rizwan cheated his family, he doesn’t do stand-up comedy anymore, he is too much into work and also lose believe in love after Naina deceived him and also seeing Preet’s state. Only Kavya n Reeti can cool him down.

Neeti(Pusttie Shakti)
Here Neeti is back from US and she can’t believe the fact of Rizwan she tries her best to cheer up the family and is funny as usual but she kind of misses Rizwan, she has two sons and a husband , she is very close to Kavya n Preet.

Kuku(Parag Tyagi)
Kuku is Neeti’s husband but he has settled on his own and doesn’t help Hooda family anymore as he knows that Hooda family are quite serious in terms of business

Neeti’s sons
Both are quite naughty and always fights with Kavya, but they always pamper Reeti a lot.

Here Trisha is happily married with Bilal, and she believes that Rizwan is good hearted and don’t like it when some of her family members talk against him. She is sweet, innocent.

Bilal(Arjiit Taneja)
Here Bilal is also happy with Trisha and he is in contact with Rizwan but he doesn’t know that it’s Ishan who is actually Rizwan. Bilal is a successful man here.

New Characters
Kabir- Trisha and Bilal’s son
He is 4 yrs old and Kavya and Reeti loves to play with him, he is very cute and chubby

Veena is a new character here who is Preet’s friend and she sometimes come to Hooda house. Tuition teacher of Kavya and Reeti also. She likes all the members of Hooda house. Sid and Veena share a love-hate relation.
(You can assume Shritima Mukherjee who was last seen as the first Koyal in Daarmiyan on star plus)

These are the characters for Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do, phirse- Let love happen, again ff I have made some changes to some of the characters and some will be introduced after a few episodes.
And if needed more characters may be introduced. The minimum episodes of this ff is 5 episodes. And the fate of this ff will depend on your comments so comment as much as you can.
The episodes of this fan-fiction will be published on every Friday.

Promo/Precap for episode 1:
Here,Rizwan in his mind thinks that I have done mistakes , but what have you done you have cheated me and left me to battle for my life 7 yrs ago. I would have accepted death happily but you shouldn’t have cheated me, I hate you Preet I hate you. On the other hand, Reeti asks Preet about her dad Preet ignores it and changes the topic by telling her stories where Reeti falls asleep and Preet in her mind you have cheated me Rizwan I will never forget that and I will never let our daughter know about you, good that you died if not I would have anyways killed you for breaking my trust I hate you Rizwan I hate you.

Will they both meet each other one day? Will this hatred ever turn into love? How will they fall in love again?

Do check out the first episode of Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do, phirse- Let Love Happen, again by next Friday, 5 Feb ,night . By any chance if this ff gets cancelled I will inform beforehand on this page or Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do last episode written update

And please feel free to express ur opinions 🙂

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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