Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do, phirse- Let Love Happen, Again (Episode 6)


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Summary of episode 1-5:
The fan fiction begins with a leap of 7 years where Ishan aka Rizwan and Preet are staying separately. Rizwan is assumed dead but he is not dead. He is living in Kashmir as a respected person who is controlling all the medical centers in Kashmir. While Preet is still residing along with Hooda family and have another daughter, Reeti. While all the Hooda family know about Rizwan’s identity from bottom of heart they miss Rizwan. And Kavya still doesn’t know what actually happened. Later, as fate wants Rizwan comes to Delhi for an assignment for his project for medical centers. He have an encounter with his daughter Reeti, and he doesn’t know that she is his daughter and Reeti doesn’t know that Rizwan is her dad. So, Rizwan saves Reeti’s life one day and they bond well. Later, Reeti goes back to Preet and she was assumed lost. And Kavya gets angry with Reeti for that reason. Later as Reeti makes Kavya feel her heartbeat, and Kavya wants to meet Rizwan. Reeti and Kavya use the phone number given by Rizwan and they meet him with the help of their tutor, Veena. Rizwan gets to know about Kavya but he assumes that Preet has done remarriage after seeing Reeti. So he behaves badly with them so that Kavya doesn’t misses him. Sid gets to know about it and gets furious on Veena and fires her. Later, Sid realizes his mistake and sees Veena sick due to the rain and brings her home. Later, in Nachiket and Ragini’s party, Preet knows Ragini as her relative while Nachiket knows Rizwan as a respected man in Kashmir. In the party, Rizwan and Preet finally meet each other and they have a chat alone where they both hate each other as they both can’t forget the deceive they got. Later Sid gets to know about it and shares how he actually felt about Rizwan to Veena. Rizwan wants to meet Kavya and Reeti, and Sana encourages him on the phone.While Preet is working, Shergill comes and realizes that Preet is still angry with Rizwan and he feels that he is somewhat responsible for it.

The episode begins with Rizwan waiting for his flight in the airport. And just then someone calls him. Its Sana,
Sana: Rizwan where are you?
Rizwan: I am still at the airport
Sana: Good, don’t leave from here
Rizwan: But why?
Sana: Its not save here
Rizwan: What do you mean?
Sana: Baba!
Rizwan is shocked.
Rizwan: Baba?
Sana: Yes, he have got to know where we reside and he is coming to meet us. He already knows that we were behind stopping the terrorist attack 7 years ago. Somehow he got to know about us.
Rizwan is stunned,
Rizwan: But when?
Sana: I have no idea but now it’s the best for you to stay Delhi don’t go anywhere.
Rizwan: How about you?
Sana: I will manage to hide somewhere,
Rizwan: Now listen to me carefully you will come to Delhi next flight,
Sana: But Rizwan?

Rizwan: You are like my sister, if you don’t come I will come Kashmir understand
Sana: Okay fine I am taking the next flight but the work
Rizwan: There are others to manage the work there, I just know that its unsafe for you to stay in Kashmir, I will be waiting for you at the airport,
Rizwan keeps the phone. Sana gets thinking.
Rizwan: (in his mind) Why is destiny playing such games with me the more I want to get away from this city the more I am coming close to this city.
Rizwan gets thinking.

Here Veena is thinking about Rizwan’s connection with the family,
Veena: (in her mind) Sometimes it seems that this Hooda family hates Rizwan so much but from inside all of them love him a lot. What actually happened seven years ago?
Just then Reeti and Kavya comes and hugs Veena.
Veena: What’s the matter both of you seem quite happy!
Kavya: Yes, because we met dad today.
Veena looks at Kavya and Reeti,
Veena: But wasn’t he angry with you both?
Reeti: Yes, he was angry but he apologized to us,
Veena: But how did both of you meet him?
Kavya: He came to school to meet us.
Veena: On really?
Reeti: Yes.

Kavya: I am so happy that dad came to meet us.
Veena smiles and she is shocked to see Preet listening to their conversation. Kavya and Reeti looks behind and they are also shocked,
Kavya: Mom, actually?
Preet: Go to your room now
Kavya and Reeti looks down.
Preet: Go to your room now, both of you.
Kavya and Reeti leaves. Preet comes to Veena.
Veena: Preet Dii, actually the thing is
Preet: Veena, I have always considered you as my younger sister. I know you must be wondering what is with the Rizwan matter. It is past. I don’t want to talk about it anymore. So as a sister, please never try to find out about the Rizwan matter there is no use,
Preet leaves.
Veena: (in her mind) Just the way you considered me your younger sister, I also consider you as my elder sister Preet Dii. So as a younger sister, its my duty to find our about the Rizwan matter, and I will find it out at any cost, even without Sid’s help. Now I am more determined to find out the truth.

Here Preet confronts Kavya and Reeti about meeting Rizwan.
Preet: May I know from both of you what happened at school today?
Both Kavya and Reeti are silent,
Preet: There is no use to stay silent now. I know everything. What happened?
Kavya: Nothing happened mom.

