Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do, phirse- Let Love Happen, Again (Episode 7)


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The episode begins with Shergill telling the actual truth what happened on the bomb blast day seven years ago to Sana. Shergill gets into flashback.
Here Shergill and his team are trying to trace Rizwan Ahmed Khan and the terrorist gang.
Jai: We have to find that Rizwan Ahmed Khan at any cost.
Shergill is walking around worried and is trying to call Preet.
Jai: Now why is this Preet is not responding my call?
Just then Rizwan rushes to Shergill.

Jai: So you are here?
Rizwan: Mr Shergill I would want to speak something important to you. It’s about India.
Jai: I know what you want to say.
Rizwan is surprised.
Jai: You want to say that India is under threat and we can’t do anything.
Rizwan: You are getting me wrong, I admit I am a terrorist but
Jai: Stop it! Now even if you want you can’t harm my county.
Rizwan is shocked.
Jai: Hold him and make sure he doesn’t escape.
Rizwan: Mr. Shergill you are getting me wrong, its really important.
Shergill leaves,

Rizwan: (in his mind) How will I convey the message to Shergill now that Baba and Atif have plans for bomb blast to make situations in both the countries worse and that this mission is a loss for both the countries.
Rizwan see others busy tracking down and as he is tied he manages to write the message in a paper, and he silently keeps it,
Later Shergill comes back.
Jai: Take him along with us downstairs.
Guy: But Sir,
Jai: Do as I say.
The others takes Rizwan along with them and Rizwan looks at Shergill.

Later, Shergill while doing his work finally gets to read the piece of paper and he is shocked.
Letter: Jai Shergill, I knew that you will never believe me that’s why I am writing this letter. But whatever it is, its the benefit of both nehigbouring countries, India and Pakistan. When I was a kid, I was told that Indian army killed my family, and since that my hatred towards India increased and I became a terrorist. And in this mission to steal the tank papers and also plant a bomb blast, I was under the disguise of Ishan Hooda for five years. And today, finally the mission day I got to know that not Indian army, infavt the Pakistani who wants dispute between the two countries killed my family. I was supposed to be a suicide bomb, but when I got to know this truth I threw the bomb. I don’t mind sacrificing my life, but not for a bad thing. If this blast happens things will go out of control, relations between the two countries will be worst, and make sure somehow you don’t press the stop button if you get the remote because Baba and Atif those who are part of this anti-Indo Pak team have got to know I know eveything. So whoever presses this button, the bomb will start not stop. They did so, and not Indians Pakistanis and Muslims living at Chandni Chowk their life are at danger as the bomb is there kept by Baba and Atif which is near this place. And if this blast happens, you know what will happen. Only you can stop this attack.

Shergill gets out of the flashback.
Sana: Did you have any idea what you did?
Jai: How will I know that Rizwan is innocent?
Sana: But what happened after that?

Here both Rizwan and Preet are at the lift and they dont see each other and suddenly the lift stops.
Preet: What happened to this lift suddenly?
Rizwan looks around.
Preet pats Rizwan.
Preet: Excuse me, can you do something, I am quite worried.
Rizwan: Don’t worry there must be someone who will come and help.
Rizwan looks at Preet and they both are shocked. Kabira plays. They look at each other.
Rizwan: Why did you do like this with me Preet?
Preet: Don’t you think I should be the one who should ask you this question?

They get into flashback.
Here Rizwan is under the captive of Shergill’s gang and they take him to Baba and Atif. Rizwan looks at them angrily. Baba and Atif smirks and they pretend to be worried,
Baba: Rizwan, are you okay?
Guy: Quickly tell us where did you plot the bomb and we will spare him.
Rizwan: Don’t listen to them, Baba and Atif are planning something bigger,
Guy: You say so and we will believe you, right?
Rizwan: No, I am speaking the truth.
Guy: I know you terrorists very well this all must have also been your plan. Nothing new.
Rizwan: You all are not doing right by not listening to me.
Guy: Whatever it is give me the remote,
Rizwan: I don’t have it.
Baba: Rizwan, where is the remote?
Rizwan: That remote won’t come to you,
Baba looks angrily.
Guy: Don’t think you can fool us, we are agents. Give us the remote.

Just then a lady comes,
Lady: The remote is with me.
Rizwan looks and is shocked to see Preet.
Rizwan: Preet?
Preet: Yes, me.
Preet comes near.
Rizwan: Look Preet don’t give the remote.
Preet: You think what I will listen to you? You have already broken my trust. I always hated Pakistanis for killing my family in an terrorist attack. You were also there right?
Rizwan looks on teary-eyed. Preet is crying and later she wipes her tears,
Preet: Enough is enough! You have harmed my country a lot, and I don’t care about Pakistanis. I will never forgive you for all these and your country people.
Rizwan is stunned.
Preet takes the remote.
Preet: I am doing these for my county.
Preet presses the stop button unaware that it actually activated the bomb’s timings.
Rizwan: No! What have you done?
Baba and Atif smirks.
Preet: Whatever I did is right, and your country deserves it, and.I knew everything about this remote beforehand when I overheard the conversation.
Rizwan is stunned and Preet leaves.
Rizwan: You should not have done so, Preet. I will never forgive you for that.
Rizwan and Preet gets out of the flashback. And they both look at each other angrily.
Later the lift is fixed, and the manager comes

Manager: Sir and Madam we are really sorry for the inconvienc caused and we would love to thank the both of you for your co-operation.
Rizwan and Preet looks at each other angrily, and they leave and walk to opposite directions.