Preet: Kavya beta, please tell me the truth what happened?
Reeti: Actually we met dad today.
Preet is stunned and Kavya gestures Reeti why she blurted out the truth. Reeti gestures Kavya sorry by holding her ears.
Preet: Reeti beta, he isnt
Kavya: Mom, why isn’t dad staying with us? And what if the problem if we meet him? He came to us after so many years.
Preet is worried as she doesn’t know what to answer.
Kavya: Why mom?
Preet: I am sorry Kavya I can’t answer you this question.
Preet leaves,
Kavya: (in her mind) Why is mom so angry with dad?

Its evening,
Preet comes to the hotel for a meeting while Rizwan is also at the hotel as he is residing there, Preet and Rizwan are walking in opposite directions, and as Rizwan is talking in the phone, he collides with Preet, Preet looks, but as Rizwan is busy talking he doesn’t looks at her and Preet isn’t able to see him. And later as Rizwan is about to look while talking on the phone, Preet at the same time looks at another direction. Kabira plays.

Rizwan finishes talking on the phone and he goes to Sana.
Rizwan: I have talked to him, he said that Baba will stay at Kashmir to look for us for at least 3-4 days. So in these days we have no other option but to stay here,
Sana: But I am quite worried, what if he finds out about the place we are residing?
Rizwan: I know this Baba is very screwd, but now its a wrong decision to expose him, we need enough proof and time to expose all his misdeeds.
Sana: You better look after yourself.

Rizwan: I have got the keys, here is the key for your room and if you need anything ask me okay.
Sana smiles and goes.
Sana: Good night.
Rizwan: Good night.

As Rizwan is about to go in his room, he is shocked to see Preet with Shergill. Here Shergill wants to tell Preet something.
Preet: Mr, Shergill, you and here?
Jai: Actually Preet, I came here as I needed to tell you something.
Preet is surprised and looks at Shergill.
Jai: Actually, I got to know that you will be coming here and I thought what can be a better place than this?
Preet: What is it you want to say?
Jai: I just wanted to say that
Just then Rizwan comes and interupts as he assumes Preet remarried Shergill.
Rizwan: Hi Mr. Shergill
Preet and Shergill are shocked.

Jai: Rizwan, you are alive?
Rizwan: I know you must be surprised, why your wife didnt tell about me?
Jai: Rizwan actually
Rizwan: Oh yes, I forgot I am your wife’s first husband
Shergill is shocked.
Rizwan: Don’t worry, I won’t create problems in your marriage life and anyways congratulations to both of you,
Shergill is stunned and Preet is angry,
Rizwan: If you want to investigate me you can still do so, I maybe your good help.
Shergill tries to say something,
Rizwan: I have got to go now, anyways good night and I will pray for both of you.
Rizwan leaves and hides his tears. Shergill was about to say something and Preet stops him. Sana overhears the entire conversation.

Jai: I must clear the misconception Rizwan is having.
Preet: Let it be.
Jai: What do you mean by let it be?
Preet: I don’t want this man to interfere in mine and my family’s life that’s why I don’t want to clear his misconception.
Jai: But Preet, this is
Preet: See Mr.Shergill, I beg to you,
Jai: Okay fine, but I have to tell you that
Preet: I think its very late now, I should leave.

Preet leaves and Shergill feels guilty.
Jai: Even today I have not been able to tell Preet the truth, about what happened 7 years ago?
Shergill hits the wall in anger,
Sana: (in her mind) What truth is this secret agent talking about? I must find it out,

As Shergill was about to go, Sana stops him and Shergill looks behind.
Jai: Who are you?
Sana: My name is Sana.
Jai: Do I know you?
Sana: No, you don’t
As Shergill was about to go,
Sana: I need to speak to you about Rizwan and Preet,
Shergill looks at Sana.
Jai: What?
Sana: I know Rizwan and Preset.
Jai: How?
Sana: Actually I was a part of the terrorist plan, but I realized my mistake that I was doing wrong by harming a neighbouring country, and so did Rizwan.
Jai: I know he was innocent,
Sana: Wait a minute! How do you know he was innocent?

Shergill is shocked, and as he was about to go, Sana stops him.
Sana: You just can’t leave me without telling the truth, tell me what happened?
Jai: I am sorry, I just said like this,
Sana: I know you agents very well, you all may deceive people with your attire or lpoks but not with your mouth,
Jai is silent.
Sana: Look Jai, I was a trained terrorist and you know very well about us.
Sana gives an angry look to Shergill.
Jai: Okay I am telling.
Sana listens to him.
Jai: Actually I was responsible for Preet-Rizwan seperation.
Sana is shocked,
The episode ends.

Precap: Shergill narrates to Sana what actually happened on the bomb blast day seven years ago, Sana is stunned. On the other hand, Rizwan and Preet are stuck in the lift but they are not able to see each other due to darkness. Kabira plays.
I have some internet issues from 20th march to 30th March. I will try to publish it if possible among these days. If not I will publish two or three episodes on consecutive days after 30 March. And if I publish among these days I will inform beforehand.

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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