Here Sana and Shergill are outside the hotel and they are talking about the incident,
Again into flashback,
Shergill sees Preet pressing the button and after Preet leaves he rushea.
Jai: All go to Chadni Chowk quick.
Guy: But sir
Jai: I just found out that whatever Rizwan said is true. And there is bomb planted there, I just tracked it down.
All are shocked, Baba and Atif smirks.
Baba: There is only 15 mins to go, let’s see what you all can do?
Baba and Atif runs and as others were about to catch them
Jai: We have very less time with us, more than catching them its important for us to save the lives of people living in Chadni Chowk.
Shergill and his gang and Rizwan leaves.

Here Shergill and Rizwan are together and they are trying to track down the bomb. Just then Shergill finds a signal. And they both are shocked to see the location.
Rizwan: This is Bilal’s house.
Jai: How did they plant the bomb there?
Rizwan: I got it, that Atif got to know that Bilal lives there, and as Hooda family’s son-in-law is Bilal he decided to plant the bomb there,

Rizwan and Shergill goes to Bilal’s house, Bilal’s mom opens the door,
Bilal’s mom; Ishan beta, you and here and who is this guy with you,
Rizwan: I am sorry aunty, I can’t say anything now but its important,
Rizwan and Shergill goes and tries to search around the entire house , Bilal’s mom is surprised.
And while finding they find the bomb under the couch, and they take it out, Shergill and Rizwan look at each other, Bilal’s mom is trying to figure out what it is by looking.

Just then Bilal who is talking with Trisha on phone comes,
Bilal: Trisha, I can’t believe that Ishan Bhai is not Ishan.
Bilal sees Rizwan and is shocked.
Bilal: I will keep the phone now.
Bilal keeps the phone, and Rizwan takes the bomb.
Jai: Only 3 mins are left what to do?
Rizwan looks and he snatches the bomb from Shergill and runs. Bilal is also surprised. And Shergill and Bilal run behind Rizwan.

Later, Rizwan while running reaches near the cliff,
Rizwan sees only 5 secs are left.
Shergill and Bilal reaches there. And Rizwan closes his eyes and jumps down the cliff along with the bomb and the bomb blasts in the water.
Jai: Rizwan!

Shergill gets our of the flashback and Sana is surprised.
Jai: I thought Rizwan was dead, I am happy that he is alive and I will always remember what he did for India.
Sana smiles,
Jai: But I don’t understand, how you got to know he is alive?
Sana gets into flashback and remembers how Baba and Atif tied her so that she doesn’t tell the truth to anyone. And later Preet frees her.
Preet: Thank you for helping me by telling Rizwan’s truth. Now leave from here fpbefore those two come here,
Sana: Preet I want to tell you something about Rizwan.
Preet: Now you have no time, just go somewhere far away so that those guys don’t find you.
Sana: But Preet?
Preet: Just go.
Sana goes away and fleds to Kashmir.

Out of the flashback
Sana: I know that I am one reason why Rizwan and Preet are separated. I should have told her the entire truth. But I was lucky that I met Rizwan,

In flashback,
Sana is recently in Kashmir and in fear she used to hide her face with her veil. And one day she sees some people gathered near a river, Sana comes and is surprised to see Rizwan there lying unconscious,
Sana: Rizwan! I know him.
Later Rizwan is taken and is given care and when he recovers, he looks at Sana. And they both decide to stay here to hide from Baba and Atif who fled. And they both earn living by helping a hospital till Rizwan became responsible for the healthcare received in Kashmir.

Out of flashback
Jai: We both are somewhat responsible for Rizwan and Preet seperation. Now we should do something.
Sana: Now both of us together will unite Rizwan and Preet,
Sana and Shergill join hands and smiles. The episode ends.

Precap: No Precap

As my lessons will continue at April, I have decided to end this fan fiction in 9 episodes. If anyone wants to write the continuous part(from episode 10 onwards) of this fan fiction after episode 9 is published you can feel free to do so. You just have to inform me that from episode 10 onwards you would love to write to continue Pyaar Ko Ho Jeanne Do, phirse- let love happen again. If no one is ready to do so, then this fan fiction will end after 9 episodes. Or you can start from the next episode (episode 7) onwards too, just inform me.

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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